What's Wrong with Walking?

Updated on January 16, 2012
A.M. asks from Oskaloosa, KS
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another question got me thinking - has my kid just always been super extremely energetic and strong compared to others? or am i abusing my child somehow by expecting that if i can walk, he can? they're in better shape than most of us adults, after all. and isn't exercise good for kids? i see people on here talking about putting their 4 and 5 year olds in a stroller and i think, am i the crazy one? we've done seaworld, zoos, etc...with my son at different ages, and sometimes with my niece (of the same age) too - but i have just never seen the need to strap them into a stroller. maybe it's just our preference....i don't think that it's because they're any better behaved or trained than other kids. i have recently become more interested in fitness and health, although we've never used the stroller too much (since he began walking). maybe it's worth considering, even for a minute....maybe we as moms SHOULD discourage strollers, past walking age. just a thought. what do you momma's think? not trying to offend anyone, maybe there are some really good reasons that strollers are vital. not sure, maybe you guys can open my eyes a bit :)

i kind of see it along the same lines as parking farther out in the parking lot to get a bit more of a walk...any little thing i can do, you know? i am sure they might be really necessary sometimes, but i have a MIL that is so out of shape she has to have one of those motorized carts...plus...have you seen the movie "Wall-E"?? just gets me thinking. don't roast me too hard ok? :)

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So What Happened?

hey a couple of you brought up a good point - when we did use the stroller, most of the time it was more used for carrying bags - which i have to admit, i really liked lol. so they are good for that! :)

mary - you are right, and i'm certainly not dogging on people with physical limitations beyond their control. regarding the motorized carts, i am speaking only of people who use them because their weight has gotten so out of control that they can't walk. to me, that's not an illness. that's a decision. and i am hugely overweight, and successfully getting it off, so i know what i'm talking about :)

ETA: thanks everyone, great responses! and *whew* thank goodness i managed not to offend anyone...always paranoid about that!

it's obvious there are just SO many lifestyles out there, we're all just truly different and don't know what other peoples' situations are. i appreciate all the imput!

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answers from Phoenix on

My kids last 2 kids outgrew strollers by the age of 2 1/2. now i have thought about leashes......but i was told i cant get a collar for the kids. lol jk.

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answers from Detroit on

I'm with you...my daughter is 4 and has not ridden in a stroller since she was 2. The exception being last year when we were at Disney World and Sea World (she was 3) and life was just easier with her in the stroller - we could walk faster, navigate the crowds more easily, and carry stuff in the basket underneath. She didn't get so tired right away so we could go longer without her getting wiped out. She will also ride in the wagon when we go to the zoo but spends half the time walking. Otherwise she walks everywhere. We also go for walks regularly around the neighborhood.

I admit, I kinda wonder what's up with all these kids in strollers everywhere that look perfectly old enough to be walking on their own. Maybe there's more to it than what I am seeing, maybe the kids are big for their age, or there's a chance they are going to bolt rather than just walk with Mom, but it would still seem to me that they are more than capable of walking through the mall, etc. Personally I will take any opportunity I can find to get DD some exercise and wear her out a bit.

We did a family trip to Disney back when my stepsons were 6 and 7. They walked with us the whole time and kept up just fine. Never would have even considered a stroller for them at those ages. They never even complained, they were having so much fun. But they also ate like sharks - they were hungry, like, every 30 minutes so it was a good thing we packed plenty of bananas, granola bars and fig newtons!

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answers from Milwaukee on

IF mine would WALK that would be great but he runs and FAST!

If we ever had the $$$$ for Disney I'd get a stroller. I'm uber prepared so I carry lots of things and don't want to be tired down with my stuff. AND when you're paying thousands of dollars for a vacation I don't need a crabby kid that wants to nap all day long. Time is MONEY in that case.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Strollers should be used for helpful reasons. When a child is unable to walk (or walk far), that's a good reason to use a stroller. When a child will tire out sooner than the event, that's a good reason to have a stroller handy (if you don't have a carrier). When a child's attentiveness is not completely trustworthy and you aren't able to chase him all over the zoo or the theme park, it's all right to say, "You can walk now, staying close to me, and then you'll be riding for a while." And when you have your child by the hand, the stroller can carry the baggage.

A stroller is definitely in S. place to walking. And the more you walk, the more stamina for walking you develop, generally speaking. But we're not always talking about an either-or situation when it's about strollers.

