Too Young for Playdate?

Updated on March 08, 2010
A.M. asks from Denton, TX
13 answers

my son is 3months old and I can already see him not responding well to other people.when is it to age appropiate to try and socialize him with kids his age?

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answers from Dallas on

take a deep breath, and relax :) kids don't truly "socialize" with other kids at LEAST until after age 2.

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answers from Kansas City on

I know this wasn't really the question, but while your son M. not totally benefit from the playdate, it will help you have a chance to bond with other moms going through the same stages. :) And as he gets older, he'll get used to going on the playdates.

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answers from Dallas on

I have had play dates with other Mommies since my son was born practically. He is one year old and still barely plays with other children, but I think it is good for him to be around other children his age so he learns to socialize with them and learns to be in an environment other than just Mommy & Daddy. Also it is a good way to teach them to "share" :)



answers from Seattle on

Kids don't really interact with peers until they are about 2 years old (give or take a few months) - before then children usually parallel play.
At three months most babies are just starting to focus and track with their eyes. If you are concerned about his responses, please speak to your pediatrician and get him evaluated for vision and hearing problems! You pediatrician can also give you advice on what developmental milestones to expect for your baby's age.

That said, if you have a young baby, play dates are still nice because it gives you an opportunity to socialize. So I would say go for it!



answers from Washington DC on

I don't think there is a right age , when they are this young it's more for your benefit really ,getting out and meeting people. Then as the kids grow they start to play , and at that point you have hopefully made good friendships with people.



answers from Salinas on

Hi- You need a child development book. Your judgement of "him not responding well to others" is based on what you know of older kids. Babies have their own way of taking in the world and it will be a long time before he acts like a kid and plays with others. Read up on the different stages and then you will know what's normal and expected as your boy gorws. Good Luck!



answers from Mobile on

This M. be more of a comfort issue right now. he is still very young and not old enough to socialize yet. give it time. it M. be that he just doesnt interact well with other people because he wants u, my daughter did this and it was because she wanted me all the time. give it time and then see if he acts like that with people when u are not around. like let someone he does that to hold him and u walk out the house...see how he responds. im sure its because he knows u r n the room and he wants u. He M. be a shy child as he gets older and if he is this is ok. they will grow out of it and then itll be on to the next delima! lol but it is never too late to start taking him on playdates. the earlier he learns to be around other children the easier it will be when hes older,goodluck!



answers from Tulsa on

Play date is just as much for the mom as for the kids. Get some friends together and go for it. That way the kids will grow up together and already be used to each other.



answers from Honolulu on

babies this age do NOT "play" together/interacting yet.
In a baby, and even a 1+ year old... they do what is called "parallel play."
Look it up online.

Your son is normal. Don't worry :)
At 3 months old, they really don't do that much "socializing" like in an older baby.

All the best,



answers from Dallas on

Yes he is too young to get anything out of it but playdates are just as important to the mommies. It is a place for you to connect with a women just like yourself going through mommyhood and the ages and stages of your baby. I LOVED my playgroup and learned a wealth of information from other mommies.



answers from San Francisco on

You say he doesn't respond well to other people. I assume you are talking about other adults? At 3 months he will barely be aware of other babies and socializing with them is impossible at this age. Having said that, it never hurts to get mamas and their babies together. This will help him get used to having others in the room with him and the sights, smells, sounds that go with that. It is also a good way for him, and the other babies to get used to other adults holding them and attending to their needs. In our family we say a baby can never have too many fingerprints on them!

I say start with Mamadates! Get together with other mamas with babies and toddlers at least once a week. It will be good for everyone. :o)

Good luck on your continuing adventure in parenting!



answers from Detroit on

I have a very close friend who has a son 3 months older than mine. We have gotten together since day one...we would just plop them down on a blanket for tummy time together. They didnt really interact...but they got used to each other. We took pictures of the boys together each time we got together, it was great to see them grow. After they got a little bigger they would reach out to each other and then when one rolled the other would try was nice to see them grow up together. Now they are 18 months and 15 months and a pretty much holy terrors together, but in a good way. Plus it was a great way for me and my husband to stay connected with adults! I would feed him and she would feed mine...they were kinda interchangable!



answers from Dallas on

Schedule some time to visit with other mommies for yourself, but your son is way too young to do much socializing. Let him take a nap while you socialize.

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