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How Do I Get My 18 Month Old Daughter to Keep Her Diaper On?

Chicago, IL

Ever since my daughter learned to take her clothes off she will take off everything. She has taken her diaper off and then pees or even poops on the floor. I try to take her to the bathroom because it seems like she does not want a dirty diaper, but at nap and bedtime how do I keep the diaper on. I have tried all diferent kind of clothes and she always gets it off. I come in after a nap or in the morning with a naked sometimes wet baby. During the day if I walk away for a few minutes she is naked and sometimes I find a mess on the floor. Is this normal?? How do I deal with this??

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Looking for Good Size 6 Diapers

Chicago, IL

My son has just outgrown size 5 diapers and we had been faithful users of the Kirkland brand at Costco. Alas, they don't make size 6. I'd love to keep buying diapers there, but the only size 6 they carry is Huggies Snug n Dry (with Mickey and Minnie) and so far I'm not in love. What size 6 diapers do you recommend for a tall, skinny, active boy? I'd love to save money, so if you know of any secrets, please do tell. Thanks!

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Opinions on Cloth Training Pants, Anyone?

Oklahoma City, OK

i have a two and a half year old who is ready to start potty training. we didn't train my son til he was over three, so it is a different ball game. i was wondering if any of you out there have tried any of the cloth training pants? we were exclusively cloth diapered for the first six months of her life, and have recently gone to all disposables for travel and because she is a big wetter. neither she or i like pull-ups, and the gerber cloth and vinyl trainers that we used with my son are too bulky for her. she is a pretty big girl, so when we put them on her, her clothes don't fit. i have one pair of imse vimse that are ok, unless she really lets it go, and i have ordered one pair of snap-eze AIO's to try. any other ideas?

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