Teen with Bi-Polar

Updated on January 27, 2007
J.B. asks from Nampa, ID
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I have a 14 year old son that has been daignos with Bi-Polar.He been fighting depression since he was 6 year old and been on medicine most of his life. I just need to hear from someone that has had to deal with Bi-Polar teenager.

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So What Happened?

Hi, thank everyboby for your advice it help alot. just wanted to let you know he is doing much better. The new medicines is working good, he back to being happy again. Again thank you

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I have not had to deal with a bi-polar teen, but have had to deal with other family members who suffer from this illness. I know how hard it can be. Hang in there. Hopefully the med's he is on are working well. Make sure he stays on them! I have delt with depression and anxiety most of my life. I am a completly diffrent person without my meds. It's horrible!

If you don't mind me asking. How did your son get diagnosed with depression at 6 years old. I worry about my 9 year old son. I have had him to a psych. Dr. but they do not seem too worried about him. They say he is sad because of my divorce from his Father and in time he will be better. I have been divorced about 3 years now. I worry about him.

Anyway, hang in there. It sounds like you have a very full plate. You will be in my prayers.
North Dakota

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Well I am not a teenager but I have been bipolar my whole life. Would be happy to talk to you about it! I do just fine with NO meds...I know most think this is insane but once I understood what was wrong with me and i learned how to deal with it I do great. I mean I still need people to sometimes tell me I am in a manic state but I do great! I deal with it each day and haven't offed myself or done anything incredibley stupid while in a manic state. I actually did worse things on all the meds. I was on like 20 at one time and have tried the vast majority of all out there. Even litium. From the brand new to the old. So there is LOTS of hope!



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To everyone: Go to www.bpkids.org. It is a a web site solely dedicated to bi-polar kids, and offers alot of information.



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I have a friend who has a teen girl who is bipolar.. i can get you two in contact if you would like. just let me know.

I have a few family members who are bipolar and we now think my mom might have been when she was alive. but that's kind of a running joke. maybe to deal with all the craziness we remember..haha.. we joke..haha..

sounds like you have alot going on with your son and an almost teen daughter, and caring for your aunt in your home. you are amazing!!

let me know



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I have 2 girls that have bi polar not yet teens but my 10 yr old has already started the changes she looks about 13 or so. My other being 8 yrs old and with my 8 yr old finding more wrong then just bi polar. I have been to many docs and have read so many books. And still at a loss with day to day battles. They have been on meds sence 4.i cant say i know what your going through cause each child is diffrent but just wanted to say your not the only one so maybe if we can share info it would be great.



answers from Pocatello on

hi, my name is jenn. my 8 yr old daughter was diagnosed with bipolar at age 5. she just recently spent 10 days at the behavioral center in idaho falls. she has been on many meds over the past 3 yrs. she now has also developed an eating disorder. i have also been diagnosed bipolar years ago. i can't imagine how my daughters going to be when she's a teen. my 5 yr old son is autistic. i just moved here from slc. i have a great book called the bipolar child. would love to chat. email me..... [email protected]____.com



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My son has bipolar but he's not a teen yet. I had bipolar sinse I can remember. If he's used to taking medication and you have a good relationship with him, it won't be hard for you to adapt. I know of a really good book. It called the Bipolar workbook. tools for controling your mood swings. by Monica Ramirez Basco, PHD. It's great for learning the tools to manage your bipolar. It takes some work but it really helps you learn to track your symtoms. May I also recommend that you find a support group for him. There are free ones in the community. You can also check with your local NAMI group. They have a ton of information to give you and may be able to help you find a group. Good luck!!!

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