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Updated on February 02, 2010
L.G. asks from Santa Ana, CA
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Hello Moms, I am interested in adding to our income doing some stay at home work. I don't think starting a business is within our means financially, nor do I want to expend the sort of time that it would take to do so. I would really appreciate ideas for part time work from home. In the past I looked into doing online surveys but wasn't sure which may be legitimate and if they would be worth it. In case this helps to know, I have undergrad/grad degrees in psychology and was a social worker before quitting to be a stay at home mom.

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I do not know how much you are wanting to make, but about 7 years ago I got a starter kit on making candles. I love candles & spend so much money on them. Ever since I have been making homemade soy candles. I do have my own home daycare & making candles is just a hobby. I do have a list of about 20 people that order from me when they need more. In addition to this every holiday like Mothers Day, Easter, Valentines day I make about 40 candles & find people to take them to work & sell them. the average price is $8.00 so if you do the math that is about $300.00. I offer free candles to the people that take them to sell. Starting around Halloween it is a good season for candles. With Thanksgiving & Christmas I make around 200-300 candles & even put together candle baskets for Christmas. If you do the math, well you get it. Now I only do this 1/4 time if that & if you were able to put more time into it you could make some good money. Everyone loves candles!!! There is minimal money to start & your first order will basically pay for what you put out. So you are 100% profit after you sell your first batch. It did take a little while to build my list. I started with my friends & family. My sons school had fundrasing boutiques and carnivals which allowed me to set up a booth. I had one of my mothers from my daycare work at the YMCA and she would take a batch every holiday. My son plays sports and ever year you meet new moms and they love my candles. I also work the snack bar for baseball and they let me put out my candles there. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you a run down of what you need and how much you need to start and who to buy everything from.

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Have you heard of Scentsy "Authentic Wickless Candle"? Extremely safe w/ no wick, soot, lead, or flame. I would highly recommend starting a Scentsy Business! IT has been an amazing opportunity for my family and I.

Our warmers are heated by a 25-watt light bulb in a 2-piece warmer, our candle bars are made of a soft wax packed full of incredible scents. With a burn time of 60-80 hours per Scentsy bar (and sometimes more), over 80 scents to choose from, a wonderful selection of warmers, plus car candles and room sprays, there's something for everyone.

If you are considering a home business, this is a great opportunity for you to get in early with a company that has become a household name! Ask me about MY SPECIAL for anyone interested in BECOMING a Scentsy Consultant! THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO START YOUR SCENTSY BUSINESS since our New Spring & Summer Catalogs will be out soon.

Have a Scent-Sational Day!

C. Etheredge

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Hi L., I am not sure if you ever found anything to do at home. I am 41 years old Mom of two and a Grandma of one and have been looking for something to do at home for years. I have never found anything legite. I tried a MLM company for a while, but it was very time consuming. I ended up in Direct Sales. I like it, it gets me out of the house a couple of days of the week and then I do allot of catalog and online parties. The product is great and so is the company. If you would like to look further into it my website is You can call me at ###-###-#### if you have any questions. K.



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I'm an "educational consultant" with Discovery Toys and I enjoy the work. Still, with any of these types of companies- Stampin up, Avon, Tupperware, etc., you really have to love the products you are peddling. And, no matter how attractive you may be to the product or company, you should know that you are in sales and that you have to treat your work as a business. Also, in order to make real money, you will need a team of people (under you) who are selling.

So, my suggestion would be to use your degrees and tap into your expertise and see what you can do there. Tutoring kids in math or reading can earn anywhere from $10-20/hour. This seems to be a good deal. You can also try to get speaking engagements or run workshops, again based on your knowledge, and shop those out to schools or agencies. Initially you may have to do some of these for free and, as the word gets out, you can make some money.

You can also look at teaching part time at your local community college. They may need a "lecturer" in psychology or social work. This may be one or two classes a semester. The pay is not great, but it's not awful either. Substitute teaching at a local elementary or high school is good money, if you have a babysitter one or two days a week.

Lastly, look at magazines, like Parenting or FamilyFun and see if you can write an article or two for them. There's some money in it.

Best of luck,



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I work for a company (out of my home) called Beauty Society. It is a wonderful company to work for and it also gives you opportunity to meet other women when you do the in-home facials and not to say the product is fabulous. You can check us out you can work as many or few of hours that is best for you. Best of luck.



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Participating in market research and mystery shopping are great ideas for part time jobs. You can find information (without any fees!) on how to sign up and a broad array of other work from home jobs at

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