Thinking of Buying Sit N' Stand Stroller

Updated on August 23, 2008
J.O. asks from Dunedin, FL
4 answers

Has anyone purchased a sit n' stand for their toddler and infant. I was told it was a great thing and want some opinions before I buy. My son will be three by the time my daughter is born in december and want to make sure it's the better thing for the two of them. Double strollers are so heavy and large it seems and not many have a seat that will accomodate the both of them comfortably without too much hassle.

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answers from Tampa on

I bought a sit n stand when I was pregnant with my 3rd and had a 6 and a 9 year old. Our 6 year old has leg issues so she often needs to sit more than most kids. I loved it. It was awesome and my daughter did great in it. I actually ended up watching a second baby and needed a double stroller for the 2 babies. I bought a side by side which was a pain and my 6 year old didn't really sit in it well. So we didn't use it too often. We sold the sit n stand to buy the double and I miss the sit n stand SO MUCH!!! I just don't want to spend the money again.

Now my baby is 1 1/2 and I have a Peg Perego which has this thing in the back it seems so a bigger kid can stand on? Maybe that is not what it is for, but we use it for that. My 7 year old stands there great and it's awesome. But now that my little one walks well sometimes we will let my 7 year old sit and the little one walk. But I still think sometimes I would love a sit n stand again. Worth every penny! Go for it!! Especially because your kids are so much younger. We bought the cheaper Baby Trend one at Target and I LOVED it.



answers from Tampa on

I have a sit in stand for my 2 yr old and my 5 yr old. They are 70 lbs total. My 5yr old daughter doesn't like to walk. much so it's much easier than carrying her. I would say it's good if your older kid doesn't want to sit back. If they are tired they can't lay back in this stroller. When are at Disney my 5 yr old wants to lay back at the end of the day.



answers from Washington DC on

I am thinking of buying one too. I have been looking for awhile and it seems the way to go. However, I am having trouble with the weight limits. My 3.5 year old son is 38 pounds and the limit for most strollers, and the sit and stand, is 40lbs. I'm thinking I will just have to ignore that! My second is due in just over a week! Good luck to you!



answers from Nashville on

I bought the Joovy Sit N' Stand when I was expecting my second child. My daughter was 2 1/2 at the time. Now she is a little over 3 and my son is 8 months old and we love our stroller. I was concerned about the weight limit in many of the double strollers since our daughter is very tall for her age (about the size of a 4 1/2 year old). The Joovy had a higher weight limit than any others I found. She can comfortably sit or stand on the stroller and my son happily rides in the front. When he was an infant, we had no problems at all with attaching his infant seat to the stroller. My daughter loves being able to sit or get down and walk with us when she wants to. My only complaint is the size of the basket is a bit small, but I can fit my diaper bag which is the most important thing. We bought a few hooks and cup holders that attach to the handles and it has worked out well.

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