Most of the people I know who use motorized carts are thankful to have them. They have injuries or debilitating illnesses and wouldn't be able to get around otherwise. They'd walk if they could.

But then, I haven't seen Wall-E.... :^)

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answers from Lakeland on

We visit Disney World often living so close to it. I bring the stroller sometimes. I encourage my daughter to walk, but there have been times that I was so thankful to have it. My daughter is 5 and too big for me or my husband to carry if she gets really tired. I usually take it with us for the Halloween party and Mickey's Christmas party. We are usually there late for those events. I also find it easier to get through the crowds with her in it, she won’t get separated from me.

I understand wanting your children to get exercise, but you need to remember that their legs are smaller and they use more energy to keep up. I can remember as a kid trying to keep up with my mom, I would have to take two to three steps to her one step.

I see parents here at the parks yelling at the kids to keep up. It is sad when the kids are no more than 2 or so and exhausted. I also see parents doing their best carrying their kids too. I am not sure of the size of all the amusement parks, but I know that the world showcase in Epcot is about 3000 acres. I can't imagine making a small child walk that much.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I took the day off from work on Friday and went to Disneyland/California Adventure with my 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend. I was really surprised by the number of older (5, 6, 7??) kids in strollers. They were huge kids and should have been walking!! There is no way that all of the kids in strollers had developmental issues and it was crazy to see most children being pushed around.

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answers from Washington DC on

I expect my DD to walk when it's appropriate. She's 3 and can walk a mile if she's interested in the hike. I don't always take the stroller into the mall. She can walk and we can sit, and it might take longer than if I wheeled her around, but it's appropriate, IMO. If we go to the city and take the subway, I use the stroller for her safety. I feel better to have her contained vs getting lost in a crowd. Or if I know we have a far walk from the station to our destination, I bring the stroller. She loves escalators, but knows we only take them when she walks.

It's not that she physically *can* walk, but that she can walk in the situation given. I acknowledge that she can't walk as far as I can, or as fast. I don't set myself up for a miserable child that weighs 30 lbs that I have to then carry if I insisted on going without a stroller. Many times she'll push the stroller herself when she's not in it.

I think that by 4 they should be walking most of the time, and by 3 walking more than strolling, but I won't look askance at a mom with a pair of kids (for example) where she allows the older one to ride or if the situation may be that the kid didn't make it all the way. We took our umbrella stroller to the UK and were grateful for it. If I hadn't had a stroller, I would have missed a flight (literally strapped her in and RAN for the terminal!).

DH will run with DD in the jogger or take her on the bike trailer when he excersizes and they'll stop at a playground on the route. But she loves the ride and loves the time with him.

I think if overall the kid's fitness level is low, then they should walk more, play more, etc. But that's more than just stroller/no stroller.

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answers from Tulsa on

My son could run the entire zoo if I let him. Twice. I loved having the stroller option for when he was younger since it would keep him contained if I needed him to be. He doesn't like to walk. He likes to run and that tires me out! I'm very disappointed that he has outgrown his stroller as we are going to be flying in a couple of weeks and I not sure how he will do in the Atlanta airport. Tons of people, lots of distractions, and I'll be dealing with a suitcase as well. I would always let my son walk/run for a while, but there are definite advantages to having a stroller available as well.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi, I see your point totally.... so many (apart from those who have true physical disabilities) DO in fact rely on the stroller.... I see it every day... having their kid walk is more trouble for some of those people. I am with you, let the kids walk. Since my son could walk (he is now 10) we have always walked all over the place... he is used to it.. On field trips, many of my son's classmates are NOT used to walking and will complain if they are made to walk four blocks (this, instead of taking a bus) ... it's really ridiculous.. However, they picked up their lack of walking from their caregivers.. I have been on other field trips, where I am one of the few actually out there playing with the kids.. (e.g. kickball) most of the time, the parents are in a huddle talking.... I think it's important to get out be active with one's kids... remember, children learn what they live..
teach them good habits NOW...

