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Updated on September 11, 2008
J.P. asks from Naperville, IL
4 answers

Any moms know of a reputable tv repair that can come to the house? Our tv is fairly new and I'm hoping not to have to replace it. Thanks J. P

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answers from Chicago on

I also am looking for a tv repair person. So if you find one please let me know also.



answers from Chicago on

I am looking also. We have a large screened television so it isn't is easy to take out. (Oh what on earth made us buy that?)I do know that one of my husband's cousins looked in the phone book and found a television repair man to come to his house a couple of years ago. The cousin is out of town right now, so I will hang onto this and hopefully we can both find a good repair person!



answers from Houston on

Hi -
Our 32 inch got blitzed in a lightning storm over the summer. We went to Audio Video Max, in Naperville, near Normantown Rd/Mongomery. ###-###-####. He does do pick-ups, etc but since ours was small enough to carry, we brought it in. The prices seemed fair enough, and we was fast.



answers from Chicago on

I am not sure what area you are at, I live in Naperville and used APS Electronics ###-###-#### from Aurora. He came out to my home to work on our TV. He did a great job and was reasonably priced. He was a nice guy as well.

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