Stopping Labor at 35 Weeks & 5 Days..

Updated on May 02, 2012
C.C. asks from Eau Claire, WI
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I went to the hospital last night having contractions every 2 minutes and have been dilated 3 cm for almost a week. I have a history of early labor (3&4 weeks early) but when I got to the hospital they gave me a shot to slow/stop my labor. They didn't really explain why or what they were giving me and never gave me an option of what steps I could take. It was as if that was my only option. I have never been given anything previously to stop labor once its been started and was wondering if anyone else has gone through the same thing. I just feel like they should have informed me better of the reason why they were stopping any progression. All they said was "you're not even 36 weeks" This is my fourth pregnancy and I feel if my body is going into labor on its own why would they want to stop it. My Dr is well aware of my history & never talked about stopping progression at any point even though he has stated himself I probably wont make it to the 39 week mark let alone my due date...

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So What Happened?

The shot didn't stop my contractions, just slowed them down. I spoke with my Dr the next day & he says I can now go any time as I'm 36 weeks as of yesterday. He didn't seem thrilled at the fact that they slowed my labor but said it wouldn't change anything if baby decides its time. I was more upset at the fact that the nurse didn't give me any info beforehand and I wasn't even aware she was going to give me the shot until she was doing it. Dr says baby is ready to come if he decides & with the contractions I've been having the last 24 hours he may just be here soon!! Thanks for all the advice!

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There are times when it's not safe to deliver I think its on odd weeks. My dr would not let me have mine till 38 weeks. I was given many of those shots. its because of that is developing at that time it can be dangerous. I dont' think I was ever given an option when they gave them to me they told me they needed to stop my labor and did not give me any choice.

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answers from Boston on

Prior to 37 weeks is premature. If they can safely stop labor and give your baby a few more days or weeks for the lungs to mature, they will. They should have done a better job of explaining that to you though - every extra day of cooking will be better for your baby. Better for that baby to spend the next days or weeks in your belly instead of the NICU, right?

Best of luck to you and your baby!

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The last few weeks (especially prior to 37 weeks), your baby's lungs are developing. That is the last thing to develop. You don't want to go into labor before then if you can help it. Why wouldn't you want to stop it? You could be putting your baby's health (possibly your baby's life) at risk. Premature babies can have problems that can potentially last their whole lives.

**ETA: I'll add that my good friend had her baby at 35 weeks and her baby was in NICU for over a month. Not an ideal start for a little one!

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answers from Madison on

Your body is going into labor, but that doesn't mean your baby is mature enough to be in the world. Personally, I was so happy they were able to medically intervene and extend my pregnancy for my babies. I also had the same shot, and it did nothing. The next night I was back at L&D and was given the steriod shot for lung deleopment and put on Nifedipine (which is much worse than that shot) and was on strict bedrest for 2 weeks before my water broke and I deleivered at 35w4d. Every extra day in your tummy is so much better than a day in the NICU! Good luck to you...

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answers from Charleston on

Be thankful they stopped your labor, and your little one can develop more before birth. I do not agree with them not explaining the reasons why they gave you the shot. That is wrong, and I'd be pretty mad too. Try not to stress though, as it was what was best for your baby. Better to stay pregnant than your child to spend 6-8 weeks in the hospital.

Talk to your doctor about your concerns with the hospital staff. He/she can relay that to them and tell them that they should be doing their job of explaining exactly what they're giving you or any other patient. (unless of course it is an emergency situation, and there's no time for that for fear of a patient or unborn child dying)

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and congrats!

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answers from Omaha on

I've gone into labor early with two of my three children. One at 36 weeks. She came out not breathing and spent 4 days in the NICU. That was horrible. They gave me my daughter for minutes then whisked her off and I couldn't see her till morning and after that she had to be in the darn incubator. It was so disheartening... and terrifying to be quite honest.

With my third they were going to induce me after an amnio at exactly 37 weeks. After alot of messing around they realized I was already to 6 anyways and I had my son. He came out perfect though but we got his value back from the amnio and they wanted a value of like 55 and he was only 50 but he came on his own anyways but had he not they wouldn't have taken him because his lungs might not have been well off enough.

So anyways, I'm sure they just gave you magnesium because you were able to be stopped and you really don't want to have your baby early. Sure the lungs could be fine or you could have a baby in the NICU on oxygen. I agree they should have explained more to you but here they'd have called my doctor and given me the shot on his instructions anyways had I been getting it. So I'd call and make an appointment to see your doc tomorrow. That shot may have stopped it for now but I've seen people having many shots to keep the baby in to the 37 weeks mark.


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When I went into preterm labor with my third baby at 32 weeks, they told me they would give me drugs to stop it until I was 35 weeks. After that point, they would not stop the labor. When I was 36 weeks 5 days, I went in with contractions. They kept me overnight to see if I would progress, but would not give me pitocin because I wasn't at 37 weeks yet. My labor stopped on its own and they sent me home. I figured I'd be back days later to have the baby, but he held on for another week and two days.



answers from Los Angeles on

They can't let you labor unless you're 37 weeks, that's the reason they gave me although I had been dialated to 4cm for a month and it took 4 shots of something with a T, to stop my contractions. I was 36wk5d, so just 2 days short of "term". I too have never made it to my due date, i delivered at 37w4d, 37w 5 d, 38w6d and 37w 4d. They also knew of my delivery history but then insisted I could not deliver until 37 wks. If the shot stopped your labor, you probably weren't ready anyways because if it was the real thing then no matter how many shots you were given it wouldn't have stopped your contractions. Hang in the M.!!


answers from Kansas City on

I had my children some time back but when I had my first and went into labor at 32 weeks or a bit earlier, I had to stay flat in the hospital on bed rest and they gave me something to stop labor. Not sure what it was either. I was there 10 days and the night of the day I was sent home went into labor and had to deliver as my water broke and they said I couldn't go long like that. Maybe that's changed now but they did tell me there were some months worse to deliver for the baby's lung development, etc. Our baby was in the hospital for 3 weeks and did fine but I'd rather have them wait and not have to leave a baby at the hospital if at all possible. Just hang in there and when it starts for sure nothing will stop the labor.



answers from Seattle on

You need to discuss this with your doctor. I gave birth with a midwife and we agreed on the following: before 36 weeks they would try to stop labor, before 37 weeks they would not try to stop labor, but I would have to gave birth in a different hospital with a NICU (no NICU at my hospital at all) and starting at 37 weeks I would be all good to give birth as planned. I gave birth at 37 +3 I believe, healthy baby girl, we were discharged from the hospital the same day she was born (our choice).
Communication with your health care provider is KEY - your doc can place order on file for the hospital to follow even if he is not there!
Good luck and congrats!



answers from Minneapolis on

they were totally wrong in doing this..however it was your responsibilty to stop them when they came in with the needle and ask a whole lot of body comes near me with any kind of medication-without me first asking alot of you need to call your dr.and find out whats what.good luck-in the future-find out what their doing before they do it-you do have rights..use them.

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