my best to you

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answers from Atlanta on

My kids are 3 and 5 and walk almost all the time everywhere. However, when we spend the day at a zoo, amusement park, aquarium or whatnot, I always take at least the umbrella stroller (and for bigger, longer excursions -my BOB duallie). It's great for holding bags, and if they get tired to the point of meltdown -they can get in. We don't allow the 5 year old to ride in the stroller unless it's the end of the day, we're walking back to camp or something after a long day of a music festival, etc., but you have to take into account the fact that, even though they have a TON of energy and can walk most of the time, young children wear out faster than we do. Their little legs aren't quite up to going as long and fast as ours. My 3 year old will go and go and go. We go on two and three mile hikes that are mostly uphill and he's fine. He'll walk around almost all day at places, but when he hits that wall -either he's going to sit wherever we are or we can carry him. When I'm also tired at the end of the day, I don't enjoy carrying a 30 lb. child all the way back to the car or for a mile or more, so we take the stroller!

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answers from Kansas City on

Ever seen this website?


I'm with you. My kids were out of the stroller by 2. It would have been easier to keep them in a stroller, that's for sure, but I wanted them walking.

But I do agree- there are situations that we don't know about and by all means, kids with special needs are the exception as well. Lots of interesting answers here!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My 3 yr old likes to walk every where so I let him.
But I keep the umbrella stroller in the trunk because he will inevitably get tired and CAN'T walk any further. He's too heavy for me to carry all the way to the car.
So it comes in handy for that.
Those little legs can't make it all way into Disneyland from the parking lot AND walk Disneyland. Ha ha Poor little guy. He takes 3 steps for our 1.
Just good to have in hand for:
-getting somewhere fast. Get there then he walks
-for when he's tired & can't walk anymore
-getting somewhere fast!
-when dad & I are going on a long-ish walk for exercise then we slow
down letting him walk & push the stroller if he wants ending up at the
park for him to run & play
Fun & exercise for everyone!

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answers from Norfolk on

My son out grew his stroller by about 2 yrs old.
We used a wagon for him after that - he could pull it when he wasn't tired and we could pull him in it when he was tired.
By 4 we were done with the wagon (except for pulling yard tools and mulch around the yard for me).
He'd walk till he was tired, then my husband or I would give him a piggy back ride until he could walk again.
Good exercise all around for everyone!
2 summers ago my sister shocked me when we visited Marineland in Niagara Falls.
She rented a stroller.
Her daughter was 10 years old at the time - perfectly healthy - athletic even (excels in gymnastics and cheer-leading) and this long legged gangling girl would squeeze herself into that thing when every she got tired of walking.
And neither my sister or her daughter were ashamed to be doing this.
Everybody does this, so they say.
I will never understand what the heck that is all about.

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answers from San Francisco on

Once my kids were walking the stroller was used mostly for toting our stuff: park toys, lunches, water bottles, sunscreen, etc. and the occasional sleepy/tired child.
I would also use the stroller when we were dealing with getting through airports and other large busy places where little legs have a harder time keeping up with the pace of bigger legs :)

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answers from Williamsport on

I'm the biggest walker on earth, and my kids walk as far a they can, but they cannot walk as far as adults. Sometimes you gotta get from point a to point z in a hurry, and you've got no time for toddler dalliances. Now my older two run along with me while the youngest (2 1/2) still gets strapped in sometimes, or an errand could take ALL DAY. I suddenly understood the older kids I saw in Manhattan in strollers...it's not that they "can't" walk, it's that they can't walk fast and with purpose all day long, and they do need breaks. And yeah, naps, and strollers carry bags.

Last time I regretted no stroller? December. When I took the 3 kids to out Kristkindlsmarkt by myself. There were dogs and loud noises and crowds and it was freezing, so my youngest wanted to be "held" most of the time. Therefore, no yummy treats and hot spice wine for me...no free hands!!! I wish I would have brought the STROLLER

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answers from Dallas on

My son is 2.5 and we dropped the stroller. We do still use the jogging stroller, at certain times. When my husband and I want to go on a really long and strenuous walk, we bring the stroller. We start off doing a mile or so walk with him, stick him in the stroller, and do our walk. (There is NO way he could keep up with our pace for so long.) If we are going to a festival or something, we bring the stroller. He typically walks most of it, but we have it for when he is tired and wants to nap, or rest. It is HOT here in the summers, when most events happen. We're talking 105+ with a crazy heat index. He NEEDS rest, water and the shade of the stroller for that.

