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Updated on December 20, 2010
S.S. asks from San Jose, CA
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I am 33 years old and have quite a bit of sun damage and am starting to feel the effects of aging :-( I have fairly oily skin and I break-out on occasion. I am looking for a new professional line of skin care. I don't mind spending money if it is worth it. I have used non-professional lines like Proactive, Mary Kay, Benefit, Mac, Clinque and I am looking for something I can stick with that is very high quality. I need a facial cleanser, exfoliater, moisturizer, and foundation (maybe another brand for the foundation). Thanks for your recommendations.

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answers from San Francisco on

I have a great skin care line that has no parabens and completely certified organic. I have some samples if you would like me to send you.

Happy Holidays.

N. Marie
[email protected]



answers from San Francisco on

I use the Olay products and I really, really like them. I can see a change in my face and my "age" spots have diminished.

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answers from Detroit on

LOVE, love, love DHC. LOVE IT.

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answers from Chicago on

I would see a dermatologist and get their recommendation especially if you are noticing the effects of sun damage. A lot of them now have their own skin care lines right in their offices. If not, they can tell you for sure so you can get your money's worth and not get suckered into buying the latest fad or gimmick etc.

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answers from San Francisco on

I love Kiehl's. I wash my face with the Ultra Facial Cleanser and a dab of the epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabraison (mix them together -LOVE the results) and I use the Midnight Recovery Concentrate under moisturizer at night. I alternate moisturizers. I like the Ultra Facial Cream, really good when you feel dehydrated and I also LOVE the Abyssine Lotion + SPF. It is one of the only moisturizers with sunscreen that doesn't cause me to breakout.
The amino acid shampoo and conditioner are also great as is their ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap (yes, for women too!)



answers from Sacramento on

I don't know if you are interested in using excellent products that are safe for your skin but I use Sei Bella. It is the best on the market as far as I am concerned.



answers from Sacramento on

I have very similar skin and the best product line I've ever used is Dermalogica. I absolutely love their products from cleanser to moisturizer and even foundation. My skin was in the best condition when I used it consistently, (I've had money issues the last year and had to stop buying it - my poor skin is miserable). You can only buy it at certain salons or spas, and they are usually very helpful in suggesting which products would be the best for you.


answers from Dallas on

You say you've tried my favorite and I don't know if you liked it or not.

I LOVE Clinique and I swear by it. I started using it when I was around 11. I am 49 and I easily pass for early 30's. Now part of that is good genes, a big part is that I am faithful with my skincare routine.

I use the repairwear series now and love it.

My 16 yr old uses Clinique as well. She uses the Acnewash, moisturizing gel, and makeup products.

Whatever you choose, never forget the importance of sunscreen EVERY day and drink a lot of water.



answers from Sacramento on

I recommend Shiseido skin care. I have used their products for over 25 years and I'm 56 years old. I would recommend going into Macy's or Nordstoms and have their professional evaluate your skin and advise which line would be best, but they have it all. Plus get their facial's awesome. You won't regret it!




answers from Washington DC on

I like Burt's Bees Products. I started using the dailey moisturizer because I wantd one with non-chemical sunscreen. But I started buying the cleanser and toner and acne products. I like the earlhy scents and they are refreshing and light.. Idon't consider them cheap, but they are better priced than many department store brands and I can easily get them at the supermarket.



answers from Salinas on

I LOVE Arbonne!!!! Well worth the money!



answers from San Francisco on

It sounds like you and I have the same type of skin. Regarding foundation, I have used Jane Iredale pure Pressed Powder with SPF 20 for about 5 or 6 years now. It's great! Very fast application, you can layer the coverage to get more, and they have a ton of colors to choose from.

Two things: it's pricey ($48 - $52), but lasts me for at least 7 months. Also, I would suggest purchasing a nice foundation brush for applying.

You can find it in on-line at and other sites. Some sites offer samples at a minimal cost. also offer refills for the compact at $40.
Hope this helps!



answers from Modesto on

Hi Smiley,:)

You don't need to really expensive line for it to be good for you. I work with a line of products that clients have been very surprised with, after using products from Macy's, etc. The products are the Natria line of skin care products from Nature's Sunshine Products. Their skin line, in addition to being on the natural health level, are very powerful. I have very sensitive skin (dermatitis), and use this line. As for breakouts, there is a product called Silver Shield Gel. Not only is it good for keeping the bacteria in control on your skin, it's also a good toner. I have a client (she's in her mid 70's) who was using a very expensive line of skin care products, who was amazed at the effects of these. You can see them [email protected]

I'm not just trying to sell you on something. Whether you use these products or not, don't be deceived into believing that good products have to be very expensive.

Good luck on your search.

