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Updated on September 08, 2008
C.L. asks from Rochester, MI
5 answers

I'm curious as to what gym you'd recommend... I'm looking for a place where I can take my 19 month old swimming for open swimming times and where my husband can work out and swim. Ideally I'd like to go for some fun mom/baby social times. I think my option are Lifetime and the YMCA and they are around the same price from what I can see.

How did it work though for classes? It looks like the Y you pay per class and Lifetime most of it is covered?

Any thoughts?

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answers from Detroit on

Hello. I have a membership at the YMCA, and I really enjoy it! The gym area is great and the pool is nice, too. I have taken water aerobics classes (which are covered with membership) and kickboxing (also covered). The classes that you need to pay for are yoga, pilates, spinning, and other specialty classes (bellydancing, salsa, etc.). My husband works out there as well, and enjoys the workout equipment and weights. Plus- when using bikes/treadmills, there is one TV devoted to showing real time video of the child care room- so you can see your kids playing while working out! I recommend the YMCA.



answers from Detroit on

Hi there,

My family belongs to Lifetime. We enjoy it a lot. Most of the aerobic classes are incleded, some Yoga and Pilates are a seperate fee. I love the childcare center and the pool. We attend the Novi and Commerce gyms. I highly reccomed this gym. It is alittle expensive though. But I think it is worth it. There are many services provided, like a hair salon, massage and other pampering services. Also there are group weight loss and fitness programs also for extra fees. Good Luck!




answers from Boise on

We were members of Lifetime for several years and I LOVED it - the child center was great for my son. We would go a few times a week and he would always have a great time running around and playing with the other children. We left because we live about 30 minutes away from the nearest center and I started working full time - I would go back if I could. I love the spin classes and took a few of the yoga classes. Some of the classes you do have to pay extra for, like the children classes, but generally it is a great, clean gym.



answers from Detroit on

My family have also been members of the YMCA for 2 years. WE LOVE it!! Childcare is wonderful. We use the wellness center and pool. I go to tone and sculpt class which is incl. in our membership. We attend a playgroup and swim lessons which we pay for. They also have coupons quite frequently for 20% of paid classes. I highly recommend the Y.



answers from Detroit on

Hi there!

I belong to the North Oakland YMCA (across from Oakland University)which I specifically joined because I have a child. For many classes I do not have to pay, or there are a few that are a nominal charge. I did pay for swim lessons for my son, but we do go often for open swim. There is one area, the part your son would proably mostly be since it is super shallow, that is always open even if there are swim classes. I also like that child watch is included in my family membership so I can go work out while my son goes and plays.

I am not sure which YMCA you are looking at though. THey may have different arrangements.

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