Tuition Problems

Updated on October 10, 2010
A.G. asks from Gonzales, LA
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I am a parent of a very good preschool and it is amazing the number of parents that are late payers or don't want to pay at all. They believe the daycare is supposed to understand their financial problems. How are they supposed to pay the staff on time? Without staff where would we bring our kids? Do most parents believe the daycare should be concerned about why we can't pay? When we work we want to get paid on time, would we be so understanding?

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So What Happened?

Obviously I know more than the "angry" respondents thinks. I could be a parent and an employee, a. Parent that could be sick of hearing the dog ate my homework excuses. You've got to be kidding me that you feel someone should be given a month to pay.. Why so they can go to another facility and leave each of them with a balance? When it comes to paying your utility bills mortgages and car payments etc. Either you pay or have your auto repossessed, lights turned off etc. As for the respondent that feel I don't have heart. I too have had tough financial times but I know how to prioritize. Shopping at the mall, manicures and pedicures do not come before my childs education. By the way why does the school have to be going out of business because they want their money on time. Even Donald trump will not render a service and wait for his money. I can tell the respondents obviously aren't paying their bils on time or owe someone. You can't go to the grocery and fill your baskets and expect to pay later. By the way stop blaming the economy on everything. Some people weren't paying their bills before these so called economic times. Believe it or not a states are not hurting. Some have the lowest unemployment rates and are growing economically. Maybe where we live are one of those states.. .so now that you know this what is the excuse for deadbeats. There are parents that struggle everyday but they manage to pay their bills.. Since you all are so understanding why don't you work for a week or two and tell the boss you can wait on your pay because he or she has to pay the rent on the building where you go to work today. I'm glad I didn't enter the state where I really live because the first two respondents seem to have a hateful streak. Some of us work hard aren't wealthy but we prioritize. Next time you are going through

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answers from Hartford on

It is poor business on the part of the preschool. They are business and should be running it accordingly. Do not feel bad for them, they should policies in place to prevent this from happening.

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answers from Seattle on

Are you venting? I guess I don't understand why it affects you. You are a parent of a preschooler, you pay your dues when they are due. End of story. It's up to the daycare to have the conversation with those parents, not you. Just because YOU don't want to understand their financial issues doesn't mean that the daycare wont. Maybe they are asking about whether or not the daycare goes through the state as well (so the parent could have some help paying), maybe they have had a death in the family, maybe their significant other has lost their job, maybe they need an extra month to catch up....again, WHY does their financial situation affect you at all?
Wow, the fact that you think I am hateful in my response was kind of out of line. I think I sound pretty compassionate to the people that are not paying their bills on time. I don't shop at the mall, I don't get pedicures or manicures, I am VERY careful of where my money goes, and ALL of my bills are paid on time. How are we supposed to know how much you "know". We go based on what you write, that is it. And, if I don't pay my auto bill or power bill, they don't take my car the very next day. OFTEN times they let you work out a payment plan. I also live in a well to do state, in a well to do area....I think I am just a bit more compassionate then you are.

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answers from Erie on

You sound so angry, I think you need a massage.

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answers from Washington DC on

I understand where your coming from. We have always paid our bills on time and if we didn't have the money, we did without. Things are easier now, but when my kids were little, things were tight. There are many people who work the system, and get away with it, so they keep doing it.

I worked at H&R Block and was sickened at the number of people coming in to work the system for the earned income credit. They knew exactly how much to earn, so that they could get the most. It drove me crazy. These people who didn't earn hardly any money, had cell phones and cable with all the premium channels. They received help with rent and food. They had obviously had manicures. These were all things I couldn't afford, because I paid my own bills. It makes me sick.

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answers from Albany on

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand your question. You mean YOU run a pre-school and families are late paying YOU their tuition? Are the administrators of your child's school complaining to you that other families are not paying their tuition? How would you even KNOW other families we'
re not paying?

Why would you be effected (or even know) that other families are not paying at your child's preschool?

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answers from Dallas on

It's not just in preschool- my dad had a remodeling company when I was growing up and he had many people not pay him on time or just not finish paying him at all. They didn't understand that the money they were paying didn't just go into his pocket- he had to pay all the guys he hired on to help with the job as well as pay for the supplies that were needed and then he would have his "take home" pay. My mom also had an art studio where she taught art lessons and had the same thing. After trying the 15% charge if late(you gave them two weeks to pay) she went to 3 month classes and you had to be paid up for the 3 months before classes started or you were dropped from the class and someone else who would pay got your spot.
I know parents can't afford to pay 3 months in advance in most cases, but there should be something that they could say to document- 3 times being late with tuition and you will have to find another place for your child. This isn't to say the preschool couldn't work with parents who were truly having difficulties- but this way they could take it on a case by case issue and drop the ones that just don't pay.
Yeah, some people have fallen on hard times and parents sometimes have a hard time with their job- but this is the Job of the preschool workers- if the parents don't pay the tuition- the school will soon be in trouble with paying their teachers causing those teachers to go elsewhere and pretty soon your child will have to go to a different school because there just wasn't' enough money coming in to pay for all the help.
That's just my opinion!

