Seeking Bassinet I Saw Advertised Recently

Updated on July 09, 2008
S.L. asks from Greer, SC
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Here's a vague little challenge...
Recently in the doctor's waiting room I was looking through a parenting magazine (like Parents, American Baby, or something like that) and I saw an advertisement for a new bassinet. It rocked and swung (swang? swinged?) and had dark wood legs - i think it may have had wheels...? i don't think it was from any exotic brand, but i couldn't find it on Graco or Evenflo's website. Does anybody have any clue what I am talking about? The closest thing i have seen yet is the Eddie Bauer bassinet, but that's not the one I saw. Help! :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! It is the Fisher-Price Zen, but I read a fantastically helpful review of it on that said it has a highly chemical smell and that the mattress contains pthalates. So I think i'll go old-fashioned and keep looking for a good old bassinet! :)

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answers from Atlanta on

I had a beautiful wooden cradle for my grandson when he arrived.
They can stay in it a bit longer, it has bedding complete with bumper pads and it rocks. At 6 mos. my daughter is going to sell it on Craig's List as he is just in the crib now. The bedding is blue. If you'd like to take a look at it, we are in Woodstock.

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answers from Atlanta on

I recently saw one in a magazine at the doctor's that seems to fit your description -it was a Fisher Price -possibly in their new Zen line.



answers from Charleston on

could it be the ambi baby (maybe spelled amby) bassinet? I've seen ads for those recently. I hear they are really great for colicky babies (wish I'd have known about it when I HAD a colicky baby!) Hope this helps!



answers from Myrtle Beach on

It's the fisher price zen, I'm positive. I was going to get it too till I saw it was close to 300 bucks for something we'll only use for a few months...LOL

It has wooden legs, it rocks by itself, has a built in light, plays music, heartbeat sounds, is natural colors like tan and brown, etc.



answers from Sumter on

If it was Amby baby: I read up on it and it had great reviews, he only down side was they could only fit into up to they're first year or if you have an active baby like I did, he could climb out of it. I wished I had had it for my 2nd though (girl), cause it's a really great idea! good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

I got one from Safety First that had dark wooden legs and rocked.

There was also an attachment that vibrated or played music. It had great reviewes and was very sturdy.

Happy Hunting!



answers from Atlanta on

I'm not sure if this is the one, but you can try the Badger Basket. I own a nursery design boutique and have been sourcing products. I came across this one the other day, and it sounds like it fits your needs. Another option is the Cariboo. It is a cool little modern looking bassinet. I don't carry either of these at this time, but I wanted to let you know they are out there. :)

Also, I am headed to Market this week where about a million vendors will be there to show off their items. If I run across a bassinet like this, I will let you know!

I have a discount link on the Mom Perk page if you want to check out any other nursery items. My store is Ashberry Baby.

Good luck and congrats!



answers from Charleston on

Kolcraft has a big line of basinettes too

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