Dislocated/ Broke Toe

Updated on October 06, 2008
K.H. asks from Garland, TX
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I fell and my lil toe is dislocated from the joint. Has anyone ever experienced such a thing and what treatment did you receive. I am unable to drive with this so I've kept ice on it and propped up. Hoping to have a friend to help me tomorrow. I thought I might pull it to try to get it back in place, ouch it hurts, and I have high pain tolerance. Any suggestions on treatment. Are there any after affect to having a dislocated toe?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your responses on my toe issue. I did a double whammy by dislocating and breaking it. It hurt something horrible but I got it popped back in place then buddy taped it. I'm glad it's warm in Texas, I'll be wearing flip flops for a couple of weeks until the break heals. A nerve was pinched so I was told it will take longer for that to heal.

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My Dr. xrayed mine then taped them together for about a week. There is not much they can do for a broken toe. OUCH they hurt !!



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You should pull it back in place it's going to hurt real bad as soon as you pull it but then the pain will stop but if the pain doesn't go away then it's broken and nothing can be done about a broken toe.



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You don't really splint a toe....just "BUDDY TAPE" it. Tape it to the toe beside it. I've broken a toe twice (different toes), and that's all I did. It healed in a week or so.

Good luck....




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I've broken my pinkie toe twice, & there's really nothing you can do for them. Do go to the doc just to make sure. You can make it worse.

I broke another one this past June...the one next to my pinkie toe. It still hasn't healed all the way. I wore a surgical shoe that I got from the medical supply store. I even bedazzled it with rhinestones to jazz it up. :)

Those shoes will help for 2 reasons:

1. It will stabalize your toe & not do further damage.

2. It will help people see that you are injured.



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I think the doc can help if it's dislocated by getting it back where it's supposed to be. Otherwise, splinting it against the other toe is all you can do. It might be worth seeing the doc just to make sure there isn't more damage than you think. Feel better!



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Ouch, I just did this same thing 2 weeks ago. I went to a Podaiatrist, he set the toe then put like a little splint between the pinkie & previous toe & taped them. What he did didn't hurt he was very gentle.I got some crocs, b/c no other shoe was comfortable & roomy enough for my hurt toe. Good Luck.

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