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Updated on November 11, 2013
S.D. asks from Peoria, AZ
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So when out to dinner - do u sit w ur husband or child?
When ur husband and u are driving w kids -
does the older one sit up front?

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So What Happened?

no rhyme or reason.... was meaning at one table. just wondered how families do it...
we have no issues.

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answers from Portland on

Kiddo sits in the back seat, behind me, I have shorter legs, not scooted back so far.
At a dinner she sits next her daddy, I sit across from them,
easier conversation.

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answers from Washington DC on


For all of my kids? We (the adults) sat in the front seat and the children in the back. The ONLY time we sat in the back? When they were 0 to 4 months old and BOTH of us went someplace together.

My daughter is out on her own and my boys are 11 & 13 - so they can sit in the front or the back....

It all depends upon the table....if we get a rectangular or square table? We sit across from each other...we like to look at each other when we are talking at dinner....round table? where ever!

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answers from Dallas on

We always got a table and sat together.

My family consists if hubby, 18 yr old daughter and me.

I would occasionally let daughter for up front after she was about 12 yrs old. For the most part she liked having her space in the back seat.

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answers from Portland on

Sit however you want. There is no right way. I don't really understand your question. Don't you, your husband, and child all sit at the same table? If your child needs help one of you will need to sit next to your child.

In the car, by law, the child has to be tall enough to sit in the front seat. If they are tall enough you can let them sit there if you want. Our family has a rule that adults sit in front. This shows respectand is safer. I do let my 13 yo grandaughter sit in front when I'm a passenger every once in awhile.

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answers from San Francisco on

In the car, adults in front, always.
Out to eat, we all sit together, at the same table!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I sit with one of the kids so I can face hubby. I like to be able to see him when I talk to him.

I drive almost everywhere, just ends up like that, and hubby rides shotgun.

When our boy is acting out and going off hubby goes behind me and sits, our girl moves to the front seat beside me.

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answers from Boston on

The only time I have ever sat in the back of my own car has been when my dad (over 6 feet tall and with a bad hip and knee) or my grandmother-in-law (in her 90s) was with us. I do not take a backseat to my kids. My husband doesn't take a back seat to anyone - if needed, we would drive separate cars.

Out to dinner? There are 6 of us so we're usually split up with at least one kid between us if we're at a table or on opposite sides if we're at a booth. At large functions we often end up at different tables because frankly, we see enough of each other at home and would rather talk to other people who we don't see often.

Did you know that formal etiquette dictates that at a dinner party, spouses are not supposed to sit next to each other but are supposed to sit with and talk to the other guests? I don't think many people practice that but I like that idea.

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answers from Austin on

When my kids were little, there was too much arguing about who got to sit in the front seat when it was just me with the kids, so the kids were all relegated to the back.. (mini-van). Front was by invitation only, and that invitation was rare.

When we traveled, Hubby and I had the front seats, and again, kids were relegated to the back.

When they got older and started to help drive, I ended up in the back..... I don't really like sitting in the back! I can't see anything!

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answers from Detroit on

I like looking up between mouthfuls and stare into my hubby's eyes while flanked by the most wonderful little humans in the world. (yuck! Is that vomit I taste in my mouth).

We just like to talk facing each other and love having equal access to the kids. Kids are too short to sit up front.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter is 4 so she sits in the back.
When we go out to eat, someone sits next to her. When its just her and me, we sit across from one another.

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answers from Grand Forks on

In a restaurant my husband and I like to sit across from one another so we can talk face to face, then we would each have a boy next to us, and the boys sit across from each other. This arrangement was also helpful when they were little and needed help cutting their food. We are all at the same table. When my husband and I are in the vehicle we are sitting in the front seats and the boys are in the back. Neither of our boys are able to seat in the front seat yet anyway (not that I would sit in the back and let a kid ride up front).

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answers from New York on

If my husband and I were in the car with kids, the adults both sit up front and the kids in the back.
Out to dinner, we usually sat facing each other, each with a kid next to us if we were in a booth. At home, my son sat between my husband and me, since we moved here when he was a year old and it was good to have a parent on either side. My daughter sat across from my son, next to my husband. Now that my daughter has gone off to college, I sit in 'her" seat, next to my husband, finally and wonder why I didn't switch seats years ago

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answers from Los Angeles on

We don't have any real "rules" about seating in Restaurants or cars.
We do each have our own "seats" at the kitchen table though.
Feels weird if we sit otherwise...

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answers from Dallas on

My kids sat up front after they were 13, but not if adults were present.

My oldest sat with me across from H,
then little Bro sat with me and older one with H,
then when littl bro was about 3-4 the kids always sat together.

Now H and me are kind of hard of hearing in noisy restaurants.
The last time we were out with the kids, I told them the next time we are splitting them up again because they kept just talking together! Lol!
And it wasn't,
Make him quit sitting so close, or Mom, he's making that noise again, or Dad, I have to go to the bathroom, or That's MY fork, and nobody slid under the table! I kind of miss it. Now, WE have to go to the bathroom ;)

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answers from Las Vegas on

When driving, Mom and dad in the front. Out to eat, if we have just the little one, she sits with dad. If we have both kids, the two lefties (kids) sit together.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Driving: me with hubby up front

Eating: Each parent with each child so they don't fight & to make sure
the youngest eats.

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answers from San Francisco on

We usually sit one adult and one kid on each side of the table. Ours are still young and it's easier to help them this way.

Both are in car seats and always in the back. When they are both old and big enough to sit up front, they can take turns - one on the way there, one on the way home. But, if my husband and I are both in the car, then the kids are always in back and the adults are always in front.

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answers from Dover on

Typically when out to dinner, our daughter sits next to one of us with the other sitting across from us. If my older child (22) is with us, our daughter almost ALWAYS sits next to her big brother (because she wants to).

When driving, kids are normally in the back with hubby driving and me also up front. Sometimes, I may sit in the back w/ my daughter (like if she wants me to read to her).

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Actually my son generally chooses to sit with DH. Fine with me, the kids takes up way more than his 1/2 of the table. He is still in a booster so always sits in the back driving.


answers from Houston on

I hate facing adults when eating. Most adults have horrible eating habits. They talk with full mouths, shovel food etc. children do it too, but it's more easy to correct a child's bad habits.



answers from Detroit on

Dinner, split up.
Front seat of car once 15, but generally back seat anyway.



answers from Houston on

Unless we (husband and I) decide otherwise, my place in the car is next to him. At dinner, we used to sit next to each other in a booth. Now, we sit across from each other. At a four-sided table, we sit next to each other. Add 2yo to the picture, and one of us--usually I--will sit next to him and across from my husband. With teen SS, we did the same in the car. At dinner, his dad and I would sit together, across from him. At a four-sided table, his dad would sit between us.

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