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Updated on March 22, 2011
T.S. asks from Carol Stream, IL
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Ive smoked since I was 18 years old, Im 25 now. I stopped for the whole 9 months I was pregnant and started up again when my son was only a couple months. Now for the last year I cut back alot where a pack can last me a couple weeks or i can go weeks without even smoking, but I want to stop all together. I try to scare myself out of it cause Im terrified of lung cancer or thoart cancer but who isnt. How can I stop. I need help any suggestions will help alot. Thanks!

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answers from Chattanooga on

My fiance uses distraction... And bribery. I let him buy an Xbox 360 in exchange for quitting, and it worked! lol. When he had a craving, he would play one level of a game he was working on. By the time he passed the level, his craving was over. Worked for him...

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answers from Albany on

If it takes you 2 weeks to get through a pack of cigarettes, why fret?

Not that I can achieve it, but moderation is the key to ALL things in life!


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answers from Pittsburgh on

This probably won't be a popular response, but if I smoked a pack over the span of 2-3 weeks and went for weeks without smoking at all, I'd just leave it alone.
I'm a believer in moderation is OK. Sure, quitting completely would be healthier, but 1 cig a day? I don't see that as a big deal. I just wouldn't stress over it.

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answers from Las Vegas on

When I crave a cigarette I distract myself, like redirection. It works. I smoke occasionally but its pure choice, I'm not trying to quit all together :)

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answers from Portland on

Smokers usually have to try several times before they quit for good, but it sounds like you're actually pretty close (addiction 'lite').

If your own health worries don't do the trick, I hope you're aware that both side-stream smoke and traces of smoke in your hair and clothing and skin can transfer those harmful chemicals to your precious child. I grew up in a household with three adult smokers, and have had a dreadful time with asthma and other lung problems my whole life. And I'm statistically at greater risk of cancer than a child who hasn't had my exposures.

But consider this: instead of trying to scare yourself, how about creating a positive mental picture of a loving mama with sweet-smelling breath and hair, shining and bright with your beautiful, healthy child in your arms? For me, working toward something positive works better than avoiding a negative.

Good luck – you can do this!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I used to smoke 2 packs a day almost.
I quit when I found out I was pregnant and for 3 months after.
Now a pack will last me a good week...week and a half.
I'm not ready to quit, but I feel i'm doing far better then I was doing before the pregnancy.
I have friends that use Chantix, and it works well for them...although I will tell you, a few of them picked it back up and then had to use it again to quit. Me....i'm just gonna keep on, and maybe even cut it down a little more.
Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

You need to change your habits, routine, everything you did by habit. Like if you ate and smoked then eat and get up and go walk outside, or anything to change routine. Go where you can't smoke, whatever it takes just do it. You'll have to make yourself. But you'll be so glad when you quit and feel good again and can breath, and taste food, etc.

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answers from Norfolk on

Good for you! Stopping now will help keep your skin from wrinkling before it's time and you won't stain your teeth.
How about instead of buying cigarettes, you take that money and save it up.
Then buy yourself a special treat with the money you saved up in a year.
Or you could save the money in a collage fund for your child.

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answers from Chicago on

A friend of mine was a smoker similar to you. She would not smoke for months and then a pck would last a week or so. She took some meditation classes and leatned what her triggers were. She learned how to deal with them so she did not reach for the cigarettes. I think part of her meditation class was a part of self hypnosis that she was able to use to remove the urge from her mind. She scoffed at the doctor's recommendation at first but after taking the class (maybe a few days?), she felt better. I have not seen her in a while but she has not smoked in years.

