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Updated on November 18, 2010
T.M. asks from Memphis, TN
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My 4-year old daughter has long, straight, fine hair. It tangles so easy and breaks easily when we brush it. Can anyone suggest the best shampoo/condition and detangler to use? Also, I read that I should be using a "Nylon and Boar Bristle" hair brush...any advice?


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answers from Charleston on

My 5yyo daughter has long fine hair also I found that kids shampoo and conditioner just didnt work so I switched to pantene for her and it works great. The conditioner gets the tangles out and keeps them out even through the night they are not so bad in the morning.

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answers from Joplin on

I would buy a detangling spray. I like Johnson and Johnson's brand No More Tangles. My sister swears by the purple bottled Aussie brand conditioner for her daughters fine hair that tangles easily. She says that after using that conditioner she doesn't even have to use the de tangling spray anymore. My one and only daughter is 10 and we Still use detangling spray, whether she has just had her hair washed or whether we are fixing it for the day, just so much easier and less stressful.

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answers from Louisville on

you can buy detangleing spray some work better than others but what i have found to work the best is wash her hair put conditioner in and comb it thru when shes IN the tub. then blow dry it so she doesnt go to bed with wet hair and it gets all tangled... hope this helps!



answers from Charlotte on




answers from Austin on

My daughter has slightly wavy, fine hair. I only wash her hair every couple of days and I use California Baby Tea Tree and Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash and L'OCCITANE en Provence Aromachologie Soothing Conditioner. The conditioner I comb through my daughter's hair with a wide tooth comb. I also use a wooden bristle brush rather than Nylon or boar bristle. I find that those type of brushed just seem to snag the hair more. Also, I usually have my daughter's hair in a braid, pony or piggy tails - more for keeping it out of her mouth and plate =)



answers from Nashville on

My daughter is 5 and her hair is also long and straight and tangles. I could not find the right children's conditioner either so I finally started using my own. I use kid's shampoo so it doesn't drip into her eyes but then I put adult conditioner on her hair. It does not drip and I am very careful when rinsing. I mostly use the green bottle of Garnier Fructis but now have Suave Coconut conditioner. I heard coconut wards off lice. :o) The conditioner works great and then I also use a large paddle brush. Not boars hair but it might be nylon...not sure. It was about $14 at ULTA. I got my paddle brush for myself at a salon and it was $20, they both work great!



answers from Chicago on

My kids and I have very fine hair and I use a hydrating conditioner on them and use a cool blow dryer to almost dry the hair while brushing it out it seems to work the best for us. They wash their every two to three days this seems to help to too. Good Luck!



answers from Charlotte on

I know someone already suggested this but I will suggest it again anyway. My son has really curly long hair and it gets very tangled. We use Johnson and Johnson No more Tangles. I don't usually like Johnson & Johnson products but it works well and smells good.


answers from Dover on

My daughter's hair tends to get knotted fairly easy and mornings can be a challenge because once you get the knots out it looks frizzy/messy anyway. We now use Koala Kids conditioning shampoo for her (she'll be 4 next month). If it needs a bit of detangler, we just use Envia (it isn't a "kids" product but it is non-toxic so it is completely safe). You can't buy either in the stores, you have by direct from the manufacturer...let me know if you want more info on them.

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