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2Nd Baby Shower?

Pocatello, ID

Ok, I'm asking this at the risk of sounding completely selfish, but please bear with me! I am 3 weeks away from my due date with my second little boy. With my first I had 2 baby showers, and this time I didn't have one. Is that normal? We pretty have everything we need, so it's not that I want the stuff... I know that sounds silly, I'm just more upset nobody wanted to give me a shower. I have been to several second baby showers, even if the baby is the same gender as the older sibling! I've heard of other things to do for a baby shower, like a diaper shower or even just a get together! Am I wrong to be a little hurt? I'm really sorry if this sounds totally selfish, I don't mean to!

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Prizes for Games

Tulsa, OK

I'm helping host my best friends baby shower, i'm in charge of the games. I need some ideas for 'prizes' for the winners. I know some people think the prizes should be baby stuff to be given to the mom but all items used in the games will go to her so i don't think thats an issue. i'm trying to spend under $15 per prize but have no clue what to do. HELP!

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What Was One of Your Favorite Baby Shower Gift? Anything Unique?

Los Angeles, CA

One week from today I will be going to a baby shower and I would like to give something a bit different or unique. Mom-to-be is registered but I'd rather find something else rather than the pacifiers, wipes warmer etc. I would love to hear what meaningful gifts you have received. Also, we are acquaintances and not friends (yet). I am a friend of her MIL. Thanks in advance!! M.

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