I decided when I was pregnant to not use a stroller all the time. My very good friend has a daughter she used the stroller for until she was 4.5. When she went to kindergarten at 5, she was the only child in the class who couldn't walk a mile. She also never wanted to run around outside. When she turned 5, they just bought a wagon. That kid still can hardly walk a mile at 8!!! My 2.5 year old can walk a mile and more. It's sad.

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answers from Savannah on

My husband and I like to walk our German Shepherd, and my 5 year old likes to ride his bike a bit ahead of us. My 2 year old can walk to the stop sign (1/2 mile) but after that, his little legs are tired and he wants to "sit". So we push an empty chair to the stop sign, then put him in the stroller and let him sip on some water while we continue to walk. After a little bit, he'll say "I get down" and we let him walk some more. But sometimes the kids aren't able to walk as long or far (or fast) as the adults or older siblings. So, I think there's definately a time and place for strollers. When we go to the zoo, the stroller is more a thing to carry my camera, diaper bag/purse, picnic lunch, and water bottles....... but after awhile at the zoo, my older son is not "ready" to go home yet, but my little son is tired. It's not fair to my oldest to go home because my youngest is tired, and it's not fair for my youngest to be pushed further than he can go. But yes, of course both my guys are active, healthy, and love to run around. We're all for building stamina, using up all that boy energy, etc. But you don't want to be stuck somewhere trying to keep an eye on a 5 year old, hold a big dog back, while somehow trying to carry a toddler or preschooler, when you yourself are kinda tired and winded. Yuck! Right now: the adults can outlast the children (we go several miles a day easily) but when the boys are both big enough to go faster than us, well, we'll jump on bikes. :P

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answers from Houston on

The only time I out them in a stroller after age 2 is when I'm jogging/rollerblading when she can't keep up. My oldest will ride her bike or rollerblade next to us.

Or at the mall,,,) I buy a little car),, because otherwise I will surely pull my hair out.

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answers from Austin on

We couldn't keep our daughter in a stroller once she was 3. She wanted to "do it herself". Of course we only had 1 child to keep up with.

She also had been walking unassisted since she was extremely young, so could be she also was just more developed for the longer walks.

If we went to a day long festival we sometimes took a wagon with our cooler and towels or blankets and sometimes if she was tired it was a good way for us to stop and let her have a rest. But usually ir was all of us resting at the same time.

I think it depends on how easy or difficult the situation is going to be.. How many adults, how many children.. Safety issues. But over all I think Children can walk on their own if their parents have the patience to deal with it.

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answers from Columbus on

Although the exercise is good, I still use the stroller on my 2 yr old for security reasons in crowded places, since he loves to just take off running and for such a little guy, he runs fast!
So in many cases, its a matter of convenience and/or security for the parent also; plus in the case of my kids, they get plenty of exercise sometimes just at home, since they're very active and always running around.

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answers from Atlanta on

Yes, Wall-E is a testimony to where our society is going! I loved the movie and recommend it often... I do agree with you. The reason I took a stroller was simply to carry the "luggage" you have to carry to keep everyone happy..mostly hubby! Water, snacks, diapers, etc are NOT being carried by the pack mule named Mommy. And if it's nap time, the stroller works great.

Walking is almost a lost art. Would love for us to get back to a little less motorized society!

God bless,

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes! I've seen Wall-E!!! I remind my kids of that when I think they've been on the couch too much...you wanna look like the people in Wall-E? NOPE! Good - get out and play!!

We have intentionally NOT taken our children to Sea World, DisneyLand, etc. because of the stroller issue. We have done the W. Animal park - with a backpack but NOT a stroller.

There is NOTHING wrong with walking...It all depends upon the age for me - at 2 - walking around the block is like walking a mile to them....so to expect them to walk everywhere - well - okay - no. it IS our society that demands this...really...I don't think they have strollers in 3rd world countries and those kids are mobile!! But they also don't walk around feeling entitled to things and upset because they got their ipod taken away for careless and immature behavior...

When my boys were younger, we would walk to our grocery store and yes, I would use the stroller - to carry stuff in - my boys are good walkers (and runners).

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answers from Boston on

I think where you live is also a factor, whether it's urban or not. I'm assuming you drive when you run errands? For me, I walk or take the bus/subway. My 22 month old is capable of walking just fine, but a mile to the grocery store isn't going to happen, and if it did, it'd take forever. Not to mention having to carry the bags home while dealing with her. I do let her walk whenever possible, but I anticipate needing a stroller for a while still for certain situations.

