Updated on April 28, 2012
J.R. asks from Ireland, IN
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Heyy .. i was playing a match and i landed badly on my toe its swollen and under my toenail has started to bruise i am now getting a bruise all the way up my toe :( the pain is sore and when i bend my toe it hurts ?
any ideas what ths could be/

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answers from Charlotte on

You might have dislocated or broken it. Ouch! Just in case it's not a simple break, go have it x-rayed. I think if it's dislocated, they need to put it back in place - sorry!!

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi J.-

As a kiddo, I smashed my big toe into a cement step. IT HURT!!

My mom took me to the ER. They ex rayed...sure enough it was broken...and they merely taped it to 'next' in line!


I could have DONE that myself!

And I have...

I am a CLUTZ...and I am sure have broken other toes...I tape them...take a pain reliever...wear comfy shoes...and hobble through it!

Best Luck!


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answers from Washington DC on

Get to an urgent care center or wherever and see a doctor and have it x-rayed. I can't believe folks are saying "just tape it yourself and go about your business," basically. Better to get a real diagnosis now, because a doctor may want to do more than tape it, and if there are complications later, the question from the doctor and your insurance company will be, "Why didn't you get this looked at when it happened?"

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answers from Redding on

Nothing more painful than the broken toe. All you can do is tape it to the next to keep it steady.
If you see a RED line going up, that's when you get doc assistance.

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answers from Dallas on

Maybe sprained, maybe broken. Not much you can do for it except splint it to the other toe and wear comfortable roomy shoes. See your doc if it's rediculously painful and hard to walk.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Nothing can be done for a broken toe. Buddy tape it to the O. next to it.

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answers from St. Louis on

Ruptured blood vessel? Of course most people call them bruises. :) The bad ones tend to bloom as you described.

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answers from Evansville on

thanks Everyone for all your Help

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