Skin Care Suggestions?

Updated on April 06, 2011
S.H. asks from Kailua, HI
8 answers

I am just wanting to know, what skin care you use?
I previously posted 2 questions about this. But it was pulled!

I currently use Clinique and have for years. But I want to try something else.
Even if over the counter from a drug store.

I have heard good things about Mary Kay. What about those Oil of Olay anti-aging products?
What about others?

I have normal skin. No skin issues. No wrinkles. Sometimes it is a tad dry.
But basically normal skin.

What do you use that you love?
How much is it?
I don't want to spend a fortune on skin care products.

Thank you!

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answers from Dallas on

My face soap is Sensitive Dove bar soap. Yes you read that right. After years of trying different brands and some research I tried it with much hesitation.I was so sacred that I would break out (I suffer with hormonal chin acne) after trying it. I LOVE it. My face feels so soft and clean. And no break outs after a year of use.
I also buy skin peels off of Amazon and use them regularly. I'm 47 and have great skin though I feel that most of it is because of my mom :)
I also stopped using liquid foundation a few years back and started using Everyday minerals. Best decision I've ever made.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I use Shaklee's Enfuselle line and LOVE it. Have been told I look 20 years younger - love that, too! NO bad chemicals and it's great for guys as well. You can check out the following video for the details -

Right now you can become a member for free ($20 member fee is waived) w/a $30 order and it entitles you to 15% savings on everything - all the time.

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answers from Chicago on

Growing up I used Clinique than Estee Lauder and another real high end... then I had to pay my own bills and discovered cosmetologist/author Paula Begoun - she has a book about skin care at bargain prices & also refers to it in her well known "Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me" book - very good references.

She talks about Cetaphil soap (very gentle), hydrogen peroxide for cleanser and what to look for in a moisturizer - like Oil of Olay.

I found Oil of Olay made me break out at times, so I've been using Garnier's moisturizer & eye products and for facial cleanser - I like L'oreal's pore minimizing. I also like Queen Helene mint julep for a facial mask and some of the other ones they have (went for a facial once the lady said just buy the mint julep & use a couple times a month - you don't need another facial ;-). You can get these@ Ulta, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc very inexpensive & watch sales for better deals. Even if you don't like, you'd pay less for these than a tub of high end moisturizer.

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answers from San Diego on

I say that Sephora is the best place to try out some great skin care lines. I've tried Garnier, Skyn, Murad, Oil of Olay, and they all were nice. I liked Skyn because it was nice and crisp and the cleanser lasted a long time. As an esthetician I am constantly changing my skin care to see what is out there an recommend anything from pricey to least expensive. It is always trial and error when choosing something of this matter, try the trial or travel sizes first, that way you aren't spending a lot of money right away.

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answers from Dallas on

I love Clinique and I have used it since I was about 11. I don't have any skin issues and good genes as well as my overal healthy way of living has to help I am sure.

It sounds pricey when you buy a container of creme, etc... my Repairwear is about $50 for the comtainer but it last a LONG time unless you just use too much at once.

Clinique does stand by their product. It has been fantastic for me and I see no reason for me to change things now. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for!

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answers from St. Louis on

I have used oil of olay, mary kay, clinique and arbonne, as well as some other "cheapy" brands from local stores. I noticed absolutely no difference in any of the products except MAYBE one was a little more moisturizing than the other, but definitely nothing noteworthy.

I use Vivite. It costs about $65 for a large jar that lasts me about 4 months. Absolutely love it. LOVE it. I notice a huge difference in my skin when I miss just a night of using it.

I also use Arbonne eye cream. It is OK. I just haven't found anything else I like better yet.

But, again, I cannot recommend enough the Vivite line. Google it - you can find it cheaper at online drug stores than in a derm's office.

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answers from Dallas on

I also use Shaklee's Enfuselle. It is so great I would never consider using anything else.

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answers from Boston on

I love Clinique and have been using it for years, it is a little pricey but lasts a long time and I'm happy w/ my skin. Every time I stray and try another product I always come back to Clinique.

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