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answers from Orlando on

I've always used an umbrella stroller, especially at Seaworld (I work there!) Reason is, I like to be able to push my belongings instead of carry them. My daughter, now four, has always walked along side of me, or pushed the stroller herself (her favorite!). I only have her get in it when we need to get to point A to point B, FAST! Like for a show or something, or if it starts to rain, which happens a lot here in FL. I also use the stroller for my own exercise, because I power walk (4-5 days/week), and there's no way she can walk my pace, so I'll do a few miles, and then it will be her turn, she'll get to play on the playground or just walk and push the stroller at her pace, it's funny to watch her push the stroller sometimes, because she'll start jogging and say "I'm exercising mommy!" We love our handy little stroller!!

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answers from San Diego on

There are just so many directions to go with this question... As for people that are out of shape or overweight... True, we have made mistakes to get to this point. But, that doesn't make anyone else know what's going on inside of us. Once I get out and do something heavy, hot, or both, like working in the garden, I usually do okay. BUT, there are things I absolutely can not do. I can't walk and keep up with others without horrible pain in my side. I find that most adults walk way too fast for little kids and the crying they do probably happens from the pain in the side I've dealt with most my life. To be quite frank, and I'm so glad you are losing weight, I remembered that about you when I read the question. My guess is, you don't walk quite as fast as some moms and dads would or do that are much smaller and in better shape. So your son is more likely to be able to keep up with you.

Another thing I can't do is stand in place. Standing in a line makes me come very close to passing out and I've had to sit down on the ground before to keep from passing out. Just today in church I was getting that sick, hot flash, feeling I get before I see stars.

People that deal with young children don't want to deal with their crying and it's not like the kids can explain how they are feeling very well. It's better to have the stroller and be safe. Let's not forget how many kids will run off too. That stroller needs to be near for when they are in a running off mood.

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answers from Lincoln on

I was one who kept the stroller for a long time a the zoo and such places partially b/c I wanted a place for all our stuff... we'd pack a picnic and make a whole day of it.

Now that he's older (6 yrs--40 lbs) I still put him in a stroller when I run. I usually run 4-6 miles and I don't expect him to be able to do so. I'm lucky he's petite, so I don't think anyone even knows.

Same with the bike trailer. I will go on a 10 mile bike ride and I don't expect him to keep up. He will ride along with our picnic.

So.... in the interest of exercise I figure that we typically stop at a park on our outings where he can exercise and I can get my zen cardio time in w/out having to make sure he's keeping up and doing okay.

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answers from Santa Fe on

My older son doesn't complain about walking, but my younger son does. I never used a stroller much with either of them, and I think he's mostly just lazy. :-/ I don't have the opportunity much, but usually when we go grocery shopping or whatever, he climbs into the basket of the cart or asks for one of the carts that has the car on the front or the seating area for 2 kids in the back. When we're at the zoo or whatever, he walks around for a while, but before my older son is done, my younger son is starting to complain that he's tired, but since I don't even own a stroller any more, he's outta luck. Of course, he'll complain that he's tired if he has to walk around the grocery store for 5 minutes if I don't let him in the cart, but he can run around the park for an hour or more without slowing down and without complaint, so it's just a matter of him not wanting to walk around the store.

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answers from Charlotte on

I kind of laughed when I got to the end of your thread about Wall-E. My kids didn't have an ounce of fat on them when they were little, had so much energy, but didn't have a clue as how to "pace" themselves, and when they lost all of their energy at once, they would hit the wall, and the meltdowns ensued!

Between that and safety concerns, I used a double stroller. I expected my sons to ride in it when I told them to, because I was the "mommy" and I knew when my kids had about had enough. I also needed to have something to hang my diaper bag with snacks, diapers and bottles on, so that I could have my hands relatively free to deal with surprises, or bags when shopping. If I were in the grocery, the shopping cart took the place of it.

Parking lots are just plain dangerous, and without a stroller, I truly think my kids would have been hit by a car at some point.

When my son was in 2nd grade, he weighed 60 pounds and I couldn't carry him for nothing. He was also skinny with no extra body fat at all. He and his brother swam after a long day at school, and it took over an hour riding the train to get home. Before I learned about an alternate train station that had walking sidewalks and escalators and no hills to climb to get home, the station we used was like walking a football field length to get to our apartment. My son would just give out and sit down crying in the station for me to carry him. I'd just sit with him while he got himself together and wait it out, while people pretended not to notice (they are all very polite.) Once I found the other station, it was better and he could make it home. I also had dinner ready on the table as soon as we walked in because the boys were absolutely on empty.

