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4 Year Old Girl with Infrequent Urination

Ok, my daughter drinks all day/night long. She keeps a cup with her at night so if she wakes up, she can get a drink. My issue is that she rarely goes to the bathroom. She generally goes twice a day and sometimes I literally have to ask her to go because she hasn't gone for such a long period. If I drank as much as her, I would have to go all the time. And, she never seems to need to use the bathroom when she wakes up in the morning. She's held it until noon or later after going all night without going pee. I brought this up at her...

Sick Child Care

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Refusing to Take Pedialyte

My son is 8 months old and is vomiting. I have tried giving him different pedialyte flavor drinks to help reduce dehydration, but he is refusing to drink them. He did take a bottle but unfortunately that came back up after an hour. What can I give him instead or is there another way to give him pedialyte to ensure he stays hydrated?


Sick Child Care

I was wondering what do you do with your kids when they are sick and you are...