Safe Pest Control Company for Babies - Western Suburbs

Updated on August 06, 2012
M.D. asks from La Grange Park, IL
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good pest control company that is safe for when you have infants/toddlers in the house. I know Orkin/Terminix claim that there stuff is safe, but I'm a little hesitant in taking their word with having young kids in the house. Thanks!

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I use Rose Pest Solutions in Villa Park. They are very aware I have children and will suggest options to keep it safe. When they were infants, they would only do treatments on the outside.



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If you have ants, you can use splenda, it is a natural ant killer...while I don't recommend it for human consumption, if a baby or animal were to get it on their hands and put it in their mouths, it is safe. Lavender gets rid of moths and smells nice too.

That is all I know.

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Hi M.,

We use Chem-Wise, they are based in Naperville. Their products are advertised as safe for people and pets. We have liked their service so far, we've been using them for almost 2 years. I don't know the number offhand but just look them up online or in the phone book.




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I think it depends on what pest you are trying to rid of. For roaches, the most effective treatment is a paste that roaches eat, and it can be placed in places that children can't reach. For bedbugs, however, the main treatment includes a spray. I don't think there is any spray that kills bugs that is safe for children. You would have to leave the house. If it's mice, maybe you can borrow a cat :)



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Just ask what kinds of treatments they use and then search those chemicals on the FDA website. Then check to see potential side affects from those chemicals. I wouldn't take any<a href=";&... pest control</a> companies advice.



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I had a problem with Termites. I had the same concerns you do.. young children, and I have a lot of pets too. I didn't want anything making any of them sick. These people came in and did an excellent job. At the time.. they were also doing the Chicago School System work. ( it's been a awhile) The company still comes out 2 times a year to check up and make sure I don't get any re-occurences. Try
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Good Luck

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