Any Moms Dealing with Pediatric Bi-polar Disorder?

Updated on February 29, 2008
K.V. asks from Jonesborough, TN
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My 9 yr old is having a hard time and I am considering trying different meds, or just upping his dose of his current med. Anyone deal with this? He was diagnosed early-on, but I now live in a lower level medical area which does not have much focus on behavioral health and mental issues with children.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all for your responses. I am not new to Bi-polar, but not every case is the same. I have been reading and informing myself and my family for 5 years now on it. I just hate that just when things seem to be going good he starts with his flare-ups and it goes on for weeks. I hate adjusting his meds at all, or changing them. He started on Lithium at 4 1/2-5 but didn't like the lifetime of it in his blood. And it is a very good drug, but better left for more extreme times and older age. I have considered looking into holistic medicine to treat him, but worry about the consistency of the remedy in each form of dose. I have an appointment with his psychiatrist next week and will mention the PANDAS disorder, have not read up on it yet, but will before going. Here in TN all psych patients are followed by a therapist & psychiatrist, not their primary care docs. It would help, however, if he would actually have these flare-ups in front of one of them or be able to talk to them about his eelings and frustrations. He's always fine when we go and usually in a good mood.
I appreciate everyone and will ride the ride with him, however long it is and wherever it goes. I just don't want it to get worse.

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The "Waiora" NCD which detoxes the body has helped people with bipolor issues. I have several testimonies of people; go the websites below and see all the info on the drops - if you are interested email me - see below. This is the best stuff I have ever taken in my life. tks

[email protected]

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answers from Johnson City on

i have a 7 year old who is going to be placed on meds here in the near future for chronic depression, it has took 11 months of therapy to even get this far, it is hard with peds and mental disorders, i wish you the best of luck....



answers from Little Rock on

Yes, we're having a very difficult time right now. Our meds are way off and haven't found any to stabilize his mood. Hopefully avoiding hospitalization, but we may have to do it. You can email me directly if you want to chat.



answers from Montgomery on

I have no experience with bi-polar in kids, but I know in adults it can take a LONG time to get the meds adjusted just right. It's a lot of trial and error. My advice is to pray about it and keep a record of all the meds he takes and how they affect him so that you will be able to figure out what seems to work best for him.



answers from Memphis on

Hi Kim, I don't have a child with bi-polar but my mother has had it all my life. I know that we have to change her meds alot and have changed physicians also because we have felt that she wasn't getting the care and direction she needed. I know it must be hard for you but, get a second opinion and do some research, my daughter is physically disabled and in counseling to help her deal with anger issues and thoughts of suicide and I was surprised at the programs that are available to help her, for FREE, you just have to have a referral from your PCP.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to find programs for yourself.



answers from Memphis on

Dear K.,

My son was diagnosed with Major Depression at 9 after a suicide attempt. It wasn't until he was 13 did he get the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder - even thought he definately was a classic case. Living in an area without much mental health support is truly a bummer, but you will need to find a competent doctor/therapist to help you with him. We found that Depakote and time released Wellbutrin. HOWEVER, he was older before he was put on those (13), and once we found the right dosage, he was a different person. I can't say things were all roses because he was just going into his tween years and the lure of illegal drugs was too strong for him to resist. I tell you all of this because if he had stayed away from the street drugs, his life would have been much better. We say an improvement in him that was unbelivable for a while. You will have to keep in close contact with the doctor and check the web for info on Bipolar Disorder. Check your son's behavior with what you read and make sure he truly is Bipolar. If you don't feel comfortable with this doctor, or they don't seem to be listening, change doctors. My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed Bipolar and she is not more Bipolar than a man in the moon. I kept her in counseling and kept asking questions and pushing for answers. I finally changed psychiatrist in addition with having her examined by a gyno. Turns out, she has Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease which caused depression, but was "fixed" with hormones. SHe is locing life now and not a problem at all. She is not taking any meds except for the hormones. There is hope - but you will have to keep changing doctors or meds or counselors until you find what works for your child. I know that sounds overwhelming, but stick with it. My son is now 24, drug free, going to college with a 4.0 and working part time. He is not on meds at all, but controls his Bipolar through diet, exercise (the biggest factor for him) and sleep patterns. Contact me anytime - I would love to help. K.



answers from Monroe on

I would not adjust the medicine by yourself...let the Dr's do that! You can do harm to the body with some medicines from just lowering or quiting at once. My suggestion is to Maybe find a specialist out of your area and get a second opinion. Lots' of times specialists will get the ball rolling with medication/behavioral changes and then let your family Dr. follow with only occasional check-up with the specialist. There are so many different issues that Dr's look at when perscribing a medicine. Many times it is a chemical imbalance that a certain dose of medicine can help equal out.
I know it may be costly to travel, but I do think it will be worth it in the long run.
Good luck, Angie



answers from Texarkana on

Don't know if you have read Danielle Steel's book "His Bright Light", the story of her son Nick Triana. Nick was born in 1978.
Danielle realize when Nick was very young that something was not right, but the psych. at that time were hesitant to diagnose bi-polar disorder/ manic depression in one so young. She & he struggled with this for 19 yrs, while she was raising her other 8 children and writing her books at night. The book would be insightful as to how she dealt with different issues that came up. If nothing else, you will know you are not alone. I grew up with a mother that was bi-polar, but shedid not get treatment because she refused to acknowledge that she had a problem. I will be praying for you and you family. Sheilea T.



answers from Shreveport on

Kim, are you sure that he has bi-polar, My child is 11 and she was diagnosed with PANDAS disorder, symptoms are alot alike. Look on the web and search PANDAS and it the one haveing to do with a disorder due to the strept virus. I spoke to my doctor about her moods swings and her did several blood test and I had to answer several questions about her, the end results, she is now so much happier and I am all the wiser.If he fits the symptoms, tell you doctor to test him for it, that just might be the problem.God Bless and good luck



answers from Knoxville on

I have a 14 yr. old stepson that I am trying to get diagnosed with this. I am sorry that I don't have any advice to give you on the subject but just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Is your son on TnCare? They will help.

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