What Is Your Favorite Foundation (Brand) and Powder? and Why?

Updated on February 07, 2011
T.B. asks from Key West, FL
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I used Cover Girl when I was a teenager. I always liked it until I switched to Loreal and now I've been using Loreal for many years now. In recent months I've noticed several commercials for several brands that seem to have interesting formulas. I'm not one to change when something is working well for me, but I am curious about other brands. So, if you use foundation and powder and it is a brand you love, could you tell me what it is and why it works so well for you? I do NOT have a Walmart, or Target, or department store where I live. I only have CVS and Walgreens available to me. Thank you for you input.

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So What Happened?

I got such wonderful feedback, thank you so much! I contacted Loreal, Covergirl, and Revlon. None of these companies have samples on demand. Very disappointing. Loreal used to have these clear cards in their display area of Walgreens and CVS that had all the colors of their foundations/powder that you place on your arm to get the correct color match. This is how I got my "perfect" color match that I've honestly been using for many years now but the foundation is a different line than the powder (and the clerk at Walgreens told me that they are going to be discontinuing my foundation). My foundation is the Visible Lift (with spf) but my powder is True Match. I never could find the right color foundation to match the powder, nor could I ever find powder to match the foundation. After reading so many of your suggestions/reviews of what works for you, I guess I am not alone in having to mix and match. I don't wear make-up on a daily basis, as lip gloss is my daily staple but when I am going out (church, etc.) I do like to put a little make up on and I have never ever liked wearing a lot. My beauty regime consists of eyeliner, a little shadow, blush, foundation, powder, and lipstick that matches my lip tone. I don't like my make up to look obvious (I prefer to look as natural as can be but with flawless perfection meaning I like to have my skin tones evened out and any blemishes/discolorations to be minimized/concealed). To the nice lady who suggested the "au natural" look: when I'm home that is exactly how I am but when I go out, I like to look put together and make up makes me feel put together. I use sunscreen religiously as I do live in sunny Florida and I do wear a moisturizer with sunscreen at all times, whether I'm wearing make up or not. One of the posters suggested that CVS offers returns on their cosmetics. I agree, I would feel somewhat dishonest to buy something so personal like that only to return it...even if the policy does exist, which I'm sure it does, I think I'd feel awkward returning it. I went to Walgreens today and broke down and bought what I've been using for what seems like forever: Loreal Visible Lift and the True Match Powder. Everything was buy one get the other 1/2 off...and I had 3 coupons totally $9.00 that I was able to use for the products I bought. Quite a savings. For now, I guess I will stick with what I know works and seems to look best on me but I suppose once my foundation is discontinued, I will have no choice but to choose something else. Loreal DOES have a new line of Visible Lift but the colors/numbers are different so I will be back to square one when that time comes. Thank you again for your input. Wonderful suggestions I will most certainly keep in mind.

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answers from Tampa on

I use Clinique because I'm not allergic to it. It's expensive and I hate that part of it. But MaryKay breaks me out and I itch and get red patches. Covergirl and Loreal are stand-bys but again I'm allergic to it. So I stick with what I know works for my skin type. I wish I could wear the cheap make-up, they offer great coupons!


answers from Los Angeles on

Drug store foundations I like are
*Revlon Color stay
*Maybelline dream matte mouse

The revlon is good for med-heavy coverage, but feels very light weight.
The maybelline is good for light - medium coverage. I usually like this when I will be in direct sunlight.

The powder I like is also by maybelline.

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answers from Boston on

I recently started using Mary Kay mineral foundation. Similar to bare minerals, I think, but I've never tried b-m so I can't say for sure. Any way...I LOVE IT. The coverage builds so when my skin is clear, just a light dusting provides beautiful, invisible, flawless coverage - like my bare skin, just better looking. If I have a breakout or get too much sun, I can apply a little more and get the coverage that I need, and it lasts all day. The best thing about Mary Kay is that if I don't like a product, I can return it - I think CVS actually has the same rule, but I don't think I'd ever return an open cosmetic to a store. I've never returned a MK product because everything has worked, but it's nice to know that I can try different things without risk.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have been very unhappy with all foundations for a very long time.
For several years, I've used the powdered Bare Minerals and/or the powdered mineral from Ulta. They looked nice and I like them. And I don't like to see foundation - I like it to be natural. Both are available online and make work for you. But they didn't last for me.
I have a bit of rosacea and my nose always looks red. No matter what I buy, no matter how well it covers, it always rubs off before the day is over and I look like I've either been blowing my nose all day or out in the sun. So, I recently decided to do a little digging on the web and found a lot of great reviews for illuminare. I found a salon nearby that sold it and went and tried it. I liked and bought it - yes, expensive. But it works. It looks great! And it lasts all day. It's worth the money. You use such a TINY amount, that I'm sure this little tube will last me a long time, so the money won't be a big deal in the end. You can buy it online. www.illuminarecosmetics.com

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answers from Eugene on

I use nothing. Make up ruins your pores. I clean my skin with Weleda cleansing milk. I never use soap. I also use Weleda's aufbau cream called night cream or repair cream. I never use anything but lipstick.
How's my skin? Totally unlined, rosy, and I am over 50 years of age. Go ahead sisters use my method and you will have beautiful skin that needs no cover up.

