What to Expect After a D and C

Updated on January 22, 2008
A.H. asks from Verbena, AL
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It looks like I'll be having a D and C next week and I'd like to know what I can expect afterwards, pain, bleeding, amount of time to get back on your feet. This will be my first and hopefully my last and I'd like to know what's going to happen. Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone who responded to my request. The D and C went well and I'm now at home recovering. All the advice was right on. It is just like a period, although my stomach feels as if it's been used as a punching bag! Thanks again.

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i have been thru two d & c and its not like having surgery. you should be okay the next day just realy sore and very emotional. it will take you a few days to get over the soreness but other than that, you need someone to be with you the day of the d & c but thats it.

trust me i have been here and if you need someone to talk too i am here.

T. dempsey
[email protected]____.com

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Hi A.. I had a D & C several years ago and didn't have any real discomfort other than some cramping. I was extremely tired afterwards and slept for like 8 hours after I got home. My d&c was due to a miscarriage though. I hope everything works out for you and you recover well from yours. Good luck



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I had a D&C last year. Mine was not due to pregnancy loss so if that is the case with you I am very sorry for your loss. As for the procedure itself, it is really not that bad. I just had mild cramping and bleeding for a few days. I would compare it to a bad period. You should be back to your normal activities a few days afterwards.



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Its not so bad. I was really sad, and nervous, but the procedure itself isnt horrible. We checked into the hospital just like any normal time, went into a room, got a gown and waited until they called us. I went into a "holding" room, then got a "nerve" pill and was out. I woke up an hour and half later, drugged up and cramping. I dont know if you cramp with your period, but I do, and it wasnt much worse than that. I went home that afternoon. I bled for about 2 weeks after that. Very heavy at first, and then tapering off. I was supposed to be off work for a week, but went back about three days after I had the procedure. I got pregnant (accidentally) 6 months afterwards and had no problems.



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I am sorry for your loss. I decided against (called expectant management) having a D&C after a miscarriage. My miscarriage was before 12 weeks and my body was starting to do what it needed to do on it's own. I do have friends who had D&C and they had cramping for the first 24 hours, bleeding for a week or so and just tired for a few days.



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Hi A.,

I've been through 2 D&C's and the first one at 8 weeks gestational age wasn't 'bad' physically. Just like a bad period with cramping and bleeding afterwards. With the 2nd one, a lose of twins at almost 5 mths pregnancy, it was much more difficult but I think that had more to do with my emotional state. If it is from lose of a baby, I'm sorry for your loss. If it's not, then it should be like a bad period and you'll be OK a day or so later. God Bless.



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Hi A.,

On the pain, they will give you something for it.. You will be sore. The bleeding will be like a heavy period, in my experience anyways.You will also have some cramping.It doesnt take very long to get back on your feet, but the doctors will want you to take it easy for the first few days. They also will not want you to lift anything very heavy. Also dont do any heavy housework either. Also before the D&C they will give you some kind of cocktail that will help you to relax. My doctor called it the "Dont care meds"... Ive had 2 D&Cs. I took it easy for about a week.. lol.. I was spoiled rotten!! I am so very sorry that you are having one. Take care!!!



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I had a D and C almost 6 years ago. To me it was like having a really bad period. Not near as bad as the miscarriage I having before the emergency D and C. Like having a baby, you can't have sex for 6 wks. (at least that's what I was told) You need to take it easy at first. It all depends on the person really. You will know when you are ready to go back to super mom. No heavy lifting!! It will make you bleed more (had it happen to me). The cramping wasn't really any worse than having a regular period. They gave me loritab for the pain, which I couldn't take cause they made me sick, so I took Tylenol.
Good luck hun. You will be in my prayers.



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I had a d and c about 5 years ago and it wasnt bad. No lifting any for awhile but i cramped for about2 days and i ws back to work that same week. Good luck and god bless.



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Dont worry just a little cramping and with the bleeding it goes away faster if you are active. I had many d&c and hystorospy's. a total of 18 before i had a hysterectomy(best thing that ever happened to me!) (By the way i am not saying you will have one of these...lol...) I had alot of problems but i have 3 amazing boys. They are 21, 16, and 12. Don't worry at all. Usually the reason you have a dnc is because of excessive bleeding. I was fine the next day to go back to work. Light duty couldnt pick heavy things up till the doctor cleared me. Truth be told i have only good things to say about the procedure. The cramping didn't last long, it felt like a bad period, and the more you walk the faster you recover. I only went to bed because of the medicines they gave me. Listen to your doctor and your body. Don't worry this is an eazy procedure.


Bye the way i was put out for all of the procedures...If your nervious i highly recomend it...lol



answers from Baton Rouge on

I had a D&C about 12 years ago, and it wasn't bad - tired from the drugs for about a day after until they got completely out of my system, cramps and bleeding about like a heavy period for a few days - that was about it. I was back at work two days later, just no heavy lifting.


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I had to have one done after the loss of a baby and I just took it easy over the weekend. Some cramping, like a period, but nothing bad.

Hope you do well.



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I had a D & C a few years ago. I agree it was only as bad as a rough peroid BUT...I took the pain pills as soon as I got home and took another dose as soon as it was time for the first day. It may have been worse had I not taken the pain pills. Just take it easy and you'll be fine.



answers from Huntsville on

Hi A.,
I've had 2 due to pregnancy losses and it's really not that bad. I had an IV and was put out for the surgery, however I actually went for breakfast on my way home from the hospital. I was a little groggy that day, but went to work the very next day. The 2nd one was emotional for me, but the procedure was surprisingly easy. I did bleed for about a week afterward.



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I had a D and C almost five years ago after I miscarried a baby at 13 weeks. I had the D and C Thursday evening and went home within half an hour of waking up in the recovery room. My doctor gave me a prescription for Percocet, but I never took anything other than Advil for the pain. Actually did some driving on Friday afternoon and went back to work Monday (in a job where I was on my feet for most of five-six hours at a time). I bled for about 10 days; the first day or two were probably a little heavier than a "heavy" day of a regular period. After that it was progressively less and less and the last two or three days were mostly spotting. Don't know whether my experience was typical, but the emotional scars were a lot worse than the physical.

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