Seeking Water Slide Rental & Tent Rental

Updated on August 09, 2008
L.O. asks from Houston, TX
4 answers

Help! I have only 2 weeks to plan my 3 year-old's birthday party. What I envision is water slides and water games in the yard for the children w/ a small tent for the adults to hang out for shade. Guests will also be able to mingle inside the house. I am located in Houston, Tx. I am looking for a recommendation for a place that rents both inflatable water slides and small tents so I can rent both from the same company (hopefully for a better package deal). Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I would think renting all that stuff would be costly. For my children's last birthday. We bought a waterslide at walmart for 2 or 3 hundred bucks, got a little pool for 10 bucks. Made water balloons and face painting. I made their cakes, put up a chocalate fountian and snack. Set everything up food and seating wise in the garage, we also put several camping chairs out were the slide was so the partents that wanted to watch the kids closer could. We had one of the teanagers that could draw do the face painting. Did a water balloon toss. The kids were wet all day and had a blast, all for under 300.

My girlfriend went with the same idea but she bought a large pool at sams and set up a water slide. Got a tent, tarp thingy form sams for about 50 she to spent around 300 for her childs birthday.

The slide we got should last us about 4 or 5 summer's so we thought it was a good investment.



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I have a list of several companies on my website that "bring the party to you."

Please go to
Resources section
Places to Go tab.

Scroll all the way down to the "birthday party planning" sections and you will find names and links to a few different companies that rent equipment.

P. Cascio, President
Morningside Nannies



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I have a friend that has a moonwalk/waterslide business. His name is Bernard Simien ###-###-####. I'm not sure if he rents tents.

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