What to Do with Breast Pump - Quincy,MA

Updated on February 24, 2015
B.M. asks from Quincy, MA
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What do I do with my breast pump now that I am finished breastfeeding? It is a Medela Advanced. What a shame they can't be reused.

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answers from New York on

I'm keeping mine for my sister. I will just buy her the tubing and all the accessories to keep it sterile.

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answers from San Diego on


Pull the panel off of the pump where the "on switch" is and where the tubing connects and check for mold. If it is clean, I would offer it to someone.

If you can afford to, I would try and find someone who could use it for free. They can get all new tubing and accessories. They are so expensive and I think it would be nice to offer it for free to a mama who needs it.

I think a lot of moms who would breastfeed and need to pump at work don't because of the added expense of the pump.

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answers from Indianapolis on

They can absolutely be reconditioned.

I'd call Medela (customer service number is on their website) and see if they can recommend any services that recondition so you can donate it to charity.

Personally, I'd rather donate mine to a needy family than sell it.

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answers from Dallas on

Mine's on Craigslist right now.

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answers from Washington DC on

Why do you think it can't be reused?
If you kept it clean and then sterilize all the parts... I got mine used and never had a problem.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I bought a used breast pump. I just replaced all the tubing and anything that touched me or my milk would be in. I know a lot of women that have bought their pumps used.
So I would sell it on Craig"s list.

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answers from New York on

You should not just give it / donate /sell it - there is a issue with bacteria on the diaphragm of the pump. You can take it apart and clean it in a mild bleach soloution, but I would reccomend sending it to be "reconditioned" to Medela or their reccomended agent.

After that I know I won't be needing mine any more I plan on donating it to my parish outreach - they can loan it to familiy's in need so it will help more than one mom....



answers from Dallas on

You could donate to a women's shelter in your area.



answers from Providence on

I was told they could be reused if pump was really cleaned and new equipment was purchased...check with the hospital where your baby was born. I donated mine to a new Mom with twins...all she needed to do was buy new tubing and "suckers" as we called them.



answers from Boston on

consignment shop? You can order new tubing

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