Zinc Oxide in Diaper Rash Cream

Updated on January 20, 2011
S.M. asks from Zanesville, OH
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My 8 week old daughter has developed a bad diaper rash in less than a day, and every time II put diaper cream on it, she starts to cry. I'm using the Kroger brand, which is what I used on my son and it always worked great. I was looking at the labels on some samples I had of different brands, and I noticed the amount of zinc oxide in each one is vastly different. One had 5%, another had 16%, and the one I'd been using had 40%. I guess I assumed a higher percentage of zinc oxide should work better, but now I'm wondering if it's hurting her, or making the rash worse? Anyone else noticed this? What brand do you like?

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So What Happened?

I stopped using diaper rash cream altogether, and the rash hasn't gotten any worse. I'm using Aquaphor on it, but it's not getting better as fast as I would like! She seems to be happiest without a diaper on, so I've been trying to do that whenever possible. I guess I'll need to be extra careful about what I use on her in the future.

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answers from Toledo on

Vasoline. I have a 4 week old and my sister told me her ped. told her to use vasoline. And so my son started with a pimply rash in between his bottom's crack and I started using Desitin and it didn't work. I went to Vasoline and it worked. I also just put it on as a preventative and it has worked great.....as he poo-poo's A LOT!


answers from Eugene on

Use the least amount of zinc oxide. This is a tiny baby. If you are using disposible diapers that may be the cause. If you are using cloth ones go buy Ecover and wash them in that . It is hypo allergenic and get everything out of the clothes, stains etc.

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answers from Redding on

Keep a diaper off of her as much as humanly possible. I know it sounds tough, but you can use the potty pads, etc. Get as much air, cream free, as you can.
Her little hiney being able to breathe is the best thing. Give her a break between diapers and be sure she is good and air dried after each bath and change.
My daughter developed an actual allergy to disposables so nothing I put on her made any difference. I switched to cloth diapers and she was without a diaper more than she had one on.
When my second baby came, I was afraid of a repeat so I did the same thing.
He had a happy little hiney.

Use warm wash cloths as opposed to baby wipes. They can sting. Rinse your babies hiney as opposed to rubbing.

I wish you the best. Tushy rashes are the worst.

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answers from Columbus on

Mix Aquaphor and Maalox into a paste. It works great! It was recommended by our pediatrician.

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answers from Denver on

Aquaphor Healing Ointment. No Zinc oxide & easier on skin & you will not get a single diaper rash.

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answers from Rochester on

It depends on what kind of rash/what caused it. I never use cream with zinc oxide, or rarely do, and mostly just use A&D ointment. If the rash is from a "burn," like a BM that wasn't changed right away, the zinc oxide will make it worse. My son had one from a diarrhea diaper he got on the way home from the store and by the time it was changed he had a rash that got worse with the zinc oxide cream until we took him to the doctor's over it. Those creams tend to bind to the skin, which is why they last as a protectant, but they do not necessarily soothe, which is why I prefer the A&D ointment--it clears up pretty much everything my kids get.



answers from Los Angeles on

Let her bottom be as clean and dry as possible, also what worked for my daughter was unrefined shea butter. Home she gets better soon.



answers from Cleveland on

desitin gave my son a chemical burn type rash, it was terrible and all his skin peeled off in that area. try leaving baby without a diaper, even just a couple of hours normally clears my sons rashes up.


answers from San Diego on

I swear by Triple Paste! It's the one thing that worked on both my second and third children that have super sensitive skin.


answers from Phoenix on

Desitin Creamy (blue Tube) worked the best and fastest than any other one i tried out there! Hope she gets better soon!


answers from Dallas on

The creamy desitin was the worst for us. It always burned her. We kept with original desitin and were always super happy.



answers from Cincinnati on

I suppose it could be the zinc, but it could also be that the rash is an infection, such as fungal. I would talk to your pediatrician.



answers from New York on

I like Balmex daily protectant (no zinc, looks like vasaline). Also, use just a wet paper towel or cloth to wipe while she has the rash. The baby wipes can sting on a rash.



answers from Wichita on

our doctor said to use what had the highest amount of zinc oxide, because it would keep the moisture off of her sore hiney.

Another thing I did was give her oatmeal baths. Aveeno makes an diaper rash oatmeal bath.

Also, dont use wipes! Wipes are super painful on a sore butt. I used wet paper towels when my dd had it really bad.



answers from Cleveland on

If your daughter does have a reaction to diaper cream, watch out also for sunscreen. Usually stay away from anything white. Try aquaphor



answers from Lincoln on

I can't put any cream with any zinc oxide on my son or he screams. I know it hurts him. The only thing I use on him is A&D ointment, it works well for him without the pain.



answers from Minneapolis on

Desitin Creamy, because it didn't smell so bad. But my daughter did not ever have bad diaper rash, so I can't say how effective it is.

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