Sit and Stand Strollers - Worth It?

Updated on July 01, 2009
D.M. asks from Littleton, CO
7 answers

I have a 33 mo old (34 lbs and 37") and a 16 mos old (25 lbs and 32"). NOT SMALL KIDDOS. We have a Gracco double stroller. Nice but HEAVY - about 100lbs with both kids in it. Also my daughter - the older one - often can walk, but not always. For those times I want them both in the stroller, I am considering a sit and stand. However, I wanted to get some recommendations on if they are worth it. I am also concerned as they are both on the taller side and some of the sit an stands (i.e. Joovy) only go to a 40# height limit. Any suggestions? thx.

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answers from Pocatello on

I'm debating getting one also



answers from Provo on

so very worth it. I have a sit N stand plus and mine are both under 2, so I'm currently using it as a classic double stroller. When my daughter is bigger/older (she's a petite little thing!) we'll use it like a classic sit n stand. My neighbor has a Joovy and she LOVES it. Its lightweight and is amazing for her 3 year old and 6 month old. I woulc suggest getting one. if you're looking for lighter weight, so with a Joovy... the sit n stand is lighter weight than a Graco duoglider, but not by alot (I think mine probably weighs 40 pounds)



answers from Pocatello on

If I where you I would not get one. I have one and I hate it. my older daughter has fallen out several times with the safety strap done up and it can be a pain to close you have to have everything just right. I wish that i had just gotten the graco double stroller. plus the sit and stand is still pretty heavy.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have had a Baby Trend sit n' stand stroller for 2 1/2 years now. My children are 6 1/2, 3 1/2 and 2 (when I bought it they were 4, 17 mo and newborn, at that time they all three rode in it at the same time) and it has been a life saver! I still sometimes even have all three of my children on it at the same time which makes it a little on the heavy side to push but not impossible. They now even make a sit n stand that can have a second full size seat. I will be looking at that one soon as I am expecting my 4th in a few weeks and would like the double seat option. Anyways the sit n stand has been worth every penny I spent and then some! We have definately beat ours up from so much use! I have had other double strollers and they have been more difficult to manuver and a lot more bulky than the Sit n Stand. I say go for it and if you find you dont like it, you can sell it to me when I'm ready for a new one! =)Enjoy!



answers from Denver on

I am guessing you will out grow it pretty fast if you get one. We currently have our 2 yr old son 25lb 34 inches in the front and he will be outgrowing the front of stroller very soon. Also, are much harder to drive than an single stroller and are pretty cheap. What if you did a Maclaren Volo and add a step plate to the back for the times your daughter needs a lift. These are very sturdy umbrella strollers, and can accommodate very large children and still move and hold up very nicely.



answers from Casper on

I have a double jogger we got on ebay for cheap because they didn't include very good pictures in their listing. it has the swivel wheel in front and carries both my boys who are about the same size- 35 and 25 pounds. I think it's called InStep, anyhow, I love it and with some effort I can get it through most doorways. anyhow, I push it on a trail with lots of hills and it isn't too tough, and it doesn't pull to one side or the other when my oldest wants to walk.



answers from Denver on

My kids are on the taller/bigger side, too. I bought the Baby Trend Sit and Stand instead of the Joovy because I felt it gave more space for the kids. However, if you plan to use a stroller a lot and are concerned about the kids' weight, I would recommend a jogging stroller. My kids are now 4 and 1 and with over 60 lbs of weight with the two of them, the jogger makes it much easier to push and my 4 year old still sits comfortably in it during my exercise class.

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