Things to Hydrate a 12 Month Old Other than Pedialyte

Updated on November 08, 2010
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Ok so my son HATES!!!!! HATES!! HATES!! pedialyte and he's had some stomach issues and bum issues for a while, but this past week he's had HORRIBLE diarrhea (he's on more antibiotics for another ear infection and on a laxative for severe constipation-doctor put him on it-and have since taken him off since he obviously didn't need any help with the antibiotics taking over) so i'm getting worried about his hydration.
Anywho, what other things can i give him other than pedialyte? I do hold him down and use a syringe to make him take it, but he is now gagging and almost throwing it up. So i'm also stuck at home with no car/money. So things need to be things I can make at home. He also is refusing water. He will only eat his bottle (i make the bottle with pedialyte but that's only every 4 hours) and solids are a joke to try (his mouth hurts from the teeth that are coming in) . . .so you see my delima? Help please!
Sarah what's the difference between giving him pedialyte and then a bottle? or pedialyte wait a half an hour then a bottle?
I am using the flavored kind because the unflavored is NASTY! And I do have money but it's in a paycheck form and I"m not close to anyplace that will cash it.

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answers from Denver on

Try and see if he will take popcicles. My son had a raging fever and tylenol and advil werent doing anything. I started giving him popcicles and it reduced the fever. When I talked to the doctor he said give him as many as he will eat to hydrate/reduce fever. Just stay away from the red ones. That way if he starts to throw up you can tell the difference between blood and popcicle. The frozen pop will also soothe his sore gums.

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answers from Denver on

My doctor's office said to try equal parts apple juice and water. I also asked this last week if pedialyte was that much better than gaterade or kool-aid. He said pedialyte had more electrolites (sp?) but many kids hate the taste. So, if we are focused on hydration, we can try any of the above.

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answers from Boston on

I do half pedialyte (no flavor kind) and half milk or juice ! He's never noticed the difference !!!!! sometimes I do 80% Pedialyte 20% other...... depending how 'sick' he is. Popsicles are a Huge favorite of his as well. GL hope your little one is better soon!!!

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answers from Pocatello on

bananas and yogurt in the blender, just water down to drink. The yogurt should help his gut and bananas also help with the diarrhea... you could freeze into frozen yogurt or popsicles.

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answers from Austin on

My mother always gave me "jello water".... That was before Pedialyte was available! I googled it and found the following medical website which recommends jello water as one option for mild dehydration. See below:

For the child with milder symptoms ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution, like Pedialyte) is still best, but other clear liquids such as juice (any kind except Apple), flat soda, or sports drinks may suffice to prevent dehydration. The advantage is these may be easier to get your child to take. The disadvantages compared to ORS are that they may actually perpetuate the diarrhea (by virtue of their high sugar content) and they won't have the stomach-calming effect that ORS does.

Some "half way" (not as good as ORS but better than juice or soda pop) alternatives:

Chicken Soup alternating with other (non-ORS) clears. 
Mixture of 2 parts ORS + 1 part Gatorade 
Jell-O water (mix acc. to dir. then add 2 extra cups water)



answers from Wichita on

water is really h*** o* a sick tummy. Dont make the bottle with formula and pedialyte! It can screw up sodium levels among other things. Give regular formula, and if he'll take juice, give him juice.



answers from Philadelphia on

Have you tried half pedialyte, half juice? My kids would drink it that way.



answers from Johnstown on

Our ped used to recommend jello water--you know, while it's still warm and before it sets up into the gel. My kids loved it and it was super easy on their bellies. Also, chicken broth, popcicles, a 50/50 water and apple juice mix. Poor lil guy :( Hope he's better real soon!



answers from Anchorage on

If you are using pedialyte to make his bottle I assume you are using the unflavored kind? If that is the case, I agree, it tastes awful! My boys like the apple and the cherry, they taste way better!



answers from Dallas on

Poor fella. I cannot recall whent he dr allowed us to use something other than the pedia lyte either. I would first check with your dr before trying anything else. As to teeth do you have one of those teething rings? My kids always liked those when they were teething or you can do the same with wash cloth and freeze it.



answers from Wichita on

Just like another poster said do NOT mix anything but water with formula. Also my boys won't drink pedialyte, but they will drink gatorade. We like the gatorade rain because the taste is not as strong. You could also try cold jello, pudding or apple sauce to get some solids in him or even chilled (from the fridge) infant food (stage 1 or 2 anything not chunky). It woun't be something he would have to chew & he could get some nurtrition.
If you can't afford it call a local church (or one you are attending) & tell them your situation. I'm sure someone will help.
The syringe thing is just tramatizing to both of you so I wouldn't do that unless his dr says to.
Plain water is tough on a sick stomache (but it doesn't sound like his tummy is sick). Diluted juice may work, but make sure he is getting his formula first!
Before anything else he needs his formula for his nutrition if he will not eat anything else!!!

God bless!



answers from New York on

my son also doesn't like the pedialite. The dr told me either lite colored sodas with water, like sprite. Or gatorade with water. Gatorade comes in a ton of flavors, so there has to be one your son will like. Good luck and he feels better.



answers from Las Vegas on

coconut water is suppose to be better than all that stuff.. it totally hydrates and and restores balance. Plus, has nutritional value as well. you can read more about under Dr. Mercola or even stuff David Wolfe .. I have read many articles where it is mentioned. even for patients in hospitals whom often are dehydrated ..

I wish you the best



answers from Missoula on

To reiterate what a few others have said don't mix the formula with pediyte. I thought it made sense too and got a stern warning from our dr not to do it. At the point any liquid you can get in him is better than none. Also to stop the runny stool from the antibiotics try some yogurt. It has enzymes in it that the meds have killed off in his stomach. Might take a few days but it should help. Good luck!



answers from Harrisburg on

Try coconut water, sells in Walmart or Publix


answers from Raleigh on

We give my son Gatorade (at my pediatrician's advise), but I honestly cannot remember if he was that young when we began to give it to him. It does the same thing (replenishes his electrolytes) as pedialyte, it's just cheaper and lasts longer! Maybe try the pedialyte ice pops as a "treat" instead of medicine to take!



answers from Pittsburgh on

You can give him jello, soups, broths, freezer pops, popsicles, watermelon cubed up, other melons, all should feel good on his teeth too. Also, have you tried wetting, quarter-folding and freezing some baby washcloths for him to chew on for his teeth? And the icy water will be a bonus.


answers from Los Angeles on

Mine went through tummy issues and could only drink water and pedialyte, then she refused both. Strangely, she will eat a pedialyte pop from the freezer. I guss she doesn't associate them as the same. She especially likes the Cherry and Grape ones.
I also made popsicles using 50% water and 50% 7-up or orange soda. I got reemed at my dr's office for doing it, but when I switched peds, her new dr said there was nothing wrong with it, as long as I cut it with water. You can also do the same with apple juice and water.
poor guy, hope he feels better soon.



answers from Boise on

Just wanted to add that you can give him a bath and pour some pedialyte in the bath water. His skin will absorb it.



answers from Redding on

Do you have juice? Can you get some gatorade? You can freeze them in your ice cube trays and help him suck on them/rub them on his gums. Also, you can freeze them in a plastic cup and scrape shavings off with a spoon to give him "chips".
My kids hated pedialyte too. Just stay in close contact with your pediatrician and try what you can.

I hope your little one feels better soon.


answers from Denver on

Popsicles. Hell get some water, it will sooth his teeth. Ginger ale. Put some in a glass and stir it with a knife, yes, a butter knife until the fizz is gone. Mix that with some water. I bet he drinks it. Ginger will also calm his stomach.

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