With the Prize of Gasoline So High and Going up Every Day

Updated on June 09, 2008
E.M. asks from Tucker, GA
4 answers

What are you ladies doing about it? We have a Jeep liberty that is almost paid for and last night my husband was asking if we should sell it and buy a smaller car and start again with a new car payments....Any suggestions?

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answers from Atlanta on

We just try to make few trips and combine trips when we can. I wouldn't sell it if I were you.



answers from Atlanta on

While gas is ridiculously expensive the amount it adds to your expeneses I feel sure is less than another car payment for 4-6 years. Instead of a new vehicle, I would get the Liberty paid off, keep it maintained to maximize gas mileage ie frequent oil changes, tune ups, changing the air filter etc and focus on minimizing trips ie combine a few errands into one run instead of three. If your husband still wants a car tell him you can figure out what the car payment woul be and put the difference between the payment and the extra gas you are spending in the Jeep over the new car and wait at least 6-12 months at which point you would have a nice down payment or have changed your mind and have a nice lump sum for something different (maybe a vacation).

That's just my two cents but I hope it helps.



answers from Atlanta on

I would try and sell the jeep.Hopefully someone will be willing o buy it with thre price of gas.I would try and sell it before the prices of gas goes up higher tyhan it is now

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