They were too old for a stroller by then, of course, but the point is the same. It's not really about making them get more exercise. It's about the amount of time they are moving, and some rest in between, snacks and drinks at crucial times, and safety. And making it so that moms don't lose their minds juggling it all!!


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answers from Jacksonville on

I was not a big stroller user. First of all, my son was walking at 10 1/2 months old, and HATED being strapped into ANYthing. He would figure a way out of almost any stroller after about 5 minutes use and then I was stuck both pushing a stroller, AND trying to keep up with him while walking (he held hands and such, but that is rather hard when one hand is pushing a 2 handled stroller --umbrella stroller anyone?-- and the other is keeping the purse/diaperbag from falling off my shoulder).

My daughter was much easier about staying seated in a stroller, but we never did a double stroller (see above) and pushing a stroller and keeping up with a 3-4 yr old was a bit stressful at times. Mostly, the stroller ended up just being a place to haul the diaper bag around, and a nuisance to keep up with when I wanted to let the kiddo out to walk around for a bit. (Daughter was walking by 11 months).

I really only used them a few times. One time in particular that I remember was when we went as a family (with my parents too) to an amusement park for the entire day. We used the stroller mostly to carry our purses/diaper bag and snacks/drinks. My mom doesn't "do" rides, so she would sit with the stroller while the rest of us rode whatever it was.

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answers from New York on

I once saw a picture of myself, probably about age 4, squished into an umbrella stroller. Knowing myself, it was probably because I was feeling lazy and just wanted to be wheeled around! I looked so dumb in that picture! My son, on the otherhand, has not wanted to be in a stroller since he was 2. Just like you couldn't convince me to walk, you can't convince him to ride. I think parents just do what is easiest. I would have to draw the line at 5 though, no matter what. Kids need their exercise and I love when my son is tired out from running around!

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answers from Kansas City on

Mostly I agree with you but my son (just over 2) is quite a maniac and although this was about the age I got rid of the stroller for my daughter, I still keep it handy for him! I mostly use it if we're going someplace where I need him to be contained for at least part of the time. I also use it if we are in a big place and he might tire out by the time we leave...but I try and keep it so that he can walk most of the time and ride when he's tired, or when I need him to stay with me. I also agree it's a great package carrier! ;)

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answers from Philadelphia on

I agree with you. I dont think any of my kids were in strollers past 2. (with the exception of my 2 year old in disney, 4 year old walked) Some moms take the stroller age way too far. I do understand disabilities are an exception.



answers from Denver on

I think you are right. Everyones situation is different of course, and I dont know what it is like to have to take kids around a busy downtown area, but my son DOES have physical limitations and he was still out of the stroller as soon as he could walk (26 months). It is better for them and it builds endurance and muscles etc... my daughter is almost 18 months and is not walking full time yet but as soon as she is you bet I am going to chuck that stroller! I am so sick of them!



answers from Denver on

I didn't read all the answers so pardon a repeat. But sometimes I still put my 3 year old in a stroller or grocery cart so he can keep up with me and his two older siblings when we go places. Honestly grocery shopping is a chore I really despise and having him in the cart still makes it that much more tolerable. He also rides in our jogging stroller when I need a break. Sometimes I strap him in and give him some books put on my iPod and go for a brisk walk. It's not that he can't walk, but I am with him all the time and that is a nice way to get some fresh air and a break. We also walk together and ride bikes, but as long as he fits I will on occasion use the stroller and grocery cart.



answers from New York on

Nothing wrong with walking at all. I didn't have 4 and 5 year olds out in strollers. I wasn't a mall mom and any weekend outings, the kids did plenty of walking. From age 2, my daughter pretty much refused to sit in a stroller. She was a very active child and not content to sit in a carriage. My son was tolerant for a bit longer but by 3, the stroller was gone. My husband never liked to use a stroller for the kids, and would rather carry or shoulder them if it was too much walking.
LOL about the Wall-E reference, but I do see your point. I work in an elementary school, and a much more sedentary generation is being raised, Perhaps that does start with strollering past toddlerhood.

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