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answers from New York on

I was a heavy chain smoker right up until I peed on the stick and found out I was pregnant. I didn't smoke for my pregnancy and it was easy to do so since I didn't want my baby to 'smoke'.
She's 2 now and while the cravings come sometimes when I'm really stressed out, I take a few breaths, go get a drink of ice water or something and I get over it. It would be really easy for me to buy a pack of cigarettes and cave in, but what stops me is the thought of my daughter following in my footsteps and being a smoker too. I would never forgive myself for 'teaching' her this.
Maybe you can just focus on not doing it for HER sake, instead of focusing on not doing it for your sake. It might work.
Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

N.O.P.E- not one puff ever, make the pledge. Quitting is hard work(you know that youve already done it once) Keep in mind you can NEVER, ever EVER take a drag, puff, purposely stand downwind, or even imitate smoking again. Nobody has "just one puff" after having quit. It always leads to a renewal of the addiction.

I quit smoking after 14 years, i was 27 when i quit. I did it cold turkey, after a few months i realized i was pregnant, wow am i glad i had already quit. But the point is........never look back. The reason you smoke is because you looked back.

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answers from San Diego on

I wish u luck in quitting smoking. I don't have any suggestions really but I did want to let you and all the other mothers know that research shows that wether you smoke 5 a day or a pack a day the effects are the same. So by cutting back you really not doing yourself any good. I do hope for your daughters sake that you change your clothes before you pick up your baby the fumes/chemical/smOke is still on you and your hair too. Maybe your daughter can be your inspiration. I just watched a dear friend die from cancer from smoking and it was his family that suffered the most having to take care of him. Very dad and unfair. Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I would talk to your doctor about ways they suggest to quit smoking or find one of the support groups online for some additional help.

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answers from Phoenix on

My aunt just died of lung cancer, which progressed to her brain. She never smoked, but her husband did. Think of that when you think about your child.

Ok, now my scare tactic is over, reach out for help. Here in AZ there is a smokers hotline that is supposed to be great. Join a group. Tell your doctor and get his/her help. Be accountable to someone. You need to make the decision and then tell everyone and anyone, they can help.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi T.
I quit by using psychology and visualisation on myself.
I decided to go cold turkey and not use any nitotine products,it only prolongs giving up.
I saw giving up as a battle of wills and to prove to myself that I was stronger than the addiction. Everytime I had a craving I took deep breaths and calmed myself. I would say to myself this is a craving and it will pass and I would be proud that I didn't give in.
I started to see nitotine as vile and I would visualise myself taking a puff and as it got to my throat I would start to gag and feel like I had to get sick as I didn't want to let the smoke into my lungs.
I quit successfully and I was one that started first smoking at 12yrs and on and off since. I am now 36yrs and will never smoke again lol.
Best of luck and remember that your face will be more beautiful as you age without cigarettes.
B. k

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answers from Dallas on

"Everything in moderation" does not apply to smoking!
Please think about your child as your motivation. You son will benefit healthwise and will be much less likely to pick up the habit.
A good hypnotist should be able to help you -- you are already almost there!
My parents smoked and my mom died recently from lung cancer. I just lost half my lung and never smoked myself. So smoking effects everyone you come in contact with.
Good luck and God bless,

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answers from Kansas City on

My husband smoked 4 packs a day and when he found out he was going to be an uncle, he said he didn't want to be "the smelly uncle" so he quit cold turkey. It has been 21 years and he hasn't had one & still has the half empty pack. I guess you think of it that same way and not wnat to be the smelly mommy. you can do did it for 9 months for your son, so surely you can keep on doing it for him and you! Also, smoking ages you tremendously, so if you don't want to look 65 when you're 45, stop as soon as you can.



answers from Washington DC on

Good luck, you are doing the right thing. Your child needs you around for as long as possible. That said, your own disease is not the only risk here. Even if (hopefully) you don't smoke in your home or near your child, you are still exposing him to the odors and residue of the cigarettes. That is enought reason to stop. Have you talked to your PCP? You can do it!!



answers from Los Angeles on There are many toxins in your body that are craving more toxins. I have had many people quit because once they cleansed their body, smoking made them sick.

Try it.


answers from Dover on

Don't buy anymore cigarettes, don't bum any. If you don't have them, you can't smoke them.

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