Vita-mix Vs. Baby Mill

Updated on January 21, 2011
H.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
4 answers

I have a Vita-mix blender and used it to make baby food for my first baby. Now I'm considering using a baby mill. Any one out there think one is better for the job?

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answers from Colorado Springs on

The only advantage that I can see with getting a baby mill is if it is non-electric and you can pack it with you when you are on the go. Otherwise, I would just use the vitamix and save the money.

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answers from Washington DC on

for baby food either is wonderful. but if you already have a vita-mix, why bother getting something to duplicate what it can do?

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answers from Kansas City on

I have a magic bullet and it seems to mush things pretty well- and then you could always use it later for other things, not sure if the baby food mixers are as versitile


answers from Minneapolis on

I do home childcare and make baby food exclusively for a few years. I needed a new processor for my new batch of babies as the last one burnt out. I just bought a small smoothie maker/blender at Target about 2 weeks ago and I love love love love it! I like to do small batches when I empty the fruit bowl or have leftovers of a vegetable. I never do meats, as my USDA Food Program allows the cereal to be the protein the time they can eat meat, I give them finger food meats.

This thing is small and versatile. I am enjoying finding other uses for my own family...smoothies and malts so far! Yum! I pureed blueberries yesterday that were getting too mushy for the childcare kids to eat (plus they have been offered all week..they had enough!)...and now I have an ice tray full of cubes for when the infants are ready for them! But I also use some of these chunks for those afore mentioned malts! I have bananas and blueberries frozen...I can thaw quick and add to my ice cream and malted powder...nummy!

This weekend I will do some avacados, a squash or 2 and a few sweet potatoes. Super easy!

Its the Bella Cucina Rocket Blender..sorry the link it LONG. $25.00

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