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Sketchers Shape-ups or Another Brand

Hey all, Just curious, has anyone tried any of the shape up tennis shoes? If so which is your favorite. A friend of mine loves her sketchers and says they do work your quads and help reduce pressure on her lower back but obviously there are several brands out there that claim to do the same. Feedback appreciated! edit: my friend who wears them (I did see her wear them) and likes them is very fit, works out on a regular basis, eats well, and she's a doctor. She didn't say it made her butt look amazing or said skip the gym. As stated...

Refusing to Eat

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Advice on Growing Girls

I have a 9 year old daughter. I dont know how to put this any other way, my little girl has boobs! However, she is a tomboy and absoultly refuses to wear a bra. I have bought undershirts with no bra. I have bought undershirts with bras in them. She hates to wear them all. I have tried and tried. This has lead to morning battles which ends in me giving in. Please any advice would be grateful.