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Updated on December 23, 2009
R.B. asks from Decorah, IA
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after 4 boys I got my little girl.. since i was little i have always looked forward to playing with my little girls hair. but now that she is with me its kinda hard..

she has crazy parts and a cowlick. her part in her hair starts off to the side in the back of her hair and is diagonial across her head.. going from back left to the right front.. plus she has a very large cowlick in the back of her hair on the other side and her hair stands straight up. right now her hair is fine but long enough to get 95% in a pony tail or pig tails but its so hard cause the hair pulls itself out and falls in the direction its growing...

so here is my question... is it possible to start to train her hair to grow in a certian direction or be able to change how the part in her hair naturally is growing in?

i know its only looks and that is far from the most important thing.. but i also dont want her to look goofy when a little bigger when her hair is down either.

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So What Happened?

thank you everyone! yes Shae is beautiful the way she is!! :) i just thought if i could save her the trouble later if i could train it now for her.. but yes we all have to work with something that's not "right" and we will figure what works with her also with her hair. thank you again and hopes everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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answers from Minneapolis on

As a child, I was in despair over the cowlick in my bangs, but now I think it's great! It's part of me, and a part I like; and I no longer need to look like everyone else.

You don't want her to pick up on the negative vibes you have about it and feel embarrassed or ashamed.

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answers from Des Moines on

Hi R.! Oh boy do I feel you and your daughter's pain! :) I have a HUGE clockwise cowlick right at the left, back, top of my head. I too have very fine hair. So trying to get my hair back in a sleek pony or other updo is a challenge. I'm afraid there's not anyway to "train" hair - its how the hair follicles on her little scalp formed (just like there's no way to retrain fingernails to grow differently). The best advice I can give is when its wet, brush it in the direction you WANT it to go, clip it there with a barrette and let it dry that way. Its about the only thing that works for me (aside from using a hair dryer and styling products which I'm sure you don't want to do on her). Some people are blessed with perfect tresses but the rest of us just have to work with what we have! ;)



answers from Rochester on

I think to a certain extent you can train hair, but I think the thing that makes the biggest impact is the cut/style of the hair. My daughter has several cowlicks, but I took her to a good stylist that specializes in kids hair, and you really can't even tell. They can give you the best recommendations for cut, style, and products to make the hair behave, so I'd take her in for a cut. Even if you think her hair is too short for a cut, they can do magic and will give you tips to help it grow out so it doesn't look "funny". Check to see if there is a kids salon by you (something better than the Great Clips variety, preferably). Good luck!



answers from Omaha on

You didn't say how old your daughter is but it sounds like she is very young and at this age it is almost impossible to 'train' her hair. Crowlicks can not be trained but can be cut to blend into her natural hairline but that is a long ways off at this time. The best you can do is work with the way it is for now and don't worry about it. Most of the time when they get older the crazy parts will work themselves out. Remember she has a long way to grow yet and alot of what you are concerned about will be taken care of naturally. The longer her hair gets the less noticeable her cow licks will appear. When she is a bit older find a good hairdresser to tame the cow licks. I know tha pain of it all. I have a widows peak and a huge cow lick in the back of my head. Both of my kids inherited the cow lick but a good hair cut does wonders on taking care of it.



answers from Minneapolis on

My kids all have "cowlicks" we would joke that the cows licked their head when they were in mommy's belly... My oldest has 2 - one in bangs and the other in the back of the head. I was able to work through hers with ease and she is now 12 and has grown her bangs out and you can't really tell now. My youngest has 2 lovely ones on the back of her head.....I call them lovely swirly whirlys... When I was able to I started putting ponies in her hair on top. Than I started working with them and would part her hair to the side that had the worse one. She now has about 3/4 of her hair on top over the the right side and the left side lays ok. I started putting a barrette in her hair when wet and this has helped. Instead of the hair coming forward to her face is somewhat goes over to the right and stays out of her face. I will also blow dry it that way now and it seems to stay. The cowlicks still have a tendency of their own at times, but we seem to manage at times. Right now she still have her baby fine hair has she is only 2yrs old. I am hoping the older she gets the easier it will get, just like her big sister.....

I buy the ponies that you can get at walmart and target that are the ouchless little colored or clear ones. I also cut them out instead of pulling them out and reusing, as they tend to break when you try and put them back in. I also got a little bag of cheaper barrettes at Target for a few dollars for tons of colored barrettes with animals and flowers on them..

Good luck....and it will only get better from here...



answers from Minneapolis on

You can never actually "train" your hair to grow a certain way. It's all about genetics, and unfortunately your cowlick is here to stay.

However, according to many hair-stylist/hair-styling websites, it is possible to manually work-out the cowlick's tendancy to force your hair in all directions.

I have included a link to one site that explains how to do this while the hair is wet. While the change is not permanent, it apparently becomes a lot easier to get the hair to behave over time.

I have a mean cowlick AND really thick hair. Let's say I have been sporting the "Bump-It" look long before it came into vogue. To get it lay flat, my stylist would sometimes use thinning shears in the area of my cowlick to get it to lay down more. It helped some. I personally felt that gel or mousse and a hot blow dryer and metal brush are more effective for me.

Hope this link helps.



answers from Omaha on

I don't think I have any amazing answers. However, when our oldest granddaughter was born she also had crazy hair. My daughter would dampen it and comb it into place. A few minutes later it seemed to go "sproing!" and then it looked as though someone had combed it with an egg-beater! However, as she got a little older, it developed some weight and body and became more manageable. She is a lovely young college grad student now and her hair looks perfectly normal. I'm sure she has learned to work with its natural tendencies but it looks just fine. So my advice is not to worry, babies do outgrow most of these kinds of problems!



answers from Duluth on

Oh, how cute! I LOVE the look of babies with hair sticking out! After the hair gets some weight, it will lie down much better. My granddaughter had hair that stuck straight out all around her head and it was SO cute! Now she has long, naturally blonde hair and she is beautiful. Your precious girl will be beautiful every day!!

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