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I Need a "HowTO"

Terre Haute, IN

Alright this is probably gonna sound very silly But i need to learn how to make a budget for my household. I am finding that i am making enough money but not getting it where it needs to go. I know the darn stuff didn't grow wings and fly away but geese. HELP! After you get done laughing please let me know how you all do it so well i would love to learn how you do it.

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Stay at Home HELP!!

Dallas, TX

I am currently a working mom and I DESPERATELY want to find a way to stay home with my daughter. She is two and has already had to have tubes put in last year because of constant sinus infections. I just took her in for her two year and she has yet another sinus infection (they seem to always be here) and the doctor seems to think that a lot of has to do with her in daycare. I need to start staying home not only because of her health but to be a better wife to my husband and mother to my daughter. Problem is $$$ (of course). I have worked out our budget and we just cannot do it. I am coming up about $800 short a month, cutting everything in our budget including getting rid of my car and getting a MUCH cheaper one. Do any of you mom's have any suggestions, something that I can do from home and still take care of my angel. I do not want to invest money into anything, I do not want to see Mary Kay, Arbonne, etc.. I want a real suggestion, please do not suggest any gimmicks. I am really upset and want what is best for my family.. Help!!

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