Sore Nipples at 9 Weeks Pregnant

Updated on February 13, 2011
S.P. asks from Nashville, TN
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With my daughter my nipples were never this sore. When you rub your hand over my nipples it feels like when your breastfeeding and the baby only latches on to the nipple. They are just so sore. My husband cant even touch them. Is there anything i can put on them to help with the soreness?

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Lanolin cream or A&D cream. There's also that Udder Cream at Walmart. No joke, that's what it's called. I've heard some say it works wonders for everywhere including sore nipples during pregnancy and after the little bundle starts learning to latch on though it's best to use your breast milk to ease the sore nipples then rather than lotion. After weaning, it's back to ointments like A & D and Lanolin or Udder Cream.

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Do you feel like the latch is right?
Could it be thrush?

At this point you need to figure out the cause of the soreness to fix it.

You could try breastmilk on them and airdrying--helped me with my first

Try kellymom site

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I think some of the moms might have missed the part about you being pregnant, not nursing. Warm wash cloths should help. Also make sure you are wearing bras that are comfy and not lace or whatever as that will irritate them.
The mom who said to bring a shield to the hospital is right!! Although they will usually provide them for you. Better to plan ahead than to be in pain. Good luck and congrats!

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You can try The First Years Nipple Butter from BabysRUs. My nipples were sooooooooo sore, too. I couldn't even towel dry after a shower! FYI if they are this sore now, do yourself a favor and bring a silicone nipple shield with you to the hospital. Also, (you're probably already doing this) try to minimize the rubbing they get. I mean, like wear a bra cami to bed to kind-of protect them. The nipple butter really did help a little with mine. I hope this helps!

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I had the same problem. Actually it was the reason why I took a pregnancy test. I was complaining to a friend about my boobs hurting and she said oh you are pregnant. She was right and my nipples hurt throughout my entire 1st trimester. That was the only issue I had my whole pregnancy. I would put warm compresses on mine to help with the pain. TMI, I would have to go into the bathroom at work sometimes and sit for a few minutes with a warm towel on my nipples because they would get so hard and painful that I would be near tears. After the 1st trimester is just slowly went away. Good Luck!

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