What to Send to School for Lunch

Updated on August 13, 2007
K.A. asks from Trafalgar, IN
5 answers

My oldest is starting first grade on Tuesday and he wants to take his lunch to school. I need some ideas of what to send him besides the old peanut butter and jelly or lunch meat sandwich. Any suggestions??

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answers from Indianapolis on

My daughter is in second grade, and when I let her take her lunch I usually let her have a lunchable. She picks out different kinds such as, chicken nuggets, pizza, etc. They are easy and she feels like a big kid. :)



answers from Fort Wayne on

I remember those days!
There are alot of different things to send. You have Tuna salad, chicken salad, lunchables, once in a while I would even go and get a subway sandwhich (these are GREAT for field trips BTW) put in some sliced salami in one bag, cheese in another and crackers. Those are fun for lunch. In the winter time use a little thermos and send soup. I used to also put a little note in their lunches one day a joke or just a I'm thinking about you. My Daughter is a Sr in HIgh school and she still remember these. ( I also used to put a note in my husbands lunch!) Enjoy



answers from Lexington on

I just read an internet article on this a few minuts ago. They suggested:
-other forms of protein beside pb and j and lunch meat. Like nuts, cheeses, cottage cheese
-Freeze a juice box to double as an ice pack. the article said it should thaw out by lunch. but you should probably put some back up milk money in there just in case.
-during the winter, soup or speghettio's in a thermos are great!
-popcorn is very filling and can be low in bad fats if you buy the right kind
-trail mix (nuts, raisins, craisins, pretzels and a few m&m's)

i also use packing tape to put pictures inside my son's lunch box. i like to put in notes with stickers he likes. or include a fun napkin. you can get seasonal or character napkins on clearance after season.

Have a great school year!



answers from Indianapolis on

My boys both take their lunches nearly every day. Grapes. bananas and raisins are good. Baby carrots if he likes those would be good too. My boys also like the go-gurts (yougarts in a tube). That way they don't have to have a spoon. You can cut cheese with small cookie cutters. One really likes string cheese and crackers too. I've seen packages of apples at Wal-Mart similar to the ones from McDonalds. One of mine likes to dip apples into peanut butter mixed with honey. This would travel well in a small container. They buy milk at school to drink. I have found sending notes helps one of my boys to eat more...I think he gets distracted with all the lunchroom activity and it reminds him to eat. I also ask them...they often think of things I don't. Good luck:)



answers from Indianapolis on

Hello K.,

My daughter also loves to take her lunch to school. At first it was hard in deciding what to put in it. I found this web site that we have used many ideas from. So check it out!


My daughter also love rance dressing on it seems like every thing so we bought a small air tight container that we send in her lunch box.

Let me tell you PB&J gets old as well as Ham but I started taking cookie cutters after making the sandwich and cutting them in to shapes we have hearts bears christmas trees and so on. My daughter never knew what shape was going to be in her box. I also would add notes to her lunch box like I love you or your a great big sister or thanks like I am proud of you and so on... Hope this help!!

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