What Is Your Go to Digestive Upset Remedy?

Updated on January 17, 2019
T.D. asks from New York, NY
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Feeling bloated, a wee bit constipated and looking for a natural remedy. What is your go to remedy for when your gut is feeling off and you want to get it back on track?
I would also like to drop a few lbs.. But eating healthy and exercise have failed me in the past so if anyone has used a supplement or other weight loss aid what was it and how well did it work?
ETA: I am up and moving, walking, playing games and chasing down kindergartners for 4 hours a day. I get no break and rarely sit down in that time and walk about half mile in addition to that.

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So What Happened?

Oh coffee! I almost never drink it and it does have that effect! I wil start with that. I know most of my problem started with the holiday eating.. and now we are back on routine with dinners and school. Lunches so I hope to get my digestion back too.. I will try the whole 30 if the coffee fails.
Thank you lovely ladies so much!

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answers from Dallas on

I like to take a probiotic each morning. I like ya-kult, Activia drink, or just a cup of Greek yogurt with granola and berries. I can tell a difference if I don’t have a probiotic. No bloat, etc.

I do exercise regularly in a boot camp 3 times a week at 6am. I’m currently on medical hiatus due to breaking my arm and having surgery. I’m used to tracking my steps and I challenge myself with trying to do better each day. Even though I’m in recovery mode right now, I’m still hitting a minimum 10,000 steps a day.

One thing I learned in boot camp is water. I drink a ton of water daily. I love it with freshly squeezed lemon juice and other fruits.. I use frozen berries as well.

Don’t skip meals!! Make sure you have enough protein. I’m a grazer so I eat a little here and there throughout the day.

As for supplements.. I don’t know anything about weight loss supplements. I do take a daily vitamin, drink collagen and tea.

Good luck! It’s hard when you’re busy to find the time and right foods to balance out your body!

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answers from Boston on

ETA: I forgot that I also have a small amount of kombuca every morning, around a 1/2 cup, and drink a mug of warm water with lemon and pinch of cayenne pepper in the morning too. Both also help with digestive issues.

Original: I have chronic digestive issues (IBS and Celiac disease) so I was living with discomfort for a while. I take magnesium every night (two capsules of a triple-magnesium formula) or use Natural Calm, a powdered magnesium supplement. I also take a probiotic in the morning, a super probiotic formula that I get a Trader Joe's. I see a nutritionist a couple of times a year for celiac and she OK'd both in terms of quality and efficacy. My regular diet includes 100 oz of water and 35 grams of fiber a day, some of which I normally get from a breakfast shake that has fiber in the protein powder plus another fiber supplement that I get via mail order that's supposed to be less irritating to the gut than stuff you get at the store. Who knows, really, but it helps keep things moving.

All that said...I'm on day 11 of Whole30 so I've cut out my shake and fiber as part of the program and will test them later to see if they're actually contributing to my irritated belly. I've been wondering how my digestion would adjust to the program and it's been interesting...a few days of constipation and bloating at first and I'm less regular than normal, but I'm actually starting to feel pretty comfortable - no more cramping, bloating or gas. I'm looking forward to healing my poor battered gut.

Anyway...I would start with a probiotic and magnesium and see if that helps. If you really want to overhaul things, check out Whole30.

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answers from Norfolk on

It depends.
Bloat can be gas - so Gas Ex or Tums if my stomach feels acid.
Constipation means you need to drink more water and eat more fiber.
Prunes, steel cut oatmeal can help - and you can add some Benefiber into most of your beverages.
Constipation can also be helped by getting some exercise.
You don't have to jog a lot - even a brisk walk or going up/down some stairs can help get things moving.
You can try some probiotics too.

Your body is use to what ever you are doing so you have to switch it up and find ways to get more activity into your daily routine.
It's hard especially in winter.

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answers from Washington DC on

i second JB's suggestion to try the Whole 30 for 30 days. it cuts out all of the usual inflammation suspects, and you add them back in slowly so you can identify which ones are your particular problems.

i'm still looking for that magic weight loss pill.........


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answers from Portland on

In my family, we are sensitive to dairy (lactose intolerant). If you hold off on the dairy, does the bloating go away? Easy test to try. It comes in varying degrees - you could also try the pills (you take before you eat dairy). For me, I get the bloating (I can look pregnant if I eat the right/wrong combo of foods, usually something like a dairy based dip - which is a real pain at parities) and then I get the other stuff ..

Anything like that, that eventually slows your digestive system and makes it work harder, can add pounds because it's not working properly - efficiently.

Water. Enough fiber (just switch up to better grains). People at my gym are doing cleanses - and then they do fiber drinks in the morning. I myself can't stomach them - they taste too grainy for my liking (texture) but you can shake them and get different flavors.

I know you weren't able to keep going to the gym - what about buying something for home to use? I plan to get back on my elliptical some day ....

If my tummy gets upset - something else I do is switch (cut back) from coffee to tea. Don't know if you drink coffee, but it can speed stuff up, cause spasms for some people, but just be a bit harsh if you're already gassy/upset tummy. I can tell when I've had enough - my stomach tells me. Then I find tea soothing.

Good luck :)

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answers from Sacramento on

I do exercise and eat semi-healthy and I sometimes still feel like this so I use:Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Herb Tea. I've seen it at pretty much any groceries stores but I usually get it from Target. Hope it helps and you feel better. Oh but make sure you drink it at night before going to bed because in the morning you'll be in the bathroom for a good half hour.

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answers from Miami on

Coffee is a natural laxative for me. Prunes everyday work for me too.

I have never needed it, but Miralax is a good short term help. If you are on pain meds, stool softeners and Miralax are smart ideas (like after a surgery.)

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answers from New York on

As an adult, I found that I could no longer tolerate dairy. It took my daughter pointing it out that may be the culprit. I felt almost "flu like" after every meal (because I drank a glass of milk with each meal!). Stopping dairy for me was like giving up smoking is for others - it was REALLY HARD. I loved milk, ice cream, cheese, pretty much anything with dairy in it. It was a life changer for me - not only did I feel a thousand times better, I dropped like 5 lbs in about two weeks after stopping. Dairy contained alot of fats and calories I really didn't need.

I do take Miralax every morning and probably will for the rest of my life. I'm just not a person who can regulate their bowels. There isn't enough diet and exercise things I can do to make it work right. I exercise daily, eat clean, drink tons of water, eat fiber, you name it - nope, not happening without the Miralax. My doctor ok'd it for me first, though, since I am on it daily for basically ever.

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Culturelle. It's a probiotic. It really works! It can be purchased at any drug store or Target.

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