Seeking Any Info. on Buying an RV and Traveling with a Baby and Toddler.

Updated on June 08, 2007
E.A. asks from Duncanville, TX
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Hey Mamas! My husband and I are thinking about buying an older used RV to go on some family road trips. (I have found it actually cheaper to buy an older one than to rent!) We are still researching as I am almost 9 mos. pregnant so no trips any time too soon. But I would love to know how some of you have done it with small children. (Sleeping arrangements, etc.) We will have an infant and a toddler with us. My parents had an RV when I was growing up and we had more fun on those road trips. I would love to pass this experience on to my kids. Any advice would be welcome!

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answers from Dallas on

We just recently bought a pop-up trailer off of craiglist and are very happy. We used to tent camp, long ago, but have decided we like having a little more comfort! Our pop-up has AC, heat and a water heater, so very comfy. We've only gone a couple of times, but really enjoyed staying at Lake Lavon last week. The lake is full and our son enjoyed fishing (he's almost 4) and playing around the water.
There are places to go around the metroplex, you just have to expand your thoughts of what you might want to do! We were used to large wooded campgrounds, and you don't find much of that. But, we want to get our son out to appreciate nature and other things besides TV and video games (yes, it starts early).
Good luck deciding! We went with the pop-up so we would be unhooked and could go other places from the campground, but that was just our thought!



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ohhh, I'm so jealous! We love going on holiday with an RV. We've done it with one kid, with two, with two and 8 months pregnant, and with 3 kids. Everytime was great! You will save so much money comparing to a hotel holiday by coocking yourself (and so much healthier). Buying one is a good idea, because you can go for a long weekend. But have you thought of the point that you have to drive a loooong time before you come to nice places? I mean, in Texas there's not much to see (don't shoot me). From here you will never reach the Grand Canyon. And everytime you go you have to drive the same road again before you come to different places.

It is perfect with small children. You can always stop to make some milk or mash a banana. You have everything on hand.

One thing I can think of: one time the RV we rented was not there, so they gave us a bigger one. We were not pleased with that because the bed in the rear in the smaller model is enclosed by walls, and the open part you can block with a suitcase. So the little ones will not roll off the bed. With the bigger model there was a (needless) walking space around the bed, and we had to pick them up a lot of times.

Some RV's have a net before the bed above the steering wheel. That's perfect. But I have never seen that here in the USA (have seen it in New Zealand)

If you have specific questions please let me know. I love to talk about RV's




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We currently have 2 RV's - need to get one sold someday - and we LOVE IT! Our "old" 2000 37 ft has one slide we now bought our new 2006 (bought last year) with 3 slides - email me direct with specific q's and I'll respond - both worked great with our babies ( I have a 3 year old and 20 month - along with 19 year old and almost 17 year old)...




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I recently went on a nine-day road trip in an RV with my two and four year old. It worked great. We did a flex-share program which was the same price as renting, but we were able to break-up the payments, receive a better maintained RV and many extras came with the vehicle, usually an extra payment.

When the kids got hungry or wanted to run around we would stop at a rest stop, make lunch and then keep moving.

We found some nice campsites and the kids found them to be more fun than a hotel, and my husband I found them much more convenient (no complaints for crying babies).

The only draw back, if you can't detach the camper you may want to rent a car. And gas for RVs is so expensive right now. Our RV got 12 miles to the gallon. A $150 fill-up is a bit shocking.

I started traveling with my daughter when she was six months old. We always brought a pack-n-play. I bought the microwave sterilizers to sterilizer bottles.

Traveling with small children is easiest if you go with their schedule. I'd be happy to share more. Just send me a message.

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