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answers from Chicago on

I use Sei Bella. I love the way it makes my skin look and people often compliment my skin. It's nice being told I look 30; especially after turning 42 last month!

Sei Bella's cosmetic lines is much less than my old favorite MAC. Also if you are concerned about what you put on your skin, then you may love this cosmetic line.



answers from Eugene on

L'oreal true match. It's inexpensive and available at most drug stores. I have alot of sunspots so I use the liquid base plus concealer over the spots. The base blends well into my skin tone, and the concealer does a good job hiding the spots.


answers from Modesto on

I use Revlon Color Stay foundation and Covergirl Trueblend Minerals for the finisher. It stays on all day and doesnt rub off.


answers from Dover on

I use and love Sei Bella. Their products are high quality and non-toxic. A lot of personal care products have ingredients that we wouldn't want to use if we knew/realized they were in those products. Many do a lot of damage that we don't realize. Additionally, they don't pay for endorsements like the ones you see commercials for.

You have to order them online or via telephone and they will ship them to your door.


answers from Sherman on

Bare Minerals!
It's like magic. I tried the cheaper brands that were supposed to be the "same thing" they were not as good. Tried it 2 years ago, and I've been hooked ever since. they are expensive, but a little goes a long way!

I bought online and found my shade with out a problem. just remember, if you buy online they automatically put you one their refill list, and you have to call and have them remove you if you don't want them to automatically send you refills. but if you don't they give you free treats with each refill.



answers from Harrisburg on

REVLON colorstay!!!! I love it and don't know what I'll ever do if they discontinue it ;) It covers anything and will not rub off or wear off. I have fallen asleep with it on (I know that's bad), but it will still on the next morning. I even wear it when I go to the pool or beach, and it still covers even if you go under the water!! This foundation runs around $10-$13 depending on where you buy it. For powder I use covergirl.


REVLON colorstay!!!! I love it and don't know what I'll ever do if they discontinue it ;) It covers anything and will not rub off or wear off. I have fallen asleep with it on (I know that's bad), but it will still on the next morning. I even wear it when I go to the pool or beach, and it still covers even if you go under the water!! This foundation runs around $10-$13 depending on where you buy it. For powder I use covergirl.



answers from Dallas on

Hi, I use a loose powder foundation from The Body Shop. It can be ordered on line. I also use a liquid foundation under my eyes (gotta cover the circles - ha ha). It is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. It all blends well together and is not heavy.

Hope this helps!



answers from Atlanta on

Bare Minerals has a lot of talc in it (drying) so I switched to Glo Minerals. Better coverage and longer lasting. Pricey, but so worth it.


answers from Columbus on

I don't like regular foundation, so I started using powder foundation. My current favorite is Physicians Formula mineral foundation. It's so quick & easy to put on, it covers well, feels light, and doesn't clog my pores. I usually get it at CVS, they put it on sale buy one, get one half off.



answers from Las Vegas on

I have always had a hard time picking out the right shade of foundation and powder from drugstore brands. I just don't have the eye for it and then I always end up breaking out when I do use them (my skin is like a teenager's - ugh!), so I always end up spending a little bit more money to get exactly what I want and need. My favorite so far is Aveda's tinted sunscreen and translucent loose powder. It gives me the right amount of coverage, matches perfectly, and my face feels like it can breathe. If you have an Aveda salon near you, they usually carry these products.



answers from Minneapolis on

I use a liquid foundation from Clinique (ordered online if you don't have a department store near). They have different formulas for different skin, from dry to oily. I also have skin sensitive to breakouts, and this brand has worked pretty well for me.



answers from New York on

It depends on your skin type and level or coverage. I think the Loreal perfect match or similar name is nice natural coverage but I have oily skin so I look like a greaseball after a few hours. I use Revlon colorstay liquid for normal/oily skin in buff. I go to the next shade in the summer. Its really nice and I don't look greasy. Its moderate coverage though, maybe to much for you but I love it. You can get it anywere.



answers from Jacksonville on

Do you have an Avon lady in your area? I use the Mark cream to powder foundation and I love it!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi TB,

When I wear foundation, I use Sei Bella. It's a more natural formulation and is light. I don't look like I am wearing makeup but it still covers the flaws. Nicole Miller's models wear it as well...

I order it online. If you're interested in trying it I can send you a link.



answers from San Francisco on

ARTISTRY!!! Nothing but the best AND it is very cost effective! I SWEAR by Artistry time defiance line (no wrinkles for me!) I use there skin care, eye cream and make-up daily... I figure if its good enough for Sandra Bullock & Miss America its GREAT for me! I do order online... as all the stuff locally is expensive or yucky and pore clogging :-)
I can hook you UP!...

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