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Updated on July 16, 2007
D.R. asks from Douglas, GA
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I have a 1 year old who sometimes will not go to sleep any other way than the swing..(has his mood swings, i guess you could say)..But i was telling my mom one day and she was talking about how his feet may fall asleep or whatever..I was wondering if any of you think that this would hurt his feet or legs at all?? I'm just very concerned and would really like to know what you all think! He doesn't stay in the swing all nite long or anything..just maybe an hour or two throughout the nite..then i put him in his bed!!

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So What Happened?

thanks .. i guess i just needed peace of mind about it! lol.. my mom worries about everything especially when it comes to grandchildren! :) i know she was just concerned and cares..but it really made me think if i should let him sleep in the swing or whatever...but anywho.. now i can put him in the swing and not feel bad about it! thanks alot!

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answers from Augusta on

D., my girls both fell asleep in their swigs plenty of times, & I never even thought about their legs or feet falling asleep. No one else ever bought it up either. I dont think it is a problem. My girls r 11 & almost 7, they r both fine from falling asleep in their swings. But if u r worried about it I would call ur dr.



answers from Spartanburg on

I've never heard any medical research or advice that might suggest prolonged periods in the swing could be harmful.. but I do wonder how you've been able to keep your child in the swing at a year old! Both my kids had outgrown the swing by 8 months or so!

In some of the sleep books I've read, most suggest NOT putting your child to sleep by riding in the car, rocking, or by swinging because they create a "sleep crutch" that usually needs to be continued throughout the nap or night.

However, now that I've had a poor sleeper for 2 years, I say "Whatever works!" Maybe you can try to transfer him earlier? Or trying some other movement to get him to sleep, like rocking or walking around with him, or pushing him in a stroller around the house?




answers from Athens on

I don't think sleeping in the swing would cause any problems if he's only in there for an hour or two. I used to have to let my oldest daughter take naps in her swing because it was the only way she would go to sleep, and she has had no damage at all.



answers from Augusta on

My oldest who is now 4 was also a swing baby. He slept in our bed since birth and he was so content in the swing so he dosed off all the time in it. I didnt get that luxery with my now 12 month old b/c he is a little 21 pounder and was 7 15 at birth and the swing given to us would not swing him b/c of his weight lol. But I always let my first child sleep in his swing and I never had or ever heard of it affecting their feet. They sit in the same position when falling asleep in a carseat and Ive never had my childrens feet go numb or hear them complain. Stick with what gives you peace.

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