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answers from Kansas City on

I understand where you are coming from and totally agree with your question and follow up. So many people (especially this generation) think that their problems should be everyone elses and they don't understand personal responsibility. Half the time, I think they just don't care! I'm with you on this.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Tuition at my son's school is due on the 1st of the month with a grace period until the 10th. If you haven't paid by then, you are assessed a late fee on top of the tuition (I think it is $10). It provides incentive to pay on time. Maybe you could suggest something like that to the school.

Our school also told parents that if they can't pay, talk to the director BEFORE tuition is due and see if they can work something out.

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answers from New York on

People don't put themselves in the other persons shoes, usually. In the parents mind they don't think cost, staff salary, upkeep, they are just concerned on their end. This is probably more evident now because so many people are losing jobs. Do you work at the school that you know about these financial issues? Is the school closing? If none of these are a factor, there really is nothing you can do and just be grateful you have your child in a great pre-school and that you can afford to send him/her. Leave the worrying up to the school.

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answers from Dallas on

Well, in response to some other posters, maybe you do need a massage.... so do I.

I don't see your message as you being angry. Maybe the angry people are the ones who don't pay bills on time and try to get by on someone else's coat tails.

However, I am a stickler for paying on time. We run a business, we don't sell to individuals, we sell to large corporations.. I would never consider short paying or not paying one of my bills on time.....personal or business. It is just good ethics. If my money is tight... I don't re-order, don't shop, etc. I certainly will not be in debt, not now or not ever. I know I am of a different mindset and I believe in fulfilling personal and business obligations and not blaming the economy, or whomever else I can blame.

You have yourself to blame if you don't pay your bills. If I know someone is not paying their bills, then I expect NOT to see freshly manicured nails, highlights, new clothing, and the cool car. If you can't pay cash for the cool car DON'T BUY IT.

BLAH on making excuses... when we have a customer who does not pay, his price is automatically increased on the next order. We give 1%10, net 30 terms and offer a price compatable to the 1% discount. If they choose to pay in 30+ days, that is fine.... price will go up 3-5 cents per pound. An average accounts receivable item from a customer on my books is $35,000. We tell them in advance, if you are a slow pay, you will pay a higher price for your materials.

Going back to your question.....NO EXCUSE for paying late. If you can't pay for what you order or your obligations then you lose out on the benefit. I think it is very nice for a preschool to give a 10 day grace period.

Preschools have to pay their bills, pay their employees and manage to have a SAFE place for your child. I know I am a harda$$ but we don't deal with people who just want to smooch from others.

Take responsiblity, pay your bills or suffer consequences.

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answers from Dover on

Most daycares require payment the week before for the upcoming week. If you child does not come on Friday, payment is due on Monday (or when your child returns). If you didn't pay, you child isn't allowed back until you do. I have always paid on time and never tested that rule; however, I am aware that others have.

My previous provider had a home daycare and we became friends. Unfortunately, I came to know that most parents paid less than me because of state assistance and then was often late with their portion. Would want to pay late etc. It was a bit irritating to me being the parent who paid in cash, on time, all the time AND never questioned her days off (emergency, sick, vacation, and excessive holidays). Professionally speaking she should never have disclosed this info but she did. She always tried to be considerate of everyone's circumstances but that is how she was taken advantage of.

Once a center allows this, it tends to continue. The director should really not allow this.


answers from Modesto on

Everyone should have to pay in advance, and if for some reason their child didnt attend all of the days that month, they would get credited for the next month or refunded if they quit. The world is crazy, people are broke and not taking responsibility for their actions. I just had to evict someone that didnt pay their rent in July, we are still waiting for their lockout date from the sheriffs! So, they have been living rent free for almost 4 months now... that is not good for landlords. I agree, people should pay their bills and stop trying to live above their means. It has a snowball effect on everyone involved.

I, too, dont understand how this is affecting you unless you are the school owner.... I think most of the posters didnt really understand where you are coming from really.



answers from Kansas City on

The only times we've ever paid our daycare late is if we didnt come in that Friday. I pay every two weeks when I get paid, and occasionally she doesnt go on Friday so I pay on Monday. Our daycare lady is fine with this, as we've always paid, but I can't imagine getting that far behind on daycare costs.

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