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How Much Homework in the 5Th Grade??

He was held back in 2nd grade because his psycho bio-mom let him miss something like 100 days of school, so weve been playing catch up ever since, ...

Does Anyone Have a Second Grader with an "Invention" Project for School?

My daughter is studying "inventors" in school and has to put together an ' invention' of sorts. This is a second grade project, what do you think we should ...

8Th Grade Graduation Party Ideas

My son graduated from 8th grade last spring. There was a ceremony at the local high school and then we went with my parents his favorite restaurant. ...

Repeating a Grade

He will do this at the same school, with his sister is is going into third grade and his other sister will be starting kindergarten. ...

11 Year Old Daughter's Anxiety About School.

My middle daughter is 11 and in the 6th grade this isnt a new school for her it's the same one she's gone to since Kindergarten The first week of school was ...

2Nd Grade Son Having a Hard Time Going Back to School

Read all 15 responses: "My son just started 2nd grade. The entire summer he was home with his little brother and dad. He has always been really outgoing.

Help Finding Mario School Supplies

I would first check with your child's school on supply policy. My dd's last school (K-4th grade) and her current school (5-6th grade), do not allow any ...

Need Help Finding a Good School District on Long Island

We have a fantastic school district. The Wing School is just Kindergarten and 1st grade. Then there are 2 Elementary schools, middle school and high school. ...

2Nd Grade Reading Homework

Maybe try some 1st grade level books until he masters them. ... If you think he is having a hard time ask the school district to test him. ...

Holding My Daughter Back in 3Rd Grade and Visual Processing Disorder

Oct 16, 2009 ... My son was in special ed until the end of third grade. The school district misdiagnosed his true learning problem and he went into fourth ...
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