Tweenage Pimples on Face

Updated on September 11, 2010
V.B. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Hi Moms,

My 10yr old daughter seems to have a lot of pimples that's coming out on her face. Do you know or have any recommendations of a good face cream I can use to help her with this? Thanks so much.


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answers from Dallas on

because she is so young and her skin still so "new" I would to to a dermatologist to get their thoughts for long-term skin health.

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answers from Indianapolis on

As someone who's struggled with acne since that age, your best bet initially is to see a dermatologist to determine what kind of acne it is.

Acne Vulgaris is the most common and can easily be treated with over the counter products. The two most popular ingredients are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. They have no effect on my deep, cystic acne which I still have issues with due to hormones.

Really, unless there are issues with oil/dryness, any cleanser will do. I prefer Kiehl's Non-Soap cleanser for my skin. It's really mild and works well. But, my face, since going through chemo 2 years ago, is an oil factory, and the only way to effectively treat it is Accutane which is really out of my comfort zone. So, I deal with it.

I use PersaGel (benzoyl peroxide 10%) daily to help prevent break outs and then have a prescription for Benzaclin to address breakouts for the cystic acne when it flairs.

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answers from Lincoln on

Tea tree oil is good for youngsters. Burts bees has a blemish stick made from Tea tree oil that works pretty well.

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answers from Houston on

I'd start out mild and get stronger if needed.

Glycerin soap and witch hazel is what I used throughout my teens and had quite clear skin (I could have been lucky).

Aveeno has some really great products called "Clear Complexion" that are not too brutal.

Neutrogena is what I use today for cleansing...I have more complexion problems since I had my daughter than I ever had as a teenager! I alternate between their grapefruit wash and a combination intensive mask/wash that comes in a tube (sorry, I am out and I can't remember the name). I use Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer.

Be careful not to overwash. Keep her from picking at them. Change her pillowcase everyday...make sure they are rinsed well after washing. Consider adding some extra zinc to her diet and reduce sugar in her diet--I know that is hotly debated as to usefulness, but we definitely noticed an improvement in my step-sons' faces when they weren't guzzling soda and gatorade all day.

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answers from Dallas on

My son just turned 11 and has started dealing with this. I have had him make sure he is washing his face with soap each night and using clearasil pads each evening. It does help when he see the dirt on the pads after washing his face. Since doing this, his face is really clear.

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answers from Topeka on

I use the strongest Oxy at the drugstore. It is a cream in a small tube. I actually can't remember the strength. But if you compare the strengths of the medicine in there, it is the strongest of all the Oxy's.

However, if it becomes unbearable and painful for her, she will need to see a dermatologist. My husband had really bad acne as a tween and teen and it really hurt his self-esteem.

Good Luck!

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answers from New York on

stay with products you've heard of.. i still have my kids use noxema when they get home from school and before bed.. for bad break outs.. clearasil makes a 4 hour cream.. it works great.. reduces pimples in 4 hours.. good luck.. teach cleaning after school after play and at night.. take a shower and lcean hair every night.. keep hair off far head and face.

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answers from Dallas on

do some research on herbal remedies. There are vitamins and minerals that may naturally help your little girl. I hate to start her on the "strong" stuff too soon. Side affects to some of that stuff can be scary.

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answers from Las Vegas on

gotta say, when younger, I used Proactive and it did work pretty well WITHOUT drying out one's skin and making matters worse. Additionally, zinc in tablet form did well too.. Also, drink WATER.... that was always helpful to me..still is..
best of luck



answers from Asheville on

As someone that has struggled with "pimples' from age 12 until adulthood. I can say that ( wish I knew this back then) most of the time it is related to poor digestion,elimination, and intestinal flora. Probiotics is the best thing for acne. Of course good cleanser with no chemicals helps too. This is why companies such as Proactive use supplements to help is b/c studies have shown that proboitics helps skin breakouts. Drink lots of water and have a healthy diet is great for the skin.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter is almost 9 and she carries with her a few of those stridex pads for delicate skin and wipes at a few times a day to keep her skin clean. also, can try doing a weekly or monthly light mask to dry out those pimples



answers from Los Angeles on

Dear V. B.

This is a very easy issue to resolve without drugs. Bacteria which is the primary cause of acne can be made much worst by having sugar in there diet.

There is a great topical product that works in 24 to 48 hours and will clear the skin in less than a week.

Go to:

Good Luck



answers from Austin on

I agree to take her to a Dermatologist first, just so her skin can be evaluated. .

Have her sleep on a clean TOWEL every night.

Also you may want to take at Kiehl's products.I have used it now for about 15 years. It is a pharmacy in NYC. They have been making their own products for over 100 years. If you purchase their products. you only have to use a very little bit. Teenagers think if you use more it will work quicker when in reality it is just wasteful.. Also this company does not use detergents in their cleansers, so it is strange to not have it all bubble up like soap and shampoo..

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