Seeking Input on Starting GERD 6 Month Old on Solids

Updated on January 30, 2010
N.L. asks from Holmes, NY
11 answers

My daughter is 6 months old and she was diagnosed with GERD (infant acid reflux) at 3 months old. We've had to feed her Similac Alimentum plus Pepcid everday. We've also put rice cereal in every bottle since then & I've spoon fed her thicer rice cereal a handful of times. The doctor wants us to try no more Pepcid and to start experimenting with pretty much any solids we want- but I'm a little nervous to do so. She's such a fickle eater and will withdraw from eating at the sign of anything wrong with her. Doc says she's ok for weight (65% percentile) but that's so hard for me to believe... maybe it's the Latin in me?? Anyway, makes me really nervous to start another food for her b/c I'm panicked that she'll loose weight while adjusting (This is a baby with a wonderfull but challenging strong personality and would rather quite literally be starving then eat the milk or pedialite when it was needed). So I'm trying to think if there are any baby foods that are known to be particularly higher in acidity then others (for instance, start with carrots or peas, etc.). I do already know to introduce only one at a time for a few days before deciding if she likes it or does well with it. And I know it should be a single veg or fruit,not the medleys. Any further advice would be appreciated. And by the way, thoughts on Barley? My mom swears by it but I'm a little nervous to try most things she suggests b/c some are really out there.

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answers from New York on

My son had GERD too! H was diagnosed at 1 month and was on baby Zantac until about 8 months or so. He was great with solids and it actually helped him keep the acid and spit-up down. We started with mil fruits and mixed them with the oatmeal or rice cereal. You may want to start with apples and pears (stage 1) and then try others like bananas and move on from there. He grew out of his GERD like the doctor said he would and now he NEVER spits up - I know that is hard for you to imagine now, but it will happen!

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answers from Albany on

My son had GERD also, and had rice in his bottle beginning at 1 month. I did not change the way I introduced food to him because of the GERD. I followed the AAP guidelines and began with rice by spoon (for 3 days-I already knew he wasn't allergic), then mixed with apple (for 5 days), then mixed with veggie(5 days), then a oatmeal for 5 days mixed with whatever fruit he already had eaten so on and so forth.

The high acidic foods such as anything tomato based never bothered him. His reflux disappeared at 10 months and that was when we stopped the zantac.

So I guess my advice would be to just follow the AAP guidelines and she'll be fine.




answers from New York on

N. - my son was diagnosed with GERD at 6 weeks and it's been a slow process. he finally just started eating table food in the last few weeks. he also has textural issues. try not to be too afraid. i was too and we all got through it. when you are buying the baby food, pick ones that do not have any tomato paste in them. you will have to read the ingredients. also, stay away from any of the fruits that have oranges in them. might be too acidic. you will be fine acidic wise with just the plain baby cereal. both my kids loved the barley. good luck.



answers from New York on

Hey N.,
Barley is fine, you can mix it with her formula or water. My son was 8lbs. 16oz when he was born, he's going on two now, and he was a big eater. I always listen to the "OLD SCHOOL MADRES". I never waited for the doctor to tell me when I should start what. Why don't you start with carrots one week and just keep an eye on her, mother's always know when something wrong. Remember, that she will push the food away but just keep trying, DON"T GIVE UP. My son loves banans so everytime I gave him something new a always paried it with something I know he will like. Also try to make your own food at home if you have the time, b/c you want her to also get use to your food. My son is now a picky eater thank god, the only thing wrong with him is that he drinks lactaid milk. God luck and don't worry. she'll be fine.



answers from New York on

mom start with COOKIES,

just plain ones, like egg jumbo cookies from stelladoro mix it in milk or formula and spoon it to her,

breads, and rice cereal,bananas MMmmm!

if she gets constipated then give her the oatmeal

barley is good too, fruits are acidic so go for more breads than fruits,

after she learns to eat the breads,
then give her breads first
THEN the fruits, to help neutralize her belly like half cereal and half fruits.

