Updated on April 19, 2009
L.D. asks from Westland, MI
4 answers

Hello Moms,

Can anyone please help me. My whole family has been passing around some type of 24 hour virus with lots of vomiting.
Can someone tell me how to get this bug out of my house???? My son had it twice and there' 5 of us passing it around. We also have a baby, thank God she's has not caught it,

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Hello L.,

I hope you're all OK by now. However I want to suggest acidphilus and probiotics to re-inforce the good bacteria in your gut. that will help. for the next coupld of days, use paper towels in the bathroom (for drying hands) and I'd even use paper plates and cups for a couple of days. don't re-use any towels.
on a spray bottle put 1/2 alcohol + 1/2 water. with that mixture clean all handles, door knobs, light switches (spray the water/alcohol mixture on a paper towel not directly on the light switch), phones, refridgerator door/handles, microwave oven, dishwaher, faucets, handles in the car, carseats, etc. Good luck!




answers from Detroit on

I feel for you and your family, L.! We had the same seemed like everyone in my house was sick for over a month - just passing it back and forth. The only thing I can suggest is Lysol, Lysol, lots of hand washing and more Lysol! Make sure everyone in the house is washing their hands as much as humanly possible - especially after being in the bathroom and vomiting. Leave a can of Lysol (or disinfectant of your choice) and make sure the toilet and sink, door knob, and anything else that's been touched by the ill person is sprayed down. Use Clorox wipes on your counter tops. Make sure the bedding is washed and changed immediately for the sick person as soon as they're well again. And, as I'm sure you already know, make sure on one is sharing food/cups/utensils. The goal, obviously, is to limit the spread of germs as much as possible, so they don't get picked up again by the next person, so the "cycle" stops. Good luck, and I hope you all feel 100% very soon!



answers from Detroit on

Yes, cleaning the areas will help some but also start pumping orange juice into them.. The people not the counters:-)... Get the kids outside, open the windows on a nice day... Air out the place. Give them all multivitamins...

Too much disinfectant can be a bad thing so also build up the immune system of the people...

It may be several diferent things going on... Different strains of the same thing... But probibly not the exact same thing...

My 7 yr old just got done with a 2 day pukefest and I am hopeing that noone else gets it... Orange Juice for all!!!

Good luck!



answers from Benton Harbor on

Wash all the bedding, towels, washcloths...sanitize the furniture with a steamer, as well as the surfaces you all touch...and get new toothbrushes for the whole family!

Next question: All Done!...No...Seriously...All. Done.