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Updated on October 10, 2007
A.G. asks from Plano, TX
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I have decided to replace our family room furniture. I have in the family room now the set that used to be our old formal living furniture, which is pretty, but not very confortable for a family room. I'm looking for something in leather. Do any of you have a place that you could recommend without paying a fortune?

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So What Happened?

Thank You Thank You!!!!!! You all were such a great help. I got my furniture and it is being delivered tomorrow. Luxary Leathers and Stacy Furnitures was my favorite two spots.

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There is a Stacy's outlet in Grapevine they just opened about a month ago. I went in Sunday and they have some great prices. It is on 2499 just about 1 stop light after Grapevine Millls Mall. Good Luck!!

FYI Probobly George B. would be the fastest from Plano

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There is a decorator's warehouse in Frisco off of Main and 423. The owner is great. She uses professional people, but cheap rates b/c she was tired of paying the high prices herself. Its called Decorator's Choice. The phone number is ###-###-####. Her website is www.decoratorschoice.biz and the address is 15222 King Rd Suite 1002 Frisco, Tx 75034. It is a warhouse, but it's unbelieveable inside. They have everything, even furniture. They also can make arrangements. She told me if I didn't want to spend the money on having the decorators come out I could take pic and bring them in and they would help.
I was very impressed. Nice stuff, great prices!
You can take in pics of what you want and she can order it at about 1/3 the cost of most places. I highly recommend it and have sent others there, who said the same.

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My friends own a chain of furniture stores called "Luxury of Leather" where you can design your own furniture at very reasonable prices. There is one near you. I would highly recommend checking them out!

"Our family doctor misses us. So does the pharmacist."

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OK, my hubby and I wanted leather furniture so bad, but it was all so expensive...or at least the kind we liked. We went everywhere and actually found the best deal at The Luxury of Leather in Frisco.

You actually pick out the color of leather (there were so many browns that we wanted that we had to narrow it down), the softness of the cushions (soft, medium, or hard), the nailheads, etc. It was all solid frame and was so much cheaper than the furniture stores. It was made when you ordered it and we got it in 3 weeks! I could not believe it!

We ended up paying about $2,500 for a couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman that was all custom made. GREAT DEAL!!

Good luck!

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Stacy's Outlet is a great place, and there's also The Dump, which is a HUGE outlet store that just opened up in Irving, on 635 between Olympus and BeltLine. They are only open 3 days a week - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but they are advertising Name brand 1st quality furniture and accessories at up to 80% off retail. That's where we're going to go looking when we're ready to buy some furniture. Their website is called www.thedump.com . There's also a RoomsToGo outlet in Arlington, on 360, south of Division, and I'm not sure where the Ashley Furniture outlet is, but you might be able to call one of the stores to find out. Good Luck with your search!

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I recently moved here with my family from California and also needed some furniture. We bought most of our furniture at "The Dump". They have a great selection of leather sofas and their prices are awesome but they are only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They are located in Irving but it was worth the drive for us : )




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I am so thankful that you posted this question! We too transferred here from another state. We made the mistake in early January purchasing from Haverty's! We were not informed that our suite was going to be discontinued (we purchased around the 8th and the furniture was discontinued on the 26th)! We paid the extra money for the insurance and now I have found that they have been terribly difficult to deal with. We purchased a gorgeous set of furniture for $4,000 (a sofa and 2 chairs). I expect it to somewhat hold up. The back of the sofa is now rocking, the chairs are coming apart at the seems, and the cloth has runs in it. We filed several claims to get this stuff fixed and after 4 missed days of work (when the techs show up they state "We were not alloted enough time to fix this!" So they touched NOTHING and left!!!!)they are saying that my Lab caused all of these issues! Please keep in mind that there aren't any holes or puncture marks anywhere! Needless to say and trying to keep a long story short we have had to go all the way to the top of management to get this fixed. BTW this was our 2nd purchase from them and our 3rd didn't make it in our home. The 3rd purchase (leather sectional) upon delivery was falling apart! We exchanged it to have that crew damage the entry way of my brand new home! That set of furniture was falling apart and had several manufactures defects. The furniture was just shoddy workmanship!
Buyers BEWARE shopping at Haverty's. The sales group is amazing, but after it leaves the showroom floor you are out of luck!!!
Sorry ladies for this post being so long, part is my vent, and a huge part is I REALLY don't want anyone else to suffer the headaches, loss of time from work, and your home being destroyed like we did!!!!

Dene' H.

P.S. Thanks for all of the helpful hints. We are looking for new furniture as well!



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We bought our couches at Ashley Furniture in Plano. Ask for Henry...no pressure, just answers the questions that you ask and helps you ONLY WHEN YOU NEED IT!
We were very happy with the price and when one of the recliners started "sticking," they came to our house and fixed it right away. We are very happy with them.

I do not recommend Stacy Furniture. We bought a very nice bedroom suite and waited 9 MONTHS for our bed. Each phone call was handled in a polite manner but with the same answer. "It's on a ship on its way to America." We finally had them come pick up all the furniture and went to Thomasville in Plano. FABULOUS customer service and we LOVE our bedroom suite.

Good luck.


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You can get a fair deal and QUALITY at Weir's in Plano. The service is excellent and they stand by the products they sell. We have purchased several items there, including a leather sofa by Natuzzi.

We have a good leather set of furniture that we bought at Dillards (I think it might be Natuzzi as well) when we built this house in 2000. We got a large sofa, chair, loveseat, 2 ottomans all at a reasonable price.

Good luck

I love the leather because the upkeep is so easy. We have pets and a preteen and it is very practical for us.



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We've bought furniture from a few different stores but I think Stacy's furniture in Grapevine is my favorite. There are 8 different kinds of stores under one room and even a restaurant to lunch while you shop. We got very good deals from them too and they did a good job with the Customer Service. I've also had good luck with Freeds and Bassett (great if you want to customiize your own furniture) but they are a little more expensive but good quality. Have fun shopping!



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Stacy's Furniture in Allen is a good place. We have purchased several pieces of furniture there. The price was pretty good, the delivery was quick and the furniture arrived in good condition.

I would NOT recommend Ashley Furniture. We bought office furniture (desks, file cabinets, etc.) there. The furniture is low quality (file cabinet drawers have broken twice). It took 3 months to get the furniture after we bought it. They didn't deliver what we ordered. They scratched the furniture moving it into the house. We also paid for the furniture outright, but that didn't stop them from billing us again a year later.

Sam's Club and Costco has some furniture too. I bought bookcases from Costco and I haven't had any issues. If you don't have a membership, you might just ask if you can look around. And if you like it, then you can get the membership. The savings on the furniture might pay for the membership fee.



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I love Weirs. They seem to have great comfy furniture that's homey and not too pricey. good luck.



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My best friend owns a leather furniture company called Cowhide Western Furniture. They specialize in leather, western, and hair-on cowhide furniture. Everything is custom made to order and gorgeous! The website is www.cowhidewesternfurniture.com - to get the best deals go to the ebay store where you can submit offers and get free shipping!

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