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Updated on March 19, 2008
H.B. asks from Olathe, KS
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My son is 18-months-old. I've been hearing a lot about vaccinations and the possible link to autism. He has been vaccinated on scheudule up to this point, but I would like to look into an alternative vaccination schedule from here on out...just to be safe. Does anyone know of pediatritians in the area who are open to this? My doc has been sort of dismissive about the subject.

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If your child hasn't had a reaction to the immunizations to date, there shouldn't be any problem. Certainly you can talk with your Dr. about alternative schedules or brands of immunizations that use different preservatives, but the CDC/FDA has worked really hard to make sure immunizations are safe.

On the flip side - with the influx of illegal immigrants we are now seeing outbreaks of diseases we thought to be irradicated from American society. Diseases that are only still present in 3rd world countries but are being brought here because health checks aren't possible when people are flooding the border. I was really convinced to immunize our son after reading the importance of "herd immunity". Basically that there's a certain concentration of the population that needs to have immunity to a disease to keep there from being epidemics of it (it can only spread so far to so many people).

Brittney S. - That case wasn't an admittance of guilt, there was a settlement. The girl had other health problems that made it impossible to prove any fault on the part of the immunization. And, it was also in respect to the mercury derivative (thimerosal) used as a perservative agent (not the binder). Thimerosal has been greatly reduced or elimintated in all immunizations given to children under 6, except infuenza, and you can request it without. Read more about it on the FDA site:

I thought this was an interesting post I found trying to locate the court notes or any court documentation online, thought you might want to see it too:

Do your research and make your decision with confidence - for now, it's still up to you whether your child's immunized or not. Who knows what will happen if we end up with nationalized healthcare!




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I am going through the same thing, I have a 3 month old that has yet to be vaccinated. I found "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Sears helpful and it has a suggested alternative schedule in it.



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There is no scientific evidence of a link between autism and vaccines. I just did an extensive research paper on this subject last sememster for my torts class. This thinking stems from a study done by Dr. Andrew Wakefield in the early 90s. Dr. Wakefield was hired by a British law firm who was representing several clients whose children had autism. Dr. Wakefield had previously done a study that suggested a link between the MMR vaccine and GI problems in children. Because the law firm's clients were already diagnosed with autism, the study was skewed and was proven the data had been manipulated. Futhermore, after the study was published, it came to light that Dr. Wakefield has a patent on a single dose measles vaccine, meaning if the combined MMR was found to be harmful, he would stand to make a big pile of money. This study was retracted in 2003, but of course, that didn't make the headlines.

The best and most up to date information on vaccines can be found at Don't believe everything you read on the internet, or a certain celebrity who is known mostly for taking off her clothes; check the SCIENTIFIC data. Believe me, I love a good conspiracy theory and really thought there was a link between vaccines and other conditions, but proved myself wrong after I did this report. I know this is a highly sensitive subject, and others will disagree, but the evidence proves otherwise.



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I understand your worries. Every time I vaccinate my girls I worry, am I doing the right thing. I saw someone suggested the vaccine book by Dr. Sears. I haven't read it, but I read an article about it by him, and it sounds like a good read. As far as finding a Dr, first of all, be firm with your doctor. It is your child. You have choices. Present him with evidence, make sure you get what you want. If you would like someone who is easier to work with, there are two places I can think of to ask other parents who might have similar issues... Kansas city Attachment Parenting, and La Leche League, We see Dr. Douglas Brooks (Indian Creek Pkway and Mur-Len) and his practice seems very open to "other" possibilities. I know there are others around here. I hope you find someone. It's great that you are looking into possibilities and trying to do what's best for your boy, we all must be responsible and keep things in check. Good luck.




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Hi H.,

We do not do vaccinationations with our boys b/c we know 5 children personally that have been seriously affected by them. I had to changed doctors to keep from battleing over it. I go to Midwest Family Care on Mur-len close to 127th. Our Dr. Is Darrin Davis and his nurse practitioner is Randy Eaton. I ecspecially like Randy. He has been wonderful to my boys over the past several years and is ok with us not doing the shots.

Also, Dr Fred Clarke is a wonderful source of information about vaccinations. He has studied and tought classes on them. His email is
[email protected]

He is in Olathe. He had helped my family alot as well. Just let him know what info you need and he will help you all he can.

Hope this helps



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Someone correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure they will) but I believe the autism link is to just one shot they receive when they're a year. Maybe it's the MMR, I'm not totally sure. I remember hearing a client talk about not giving it to her son because the binding agent that holds the shot together (since it's vaccinating for 3 things) is what can cause autism. But like I said, I'm not totally sure.

UPDATE: To last poster, did you not hear about the case a few weeks ago where the jury and judge linked this certain childs autism to the binding agent in the shot...?



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Did you discuss the possible link with your doctor? I did. Mine said that he isn't sure about a lot of things, but he is sure that there is absolutely NO scientific evidence linking autism to vaccinations. The one study out there turned out to be fabricated (the scientist admitted this) and the results of the study could not be duplicated. I asked my doctor because of people like Jennie McCarthy who have voiced such loud concerns. He said it is one of the greatest injustices done by celebrities because there is no truth to this. Deciding whether or not to vaccinate your child is definitely your own decision, but I would urge you to really look into the facts before you make your decision if it is based on this alone.

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