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Updated on January 04, 2010
J.C. asks from Arlington, TX
4 answers

Has anyone tried the sketchers shape ups or the Reebok easy tone shoes??? Do they work? Which would you prefer?

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answers from Dallas on

ive wondered this as well, ive thought about buying them but cant see spending that kinda money on shoes that are really no different than any other tennis shoe. so i'm curious as well.



answers from Dallas on

I bought the Easy Tones last week and after a week of wearing them I can truly feel a difference! I never realized how unbalanced I was walking. The real test was when I jogged in them. It makes you very conscious of your feet position and motion. I will be buying additional pairs when the stores are restocked. Most places are sold out right now. Also they run small I usually wear an 8, but had to have an 8.5.


answers from Dallas on

As a personal trainer, I would tell you that if they work, it is because you are having to work to stay balanced. Once your body figures out how to balance with them on the effect would be gone. I would not wear them except for walking to avoid injury.


answers from Dallas on

Well they are different than any other gym shoes. Look at them closely. They have a curve on the sole. go to the website below to view these that are from Curves. You get them through Avon. They run $39.99
In the search box put, "curves toning sneaker".
I had a client order these and she said she just loved them. There are also reviews of the shoes on my website.

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