Holistic Wellness & Deep Relaxation Specialist
Certified Applied Aromatherapy Instructor


answers from Stockton on

I have a friend who sells Aloette - it is awesome, I love it. If you want more information on it, send me a personal message, and I will send you her e-mail address or her website....



answers from Detroit on

Arbonne has just what you are looking for. We have products for Acne prone skin, oily skin and aging skin. I would love to send you some samples. We also have foundation's that are wonderful.
PS I am told daily that I look like my daughters Sister not their Mom they are both turning 35 this month.



answers from Phoenix on

I switched to dermalogica about a year ago and love it. I use to break out on occasiona and my skin has never looked better. It can get pricey, I buy larger bottles and they are a better value. I would reccommend getting a travel pack 1st to try out. It comes with 4-6 products (depending on which you buy) that way you are not stuck if you do not like. You can buy on Amazon, I get it from my hairdresser. I think the travel kit can run about $25. Hope this helps :-)



answers from Glens Falls on

I like Skin Medica and Elizabeth Arden products. I think Skin Medica is only sold from dermatologist offices, or you can buy on line. I am older, so I use the Prevage line of EA, but they have different lines for different stages of life.



answers from St. Cloud on

Now, I am ordinarily not a fan of multi level marketing products such as Melaleuca, Shaklee or Amway BUT...... I love, love, love the Arbonne facial products, especially their Re9 anti aging line. I am thirty and due to extreme stress and lack of sleep was aging in my face. I was horrified!!! I had always had perfect skin!
After using the Re9, I have perfect skin again! My sister uses their products for sun damage and the results are amazing!

Now that my skin is "healed" I use a honey exfoliating bar from Poofy Organics, and I also use their unscented baby lotion as a moisturizer.'s great!

Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

Okay, so to mimic that tampon commercial where the sickeningly pretty spokesperson announces that she's "racially ambiguous" and that we "all wish we could be her", let me say that I'm close to 50 but often get compliments and comments that I look like I'm in my 30's. (Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful.) Haha!

I have oily/combo skin and have tried some of the standards including Clinique years ago, but just couldn't continue to pay the high price. I also found that as I aged I was breaking out a lot especially using products that are supposed to be hypoallergenic. So now, my routine is very simple: I use the Neutrogena Acne bar, and the Aubrey Organics Green Tea and Gingko Facial Toner (Normal Skin - 3). After using a soft loofah and the soap to scrub, I use the toner and I find I don't need a moisturizer. Those make me too oily and cause volcano sized pimples (old-lady acne is not pretty!). Aubrey also has an astringent for oily skin, and which I sometimes combine with the toner in the summer. You can find Aubrey at most health stores.

Good luck, Beautiful!



answers from Sacramento on

Yonka, Paris. Expensive, but a little goes a long way. I use the cleansing gel, facial toner and renewing lotion. My skin glows. Well this also might be because of Aveda, Inner Light tint moisturizer (foundation) that I use as well. I am fortunate the combination of the two work wonderfully together! Best wishes and happy holidays!



answers from Bakersfield on

Hi Mama-
I have been going through the same issue lately. I need a good eye cream. However, I have two skin care regimes that I LOVE.
The first is Skyn Iceland. Their foaming cream cleanser leaves the skin fresh and clean, BUT gets rid of the makeup and excess oils. The oil free moisturizer is also amazing- feels minty cool on your skin, but really keeps oil at bay. I don't like the smell of the face mist, but it is a good toner. I say hit up sephora and sample those two items together.
The other regime that I am testing right now is Korres. They have a yogurt based system for oily yet dehydrated skin. Imagine that! I actually found something that describes my skin. Dry but oily. Weird, I know. So I purchased a sample pack that had a full sized lotion, moisture mask, a 1/3 sized eye cream (which is still pretty large) and a mini tea face wash. Didn't love the wash. However, they do sell a creamy foaming wash that makes me feel squeaky clean but doesn't over dry my face. I LOVE that one. And with the lotion, it's absolutely amazing.
As far as foundation goes, when I was using the Skyn Iceland, I loved the Tarte Smoothe Operator foundation. With their clay powder, it is a really great natural look without your skin going nuts. But the Tarte doesn't layer well over the Korres. So I dug out a sample of hte Korres ginger and vitamin sheer foundation, and amazingly enough- the color blended perfectly. Before it looked like orange specs. But with the Korres set up, it seems to work like a charm.
For eye cream, I like Clinique anti gravity and Shiseido Beneficiance.
I am in love with both kinds, but I also want more of a natural glow without the oil slick. Skyn Iceland is perfect if your oil gets out of control, and it really does clear up that occasion acne that frustrates the heck out of you. It keeps the oil at bay but still lets your skin feel moisturized. I haven't heard a negative thing about it! And, you can buy it at Sephora. OR you can go online- if you sign up for their newsletter, they update you with coupons and sales, sometimes. I keep track of them at both Sephora and their personal website.
Hope that helps!
-E. M



answers from Alexandria on

I am 30. About six months ago I started using the line by Dr. Patricia Wexler. You can buy it several places on line and they sell it in bath and body works stores. You can buy a starter kit that has sample sizes of the basic regimine (cleanser, night restoring cream, day time spf moisturizer, etc). The line also has a great dermabrasion kit that is gentle for everday use.
It's a little pricey but I have noticed a drastic difference (fair skinned with sun damage as well). I noticed dark spots lightened, fine lines around the eyes diminished and my skin just looks and feels soft.
Also, if price is an issue bath and body works often has sales and coupon codes available. I recently got what i needed buy two get one free.
Anyway, I recommend you get the trial kit. It will last you 4-6 weeks. Does not give you the exfoliator, but will give you a good idea of the quality of the product.

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