What to Get Male Teacher for Christmas from Kindergartner?

Updated on December 04, 2013
C.R. asks from Olathe, KS
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I'm at a loss!! My older two older girls have never had a male teacher so gifts were always easy for their teachers. Well, this year my youngest has a male teacher, and I don't have a clue what to get him. I usually do a tree ornament or something like that, and I try to not spend a lot. Just a little something so they know they are appreciated. Any ideas?

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answers from Chicago on

The same thing you would give a female teacher. A giftcard, or gift certificate so he can do something for himself. Lunch out, go to a movie, bookstore etc. Lots of people say teachers store or supply place but I don't do that. I get them something for themselves.

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answers from Rockford on

Well played, Jim!!!

I think a nice note and small gift card would be great, as other posters have mentioned.

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answers from Houston on

A giftcard to Hooters!

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answers from Chicago on

I have a friend who is a teacher, and she has about 10 bins of stuff her students have given her over the years in her basement. She can't quite give the stuff away yet, but she doesn't want it anymore. So I would vote against anything like an ornament or a mug -- especially for a male teacher.

A note of appreciation and a small gift card ($5) to Starbucks or a local eatery would be a great gift for your child's teacher. Those were the kinds of gifts my friend appreciated. She has kept all the notes and looks over them now and then.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Candy, cash, gift card to target, Starbucks, etc.

I went to a Christmas party last night. One of our friends is a teacher so every year she brings the gifts she received and we play a game where she auctions them off. Although she is appreciative of the thought behind the gifts, teachers really do not need another mug, hand and body lotion, candle or Christmas tree ornament IMO and according to my friend the teacher.😉

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answers from Honolulu on

Whatever you give him or any Teacher, it is ALWAYS nice, to include with it, a handwritten "thank you" note for them. Not a generic "thanks happy holidays" card. But one that is heartfelt, and shows appreciation for all that they do, for your child/class.
I do that for my kids' teachers, and even without any "gift" per say with the card, ALL their Teachers, REALLY cherished the cards we wrote to them, and signed by us and our kids.

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answers from Dallas on

Same as a female teacher... Gift card.... Bookstore, restaurant, movies, Starbucks, sonic, supplies for the classroom, the list is endless.

My daughter had a male teacher who came in daily with a Sonic drink. She got a gift card and empty Sonic cup. The cup was the gift wrap, he thought she was bringing him a sonic drink and loved the gift card.

Be observant... Do you see something this teacher routinely does that costs $$ out if his pocket?

Be creative. No to ornaments, mugs, candles, etc. Teachers have can abundance of those things.

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answers from Houston on

Gift card to Starbucks.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Pears from Harry & David. Gender neutral and loved by all. And no, I do not and never have worked for the company.

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answers from Rochester on

Definitely a gift card. Preferably to a bookstore or teachers' store or for something I can use up--coffee, ice cream, movie, etc. As a teacher that is what I appreciate most. I don't need stuff. I don't mind ornaments, but I'm getting so many of them that I've gotten rid of a lot of them.

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answers from San Francisco on

I am another vote for a handwritten note. Teachers love thoughts of appreciation from the child and the parents...give specifics. I have had teachers tell me how much they treasure the notes we gave them years ago.

Then throw in a $5 gift card to Starbucks, Baskin Robbins,Subway,Jamba Juice etc if you feel you need to "give" something. Teachers get sooooo much "stuff" each year. I know..I was one eons ago. The gift cards come in handy throughout the holidays...and year.

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answers from Macon on

Nice note. Gift card. Done.

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answers from Seattle on

Teachers always love a handwritten note from their student telling them how great they are and what they enjoy about class. So definetly do that! (by the way, my husband is a coach and he LOVED his handwritten notes WAY more than his gift card!)
I always get a $5 starbucks card. Men drink coffee!

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answers from Phoenix on

A couple years ago, my step son had a male teacher and I came across a floating pen at Kohl's. It was in the mens department near the ties and belts where they put holiday gifts for men. I thought it was pretty cool and I'm sure I paid under $10 for it. My step son thought it was cool too.

I just went online. Here is a link. They do have 20% coupons right now making it even cheaper.


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answers from Norfolk on

A vanilla candle or
A Starbucks gift card or
A bright small LED flashlight (they have SO many uses and you can never have too many of them).

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answers from Washington DC on

Why not a tree ornament or a Starbucks card or a coffee mug/thermos?

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answers from New York on

I give the gender neutral gift to all teachers support staff, mailmen, UPS, etc. of a couple bars of ghiardellhi, lindt, or some such thing.

F. B.



answers from San Francisco on

There's no reason you can't give an ornament to a male teacher. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a gift card. I usually bake something to go with the gift card. Book stores or Amazon are my go-to for gift cards.


answers from Washington DC on

heh. after just answering another question about gifting with my aversion to gift cards and money, i think this IS the perfect situation for a gift card!



answers from Kansas City on

Our son had male teachers last year for the first time and I got them a $10 gift card to Target. Who doesn't shop there? And I'm doing the same this year.
There are always sporting stores, Dick's & Sports Authorities. And I'd think
a teacher would always appreciate Barnes & Noble. Good luck, I'm sure you'll get some ideas from here.



answers from Detroit on

Is he a coffee drinker? My BIL is an elementary school teacher and *loves* the Starbucks gift cards. Those $5-10 cards keep him (and my sister!) enjoying his favorites all year round. He's also an avid outdoorsy guy, so he often gets small gift cards to his favorite outdoor store. He piles them together and gets exactly what he wants - and is delighted and grateful. What hobbies does this teacher have outside his classroom? All the kids also know my BIL has a dog, so new leashes, dog treats etc are also an appreciated gift. Another no fail option: book store gift cards!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Book store gift card. If there are no local book stores near you, an Amazon or Barnes and Noble card, which can be used online. I've never yet met a teacher of any gender who said he or she had too many books. :-)

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