THEN the veggies

Start with yellows and then move to greens.

last is the meats.

So if you do it slowly then every 2 weeks she will have tasted a new food.

As far as her weight , this will make her gain.
and try feeding her when your eating breakfast or lunch,
it always seems to make my kids enjoy the family meal.

believe me, she might try and starve her self, but if you let her make a mess and feed herself a bit she will enjoy it eventually, oyu just need to encourage her.




answers from New York on

good morning N.! i'm sorry to hear that u'r little one has gerd.i will pray for the lord to heal her from it.
about the foods,for my kids and grandkids i started them on sweet potatoes and bananas.i gave brynn mixed cereal,as well as oatmeal with bananas or with pears.she really liked them and she did well.brynn was and still is a very picky eater! i wish she was more like my grandson who will eat anything! praise god! lol.just do it a little at a 6 months she really does need to have other foods now.
i hope this will help u.take care and god bless,



answers from New York on

My daughter is also 6 months and has acid far I have giving her about everything but just realized to avoid acidey foods like oranges etc. It is really hard to say what foods to start them with and what not I would like to know as well......She loves her fruits thow.



answers from Buffalo on

my son was diagnosed with reflux at 3 months old. He was put on a perscrition of reglan until 3yrs old. He had it so bad that he would power puke across the room. Unfortunately, he hasn't outgrown it but it is more under control. I had to put rice cereal in every bottle until bottle broke. When he was ready for solids his specialist and pediatrician recommended starting with the orange veggies cuz they are least likely to have allergic reactions and better to start with veggies than sweet fruits!! To help with the reflux I had to add rice cereal to all his jarred foods including the veggies. He seemed to do fine except with peaches, anything with tomatoes or citris fruits. Now that he is older we also stay away from fried foods and chocolate, poor kid. If you do have a problem with your little one handling the jarred food try mixing with the rice cereal. If it doesn't help then I would recommend talking to you ped. and check into changing the meds. Good luck!



answers from Utica on

My cousin had a baby that had the same issue but he actually did much better with solids than just formula alone. You can only experiment and find out which foods may bother her. My daughter spit up alot early on with just formula and when she started solids she did much better as well. I found peaches to be a little harsh for my her but she handled bananas, apple, pears and even prunes VERY well. We are just starting to introduce veggies. I also mix a little ceral in with them to make them not so thin and runny. It seems to make it easier for her to keep in her mouth.

I have also heard great testimonials about the power of Aloe Juice. It has helped many people with Acid reflux, GERD, Crohn's Disease, etc... It would be worth asking her Dr. if it would be ok for her to drink. You can put in in juice or dilute it in water as well.
Our whole family drinks it. I get it from it is called Ultimate Aloe. It comes in several flavors. My daughter likes the Starwberry Kiwi the best but for a baby I would stay away from Strawberry until you know if she's allergic to them. Good Luck!



answers from New York on

I dealt with a refluxer for past 20 months. Solids are trial and error but I have heard it said and found it to be true that the orange veggies were tough on them (carrots, sweet potatoes they all can irritate) daughter did not like peaches also. My daughter loved green beans, which seem pretty mellow, peas, broccoli and oatmeal and yogurt. it's a start.

I know how challenging it can be. Best of luck to you.



answers from Rochester on

Two of my 4 kids have suffered with GERD. Grains are usually fine. I mixed them with formula and breast milk and put it in the bottle in the beginning to help with the reflux. From there we thickened it further and spoon-fed. Be careful with fruits -- the more acid the more potential for reflux. My son couln't do peaches or apples for quite a while, but bananas were great. Think of what you like that settles your stomach when you are recovering from the stomach bug, and you'll be on the right track.
The biggest thing for my kids was activity level after eating - no matter they ate. If at all possible, don't lie her down flat or on her back right after eating. A chair or on her tummy raised up (I used a boppie pillow) for 1/2 hour or so after eating works well. Also i wouldn't do the swing, bouncy seat, or excersaucer directly following a feeding.
Hope this helps!

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