Best Bouncer/swing for Colicky Baby?

Updated on March 21, 2008
H.P. asks from South Hadley, MA
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I have a 6 week old girl who's colicky and has severe reflux (projectile vomits after every feeding). She sleeps better at an incline and right now we have her sleeping at night in her car seat. I put it on the dryer when a load's going and she seems to calm down with the vibration. Does anyone know of a good baby carrier/seat that has a vibration as well as a glider/swinging motion? Any other recommended seats?

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Wonderful advice, ladies, I do appreciate all of your comments. We ended up buying the Graco Sweetpeace Soothing Center, thanks to one of your recommendations and it worked WONDERS. In fact, last night she slept thru the night for the first time (not quite 3 months old). I highly recommend this swing. It is where she sleeps every night and she does really well in it. It helps elevate her for reflux reasons, it vibrates, swings in different directions, plays background noise or music, etc. I wouldn't have discovered it if it weren't for you. Thank you!

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When my daughter had colic and the reflux as well and there were plenty of nights where she slept in a swing. I believe that its Graco that makes a vibrating bassinet (I bought mine at Once Upon a Child-second hand) and I rolled up a couple of towels to elevate her so she wasn't laying flat on her back. She also liked the Fisher Price aquarium bouncer that vibrated and she liked that because of the lights and music as well. Her reflux went away as she got older. Good Luck!

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The bouncer didn't work for my son who has acid reflux. He hated it actually. He only tolerated the swing, even though it had all the padding, etc. It just didn't work. The item I ended up purchasing, and hasn't been mentioned, is the Graco Sweetpeace Soother. They designed it specifically for colicy babies. They had a website just for it, if you google it, you'll find it. I actually wish I'd bought it much sooner. I didn't until he was 5 months old and we'd already suffered through all the other typical items... as soon I put him in this, he settled right down and loves the gliding action that is exactly like what I do, if i have the energy! The sound options and swaddler are such a help too. Hope you find what works for your little one!

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My sister had a vibrator thing that you could attach to any car seat, swing, or pretty much anything else. I can't remember the brand that made it, but I would bet they are still available.
Sometimes when I couldn't calm my baby down I would put her in the swing and then turn on the vacuum close by. For some reason the white noise of the vacuum calmed her down. Good Luck! Amy

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you might want to research the Amby baby bed. It is like a hammock/swing. We bought it for our daughter, but she was already too old to adjust to it. She enjoyed laying in it and bouncing, but we only got her to nap in it a few times. I believe if we had gotten it first, and put her in it from day one, it would have been heaven for all of us. My daughter also had reflux very young. I had started taking Xango(a mangosteen juice)and through my breast milk it helped her reflux go away. She had been on Previcid for it. for more information. I am now a distributor for it. Best wishes and I hope your beautiful baby gets some relief soon!



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First of all, I know what you're going through - I'm on my second colicky baby. In addition to my swing recommendation - Fischer Price Nature's Touch cradle swing - I would also suggest two other things: 1) swaddling if you don't already. I like the Kiddopotamus brand, can purchase at 2) I have sought acupuncture for my nine-week old this time around. Don't worry, he doesn't get poked with needles! I go to a fabulous practicioner (which makes all the difference) and we have found out his issues stem from an intolerance to gluten - including vegetable gluten. There are a few other items I'm staying away from too, but removing that from my diet for the time being has revolutionized our lives. Good luck and let me know if you would like any more information.



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Hi Alex,
I loved the papasan swing and bouncers. My daughter loved them, too. Depending where you live you can often find them for less on Craigslist.



answers from Salt Lake City on

We used the Fisher Price brand for both the swing and bouncy seat. They worked wonders for our daughter who wore the perma-bib (permanent bib for spit -up) all the time. Good luck!



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My son didn't like to sleep lying flat, so we put him in the infant papasan seat and he napped/slept in it for the first 5 weeks. We loved the seat and it worked wonders for us. It's very cushy and has settings for vibration and music although it does not swing. Highly recommend it!

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