Teacher Gift Ideas? - Waukee,IA

Updated on May 22, 2008
H.B. asks from Waukee, IA
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My two kids are finishing their year at preschool. One of them is "graduating" and I just learned that we (are supposed to) bring gifts for the teachers. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas? How much to spend, etc. Thanks for your help!!

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answers from Des Moines on

I don't think you should feel like your "supposed to" bring a gift. I like the idea of rewarding good teachers for their work, and have always given gift cards to the Learning Post or Barnes & Noble. That way they can use it for themselves, or find things for the classroom.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would not feel the least bit obligated to get them a gift. I don't know who told you that you "have to". I know some teachers and quite frankly they got bombarded with gifts they'll never use. Whatever you do--no scented candles or mugs or plants....

Someone else mentioned gift certificates--they would be great. Maybe to a restaurant or who can't use a Target or Wal-Mart one.



answers from Minneapolis on

I don't think that gifts are a requirement! However, I have been giving gifts to teachers since my daughter was 4 months old. I have ginve gift cards to restaurants, book stores, school supply stores and vidoe stores. The last couple of years I have given books books to the teachers for their classroom library. You can write a little note in the front to let others know who donated it. Just yesterday I was at my daughter's school for a Girl Scout meeting and noticed a familiar, very well used book on the shelf of the classroom we were in. I picked it up and flipped to the inside cover, sure enough it was a great book about animals that my daughter had given her teacher 2 years ago.



answers from Minneapolis on

Remember that it is the tought that counts. Being the time of year that it is spend it on something that she can use for the summer. Greenhouse gift card, hanging plant, pedicure gift card, dinner out or movie. Just remember you don't have to spend much... people sometimes go so overboard that it makes the gift giving not so fun!



answers from Rochester on

As a teacher I don't expect gifts from my students and actually feel uncomfortable when they do give them to me. I can't give students gifts simply because I see over 100 students each week. If you feel obligated to give something (or are "supposed" to give something), I personally would appreciate a gift card to a teacher supply store, a coffee shop, book store, etc. If you give something other than a gift card, give something that can be used up (post it notes, note pad, etc, not things like candles, lotions or bath gels). During teacher appreciation week we gave all the teachers in our daughter's room at daycare a $5 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery. I think the amount you spend would depend on how many teachers you are buying for. We did $5 cards because there are 7 teachers and assistants. If there had only been 2-3 teachers we probably would have done $10 gift cards.



answers from Omaha on

As a preschool teacher I really do not think it is necessary. A nice card is very appreciated. Gift certificates for photo developing is alway appreciated if you still like you are supposed to.

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