Seeking to Buy a Vehicle Cash Please Help

Updated on January 07, 2007
K.V. asks from Mount Vernon, NY
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Hi everyone just wanted to say I think this site is amazing ! just a little bit about my situation, I am a 23 year old mother living on my own with the help of my boyfriend. I am in desperate need of a car. Unfortunately my boyfriend has a 1991 honda civic stick shift and I have tried to learn how to drive it but it is just to hard since its and old stick shift. I am looking for an automatic nothing expensive or fancy just a car to get to the grocery store and back. I hope some one can help!!!

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So What Happened?

so I work a dealer out in Long Island and I got approved ! yeah!!!! so i should have a vehcile by next week!!! I wanted thank you all for your support there is no one i really am able to talk about with and I appreciate you all!

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hi K.-

i wish i could help with the car...but i did want to write in after reading about you and gina and your boyfriend...wanted to tell you that even tho i hardly know you, i am proud of you. it is so important for your daughter to have her father around. your family will realize eventually that behind every chance in life, there is not always another chance and that it is the worst kind of extravagance to not use your chances to love your family. your boyfriend and daughter deserve to have each other and you are a very brave woman to give up many discomforts in order to allow that. good for you...and good for your family. give the others time. love does always prevail.



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Hi Gina:

Try It is a site where people put stuff of all kinds up for sale. My ex bought a used car there for $900 just to get him around. You won't find a luxury vehicle but you may find what you need just something safe to get you around to your errands.

It sounds like you made the right decission for you and your daughter. I truly wish you the best of luck.

Best regards,



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Hey K. I hear if you g to Pennsylvania you can geta great deal in a car,Don't know if yu are able to go to PA but it's worth the try. I'm glad to hear about your boyfriend and your little girl, don't worry about your fqmily eventually they'll come around if not for you atleast for your daughter the important thing here is that your daughter has a relationship with her daddy and thats what counts Good Luck in your search and God Bless you and your family.

M. A



answers from Miami on

hey sorry i dont have a vehicle but i can soo relate to ur story and i would love if we could talk some more you know what they say about talking that it takes away wateva it is that is bothering you......
im 23 married have two beautiful little girls been with my husband for 5 years and we had to choose also between our parents or the family that we are starting for ourselves and im relly happy with the decision that we have made...
my email address is [email protected] drop me a line sometime.... love will conquer alll

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